Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Dotty Detective Review By Kacy aged 10

I wasn't to sure on Dotty Detective as I had never heard of the author. I love the way that it is written as if Dot has written it. Her name is Dorothy but she prefers to be called Dot.

It was a really interesting book. I love mystery stories and that's exactly what it was. I loved the way that there was a red herring through the book and a clue that Dot didn't even notice. It's a great book, your constantly wondering all sorts of things such as, 'What is Laura up to?' or 'What is Dots idea?'.

The way that it kept on your toes was amazing. At school, we would be reading and the person sat next to me kept asking me what was happening because I was constantly asking myself questions. I couldn't wait to finish it. The twist was my favourite part, Dot was about to solve the mystery when another one started. It was such an interesting book that I ending up reading at any time I could.

You can buy Dotty Detective from Amazon for £5.99

*We got given this book for own photos and opinion* 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My Fairy Garden Lilypad Review

Kira and Summer are loving the Fairy gardens from Interplay, when we were offered the new Fairy Garden to review, Kira was so excited to get stuck in.

My Fairy Garden LilyPad
My Fairy Garden Lilypad Garden
Everything you need was in the box, it comes with:- Flower pot house, Fairy Figure, Frog Figure, Floating Lilypads, Sunflower windmill, Grass seeds.  The door to the flower pot house turns into the bridge to go across the moat.  There is enough room in the flower pot house to make your own little bed to go in there, in the instructions booklet it gives you ideas of what else you could add to your Fairy Lilypad.

What it looks like out of the box
What comes in the box

With not being able to put flowers in the back garden because of Spirit, we found a pretty flower that could be either. While I got the compost from the garage, Kira played with the fairy and the frog.

I was rather silly and decided to do this indoors rather than in the back garden so I made a fair bit of mess with the compost which Kira thought was very amusing. 

Ready to plant the plant
Ready to plant the flower
Kira planting her plant
Kira putting the plant in the pot
This was so easy to do that I pretty much left Kira to do it herself, which she loved doing and now it has pride of place on my kitchen windowsill for everyone to look at and enjoy.

Kira loving her new Fairy Garden
Kira very impressed with her new Fairy Garden
You can buy this and other Fairy Gardens from the interplay website for £19.99

*we were given this product for free for our own photos and opinions* 

Lego Friends Camping Set Review By Kacy aged 10

When the Lego set arrived me and Kira both wanted it. Since it never works when we share because we have separate rooms, one of us had to have it. I really wanted it because I was getting back into Lego and was currently deciding which type of Lego I wanted to collect. Lego friends sounded promising since I used to love it so much. When my Mum decided to give it to me I was overwhelmed, I couldn’t wait to start building. It looked amazing on the box and even better when it was built.

lego friends camping set
Lego Friends Camping set

It had three bags which really helped me find the pieces and the instructions were super clear which was great because it meant I could build it all by myself, I was amazed that because the instructions were so clear it only took me 30 minutes. It came with two characters, Olivia, Andrea and a small bear cub came too. With the characters came to sets of goggles and two flowers that attached to their hair. They also had life jackets, if you took their heads of you could put them on.

Getting set up
Whats in the Lego box
I also loved it because there were spare pieces which I find great, sometimes they are so small you don’t see them fall of the table so it’s great to have spares. I enjoyed it so much that when I went out with my Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kristine that I bought some more which I can’t wait to build.

The lego set all finished
The Lego all finished

*We got given this product for own words and photos*

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Rent a Bridesmaids Review, By Kacy Aged 10

Rent a Bridesmaid was a great book, I absolutely love Jacqueline Wilson books. She is my favourite author. I have been so excited to get Rent a Bridesmaid.

Rent a bridesmaid
Rent a Bridesmaids

Rent a Bridesmaid was fantastic, I really felt like I was there, stood next to Tilly, all the way throughout the book. I was so surprised at the advert. It said that there was a very pretty, sensible nine year old with a barely worn gorgeous bridesmaid dress and that she will attend any wedding ceremony for a small rental fee.

It was amazing when her first letter arrived asking to rent Tilly for her wedding, you could really feel the excitement in the moment. Iris May Bloomfield was an extremely nice lady but unfortunately for Tilly, Iris and Tilly's Dad there are a few difficulties before the wedding. She wonders wether she will get more replies from her advertisement.

It had an outstanding twist at the end of the book which I didn't expect. It was totally unexpected ending. However, what was even more surprising was Tilly's emotional response to it. At the very end of the book though it was all ok, luckily.

You can buy this book from Amazon for £6.00

*We were given this book for our own views and photo*

Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Useful Mum's Guide

Over the past ten years and having three children and three girls at that, I have learnt a few tricks along the way, as all parents do, but couldn't do it without having my Mummy friends to join me on my journey of parent hood to moan at, get ideas from or just to talk to about the weather.

So while thinking about my top ten lessons, I wondered what my Mummy friends top tip would be, so here is a list of what we all came up with:

  1. Bedtime routine is the key, but even that can go a bit pear shape.
  2. Don't be obsessed with being a perfect parent, no one is...most people just pretend they are
  3. To enjoy the time and cherish every moment because it goes to quick. 
  4. Plan, plan and more planning
  5. Pick your battles to win, some arguments are just not worth it.
  6. Make time for yourself. 
  7. You tend to do things differently when you have another.
  8. You learn to know what your kids are thinking before they do. 
  9. As long as you're trying to be a good parent you are one
  10. The housework can wait, your children are only little once. 
Don't forget to enjoy your children, laugh, play and learn through their eyes. 

Monday, 30 May 2016

Katy book review, by Kacy Aged 10

I couldn’t wait to read Jaqueline’s Wilsons new book when it came out as I had always liked the story behind What Katy Did. I love Jaqueline Wilson so I have read loads of her books, half of my bookshelf is full of her books.


Katy is an amazing book. It is full of Katy’s innermost feelings and by the end of the book you feel like you have known Katy all your life. When she talks about her step-sister, her step-mum, her siblings, her Dad, her Mum and friends.

It was beautifully told and I loved it when she went and had her picnics until the accident, then you really got to step inside Katy and feel her true feelings. It was magnificent in that way. She has five younger brothers and sisters. She is great at playing imagination games but is also a daredevil. Katy loves skate boarding, climbing and most of all taking the adventures into the secret garden. She has happy memories of her Mum pushing her on her swing. However, after the accidents her spirits sink. She wonders what is going to happen…

You can buy this from Amazon for £3.49

*we got given this book for our words and photos*

Family Fever

Friday, 27 May 2016

Printworks Manchester Review

On Sunday we were invited to the Printworks in Manchester for a family day out, I haven't been for years and then I can't remember the night out.

We arrived in Manchester and it was really busy, both Daddy and I wondered why, then we saw people with race numbers on and realised that the Manchester 10K was on. When we got into the Printworks it was buzzing with excitement already - even at half 11 in the morning, with police walking around to make sure the peace was kept, the bars were already filling up, a band was playing in the middle of Printworks and people were dancing on the little dance floor they had made for them.  The atmosphere was electric and made you want to stay wandering around.

Printworks Manchester
Printworks Manchester
Our first stop was at a restaurant, there are so many restaurants to choose from, you are spoilt for choice, from Frankie and Benny's to the Harvester, we choose Chiquito - we have all been to before but not since Summer was a baby so we thought we would try it again.

We were very welcomed; they talked to the girls when we arrived which made the girls feel at home, showed us a table, told us our waiter's name which I can't remember and gave us the biggest hat of Nachos and salsa (which the girls were amazed at) while we decided on what we wanted for lunch.

Sombrero with Nachos
Massive sombrero with Nachos  
We finally decided what we were all having and the waiter took our order, we sat and ate Nachos, the girls did their activity books they were given, we were all so chilled.

Our drinks arrived really quickly Kacy ordered a strawberry sensation, Kira a pepsi, Summer a milkshake, Daddy ordered mock-jito and I ordered a virgin colada
Our drinks
The girls drinks with moustaches and Daddy's and mine
We were all having a laugh doing the activity books, playing around with the moustaches they got with the straws and the Sombrero hats that they had around the table and dotted around the restaurant.

Girls messing around
Girls with Sombrero's and a big Moustache
Our food turned up, we only ordered mains and the girls got desserts with their meals. Girls didn't go for anything adventurous but they really enjoyed their food which is the main thing.  Daddy and I had a sharing meal called 'Street Food' so we got to try 3 different selections, Daddy had Mexican Frittata, Halloumi bites, Crispy taco, I had the sweet chroizo croquettes, Whipped Feta and Honey and quesadillas bites. It was so tasty and even though they were only small they filled us up.

Our food 
We finished our meals and the girls choose their desserts, the older two went for Brownie and ice cream and Summer had a minnie milk, I just had to have a taste of the girls - it was so nice I wanted one of my own.

The girls desserts
The Girl's desserts 

One thing Daddy and I noticed was that the restaurant was sound proof which we thought was fantastic, we only heard the music and noise of people when someone was walking into the restaurant.  The staff were all so friendly, we didn't feel rushed at all it was just a lovely, chilled meal out.

The next part of our day out at Printworks was to go to the cinema to see The Jungle Book which the girls have wanted to see since it came out. The seats were so comfortable and the girls didn't need booster seats which they do in other cinemas we have been to. Summer got slightly scared at some points when she thought Mogley or any of the characters were hurt, but other than that the girls loved it and can't wait for it to come on DVD.

Angry birds display and the girls
We had a fantastic day out at Printworks and couldn't recommend it highly, we will be going back for a day out very soon.

*We were given a voucher for the meal and cinema tickets for our own opinion and photos*