Wednesday, 28 May 2014

5 girls and a cinema trip with my eldest

I knew today was going to be busy with horrible weather so I took Spirit for a walk at half 7 before next door daughter M came over for the day while they worked
There must be something about this field and Spirit because she doesnt listen when she is of the lead. 

Got home M came round and K2 and M had their normal squabbles as you do when your best friends and 5/6 years old, we had a lazy morning watching dvds and the girls playing, I was hoping that S would have a sleep well that didnt happen.

At lunch time 2 beautiful girls came round J who is 4 and we will call Dot who is 2, I was looking after them so their Mummy S and Daddy T could out for a meal for their anniversary, didnt get off to a great start with Spirit scaring Dot but that soon ended and they became best of friends J loves spirit as well, Spirit loves the attention as well

I made lunch while they all made a fuss off Spirit it was chicken nuggets and smiley faces 

I serve it up go back into the kitchen for 2 minutes and come back into the dinning room im not sure how much Dot had to eat or how much she fed to Spirit lol

While the rest carried on eating their lunch I made some flapjack 

They then had some strawberries and grapes and a yougrt each, while J had the rest of her lunch saying she was the slowest eater I made some fairy cakes and got the younger two to help me

They both loved helping me stir it all together, the idea was for the older 3 to decorate them but S and Dot had other ideas because then it was screaming matches between them both lol I have new grey hairs due to it. 

Around 4 o clock J and Dots Mummy S and Daddy T came to collect their girls and M Daddy came and collect M and K2 ended up going round to theirs for a little play so from 5 girls to 1 plus a dog lol. 

At around 6 o clock K1 came home from having a sleep over at her best friends house and I went and collect K2 from M's house all the girls had baths and me and K1 got ready to go to the cinema to see Maleficent at the cinemas 

Not the greatest photo of me ever.  K1 loved the film she did have to go the toilet half way through the film which is one if my biggest bug bear but I will let her off just this once ;) but it got all to much for K1 and she fell asleep on the way home 

In all it was an interesting,  stressful, and fun day and wouldnt off had it any other way lol 

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