Monday, 26 May 2014

Bank holiday Monday

Well as it was Monday me, Nanna and Auntie K all did our food shop as usual in the morning, then the girls went and had fun with Nanna, Auntie K and Grandad (after he finished work) which then gave me and Daddy chance to go for a walk with Spirit so we went to Formby beach.

As soon as we got there Spirit loved the feel of the sand on her paws, she was sniffing away at all the different smells, nearly pulling me over which Daddy denies on trying  not to laugh I don't believe him.
 We walked over the sand dunes and saw some sorry looking christmas trees
We carried on walking over the sand dunes towards the beach 

 Lovely views while walking down I absolutely love the beach and so did Spirit.
We walked all the way to the edge of the water, even Spirit who hates water and will not even go outside for a wee without being pushed outside loved going over the sea puddles to get to the sea edge. I even managed to get her to go Into the sea properly I think I was more wet then she was though.    
We then felt Brave and let her off the lead for a good run and she loved it. 
                            Spot the Elkie!
And she was fantastic and came back even with the distractions of the birds, other people and dogs around. 
After calling her back 3-4 times we put her back on the lead and start walking back to the car.  
It seemed to take for ever to get back to the car.
We had one tired Elkie. 

We had a fantastic couple of hours just spending quality time with Spirit. 

Thanks for reading x


  1. Lovely mummy, daddy and doggy time. Yeay to Spirit on coming back. Training is paying off :-)

  2. A great trip out, definitely worth the trip to tire Spirit out! xx


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