Thursday, 29 May 2014

Mummy M's Memories House, Glebe Farm and arguments from 2 year olds.....

Today I had arranged to go to Mummy M's Memories house with the girls so S and Dot could play and K2 and J could play.  When we got their K1 didn't want to go the woods or the farm, which is normal behaviour for K1 so we ignored her and decided on to go to Glebe Farm then after lunch maybe going to the woods to explore.

But first and very important me and Mummy S had Coffee to wake us both up, while the kids had a play, K1 says she is to old to play with babies I now have it on a picture to prove she is not.

It took us about 5 minutes in the car and I loved the farm as soon as we got their. so we went and got some food for the girls to feed the animals with which they all loved, especially K1 and the horse they had.

  And K2 love the fact they had a Pig and Piglets which as you can see she was made up over.

Then we walked to the other part of the farm to see the rest of the animals the Alpacas, Donkeys, Sheep and goats

  Me and K1 had to go back for some more carrots because we had ran out so we did ask about the horse, K1 was very concerned about the fact it hadn't come towards her and all animals go to her, but we got told the horse was old and grumpy.

The donkeys made a huge nose and wanted most of the food, which all of them loved giving to them, J, Dot and K2 were trying to feed the smaller goats which they were calling babies without the bigger or the Donkeys getting in the way. 

Then the girls all had a run up and down, which they could because it was quiet and it was all fenced off so they couldn't get any where or get lost 

 S didn't want to she was very happy to continue to feed the Donkeys and the goats 

we even manged to get some nice photos of all of them 

 J photo bombing 

 Action shot

Then we went back to Mummy S house for some yummy home made pasta for the girls and a wonderful omelet for us, then the girls played. S and Dot had a few more squabbles,  including one regarding the stair gate to get to me and Mummy s while we were eating our dinner. 

and before we knew it was time to get ready to go and pick Daddy up from work. 

We had a fabulous time at Mummy M's Memories house
Thank You x 

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  1. It was a lovely day... and we all had great fun. Thank you for joining us.


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