Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Saying my first post got deleted here is some photos of my family and zoo

My Three Beautiful Children K1, K2 and S walking home from School. This was the last day of term starting May half term. 

These are some of our pets, our guinea pigs the black one is Tuffty and the brown and black on Piggy, they were inside but brought them a new home and they are loving it, the picture on the right is K1 hamster called Chewy he is so friendly even though he did bite K1 a couple of times so she is only now getting her confidence back to get him out.

These are K2 Fish we do have some other fish which are Daddy's big massive 180 litre one. K1 has named one off her fish the red fighter one it is called red blue bear (loving the name)

Last but not least my baby my Norwegian Elkhound called Spirit, oh my god she is a pain but adorable how can you resist that face. 

I haven't got any recent photos of me and Daddy so will have to get one of both us together 

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  1. Shame your first post got deleted. :-( beautiful dog, and beautiful children. :-)


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