Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Day with good friends and the first adventure of Barney the Bear

Today me and S went to visit Mummy S, J and Dot with Mummy A and Sw, Mummy A drove because last time I drove she didn't like my driving ;) she said I flew over the hills  but Mummy A has a bus compared to my small Honda.

We got to Mummy S house and J and Dot came and meet us at the car, we were all meant to go for a walk in the forest and jump in muddy puddles but we decided to do that after lunch, while it was nice we decided to let the kids burn of some energy and play in the garden. Us Mummies sat and chatted and drank coffee.  Mummy S got her fantastic bubble machine out which her Dad had let her keep over the Summer for the girls to play with, the kids loved every minute of it.


little Dot posing for a photo

Dot singing

Dot using something to catch the bubbles with

Then the kids started getting hungry so while we were waiting for Daddy T to get some bread which he had forgotten to get the day before from the shops Mummy S gave the kids a snack of baby bel which Sw ate (he is a fussy eatter) and quarvers which my S ate and she hates quarvers apparently 

S and J trying to take the wrappers of the baby bels

Sw eating the baby bel

action shot of J after she had finished her baby bel 

Sw and J made a game out of the quarvers which was great fun who knew

Daddy T came back with the bread the kids cheered you wouldn't think they just had a snack 

Dot didn't want her lunch so my S had it. 

after lunch it was selfie time and how many kids I could have on my lap

Sw selfie on his own

J and S selfie

To get them all of my knee I had to go on the trampoline

I then managed to get them all to lie down to take a group photo

It had taken me all day to persuade my S to play with Barney the bear in the garden
Barney on the swing

Barney in the tree

Barney watching S and Sw on the swings

Action shot of S flying of the swing

Then S had a great time making him go on the swing

And falling of the swing like she did

Barney had to have a go on the trampoline 

And down the slide

We didn't end up going to the forest because we ran out of time but it was a fantastic day letting the kids play in the garden and with some really good friends.

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  1. It was a lovely day, unlike the planned forecast. :-) x


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