Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Back to normal.....

Yesterday the older two went back to school after half term YAY! Don't get me wrong I love spending time with them but they get bored easily and K1 loves school.

Me and S had our day planned out.   So first things first we walked the older two to school along with Spirit. Then we walked with Mummy C and her dog Henry a different way home, so Spirit and Henry could have a good run, which they did and played and chased each other, we got to a certain point and Mummy C and Henry carried on their walk around Sankey Valley while we walked home.  Well on the way home S fell alseep so I left her in the pushchair while I chilled, watched my own tv programs and cuddled well tried to cuddle Spirit.

S finally woke up YAY! I had been looking forward to watching this film with S. (yes I'm this sad) I collect Disney movies.  I have three boxes, the first box has the Disney movies that have numbers on them in order, the second box other Disney movies in some type of order e.g all the tinker bell movies are together and the third box has got all other type of moves,  again in some type of order like all the barbie movies are together and if they disappeared any time soon I wouldn't mind :)

Me and S watched Sleeping Beauty.  It didn't go down as well as I thought because S and Spirit played

S got that bored she even lied down next to Spirit with her favorite must have at bed time teddy's

After sleeping beauty had finished S picked another Dvd which was the 101 Dalamations, I put it on for her but didn't think she would watch it really and I was right.   It wasn't a barbie movie so I sat and watched it while she played with her Dolly

A whole entire wipe packet and half a tube of cream on one dolly, dolly must of had a very sore bum.

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