Sunday, 22 June 2014

Crosby Beach and very very Muddy Legs....

Me and K1 had arranged to do this on Saturday but when I had been up all night with S I wasn't sure it was going to happen but she woke up fine, but during the night she was sweating buckets, so think she had caught the bug from me and K2 

about 2 in the morning

At about 10.30 Daddy M decided he has to clean his fish tank out so S wanted to help

S scrubbing one of the ornaments from the tank and loving every minute of it

holding the pipe for Daddy M

Daddy M finished cleaning his fish tank out, I had done a few jobs, and we both decided that we were going to go with the plan of going to Crosby beach, so while I had a shower Daddy M got the picnic together, also made sure we had everything we need. 

We all got in the car and headed to Crosby beach.  We went to a totally different part of Crosby that we had done the last time, but preferred the parking and well everything about it. I went into the leisure center to get me and Daddy M a drink which seem to take forever, they were slightly slow to say the least.  We headed up the path to the beach S was not amused in the slightest over the sand getting on to her socks and in her new sandals, the rest of us took our shoes/flip flops off. While Daddy M tried to persuade S that it was fine to have them of, but she wasn't having any of it.

We ignored S and set up for the picnic, S calmed down as soon as she saw juice. 

Spirit loves the sand and was extremely good at waiting for us to eat our food. 

After we had finished our food, we got all our things together and decided to walk to the sea edge but it was a bit of a trek and S wasn't having any of this walking, So Daddy M carried her most of the way.

The wet Sand was horrible to walk in and very deep which I found out on the way back because I got stuck, you can all stop laughing now.  We saw loads of jelly fish, you can see by Daddy M's legs the sand was very deep, so it was try to find puddles to rinse of our legs which made no difference because on the way back they got just as bad, I didn't take any pictures when the girls were in the sea water because Spirit jumped up when she was in the sea and got my pants soaking wet and my phone was in my pocket so that soon got put back in the bag.  We did let Spirit of the lead, but she got her self in the part of the beach she couldn't get through without getting stuck so I had to go and rescue her.

Soon after we walked back up the beach and headed to the car, we were all very muddy indeed, so Daddy M had a fantastic idea of on the way home stopping at tesco getting some ice cream and eating it at home which we did, but after we all had washed our legs, We had decided to watch a film while eating the ice creams which we watched the disney movie Torn never heard of it, K1 loved it K2 not bothered, and S not interested in the slightest. 

K2 doesn't cuddle and unless she wants to so I jump at the chance to have cuddles with her.

When K2 and S started getting fidgety and bored I started tea which was Lasagne.  Its not often we sit as a family to eat tea so we do try at the weekends to seat and eat tea together at least once a week 

we all had tea, K1 had a shower and the younger two had baths.
At 7 o clock it was bed time for the younger two saying it is a Sunday.  K2 goes to bed between 7.30 and 8 depending on how late she stayed up on the Saturday night.  

It was a lovely Family day, don't get me wrong though there was still telling offs and tears because they got told off.  But don't want to remember that bit just the best bits of the day. 

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  1. Sounds like a great day out hun. We parked at the leisure centre too when we went. :-)

    1. I preferred it so when we go again which we will we will park their.


  2. You certainly picked the right sunny day to go! x

    1. Yeah, just extremely muddy lol. We r going to go formby next time its a nicer beach to go the sea edge. We shud take the dogs one day x


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