Saturday, 21 June 2014

Friday 20 June

On Friday I had my Friends daughter for the day we will call her F, F is type 1 diabetic so she is insulin dependent, my Friend Mummy M has taught me along with her diabetic nurses  how to test F and give her the insulin.   Since F has been diagnosed with Diabetes when she was 2 years old she has not long turned 4, for Mummy M and Daddy N it has been a long process of how to learn how to respond to F's diabetes and to learn for the signs of when she is high and low, there will always be a learning curve to it as well, because as she gets older the signs change, for example at the moment she is not showing any signs of when she is having a hypo meaning low which is under 4 when a couple a weeks ago she was like being naughty, you could tell by her eyes or being really quiet and sleepy. F also has to eat 6 times a day, get insulin 4 times a day and on a good day get tested again 6 times a day.

Back to the day, F got dropped of at quarter past 8 in the morning so Daddy M took K1 and K2 to Grandad P's for him to take them to school, I had my cleaning head on so in the morning I did a load of cleaning and sorting the kitchen out while the girls played saying they are 2 and 4 there were some arguing along the way with not sharing and things like that. It got to 10 o clock so it was test and snack time for F but can't leave S out on the snack, she also wanted be tested as well, she soon got distracted by the chocolate biscuit.  They had snack and carried on playing while I carried on with cleaning.

We were going to go to the park but my cleaning head made it so we didn't go till after lunch, so again at 12 o clock we test F gave them both lunch and worked out what insulin F needed which all depends on how many carbs she has that meal time gave F her insulin, gave it 20 mins or so and headed to the park along with Spirit.

They were both loving it at the park and playing really nicely.

I asked F for a nice photo 

couldn't not take photos of Spirit

Spirit loving the long grass and she shade to keep her cool

F then wanted to go on the other bit to the park which has the sip wire on it.

as you can tell S was to busy playing on the horse to notice

but soon realised and wanted to join in

S didn't want a go at the zip wire but loved chasing after it

it started getting a bit to hot outside so decided we would walk home but as we started walking home we spotted one of my neighbours who has 5 dogs, he walks two at a time, he was walking Ben and Lady which the girls made a huge fuss over.  But S didn't want to leave them she wanted the leads to go back on so R put the leads back on Ben and Lady and let the girls hold the leads, Ben and Lady are old so they walk slowly 

R even said that S made Ben walk quicker then he ever has 

waiting for Ben to catch up 

R my neighbour walking Spirit for me while I took photos 

F absolutely loved walking Lady home

a couple of times the leads got a bit tangled up which was funny


Then it was time to cross the road so R put the leads to they were short, I took F over first while R stayed with S and then came back for S. It was so cute watching them walk these dogs. 

The girls walked the dogs all the way home which was around the corner from this photo and said bye to Ben and Lady, we said thank you to R, took Spirit back and headed home. 

We got home I carried on cleaning while the girls watched a barbie movie, at 2 o clock it was time to test F and Snack she was having a hypo so a gluco tab and 2 biscuits and told her I would re test her in 20 minutes.  I retested her and gave her an extra biscuit because she wasn't low but not high enough not to go back to a hypo.

While we were at the park I got an email regarding doing NVQ's with my work which I am a Carer, fully paid for by the government so I jumped at the chance, phoned the women and arranged to meet at quarter to 4.  Plans had changed with Daddy N picking F up, so put S in her pushchair and F walked all the way which was a 15 minute walk, but with being diabetic that could cause to have a hypo so went fully loaded with her bag which has her testing kit, insulin and emergency insulin and biscuits.   S feel asleep in the pushchair on the way their which I knew she would and better for me.  when we got their and re tested F to make sure she was fine after the walk and she was, text Daddy N to give him directions to where we were, the women turned up went through everything I needed to know, did a couple of questions and now fully signed up for my NVQ.  F was so good while we were their, on the walk back home before we had even left the car park Daddy N turned up, so gave F to Daddy N to take her home.

 Me and S walked home and Nanna L got to our house soon after to pick S up to have a sleep over. The older two had been picked up Grandad P from school so were at Ikea having tea. 

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