Sunday, 22 June 2014

Late Fathers day BBQ

 The weekend of Fathers day my parents were away on holiday, so we decided to celebrate it the weekend after they were back, which worked out yesterday.

Nanna L and Grandad P had the girls over night on the Friday night so me and Daddy M went around about 4 o clock.  When we got their the girls were all inside watching Matilda but that didn't last long then they were back out side enjoying the sunshine.

Nanna L got the girls working by helping taking the food outside while Grandad P bbq a couple of burgers and sausages, the food all get set out and we all sat down and chatted, and enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine in the back garden.
Its not often we get photos of Nanna L with any of the girls, K1 wasn't impressed for the fact she couldn't leave her plate of food to go play and come back.

S being shy about having her photo taken, and K2 being silly on a trike that was far to small for her.

We had finished with the food so the girls played which they love playing in Nanna and Grandads garden
Daddy M wearing K1 hat to wind her up, the younger two playing with chalk board so much so K2 had chalk all over her hands and face
I asked S if she was ok and she "oh", Grandad P building his new lego, who is the children??? Daddy m playing with the letters to make silly words like mummy's lazy, and K1 smells.

K2 the clown of the family, and K1 showing attitude.

It was then time for the ice cream and oeros which Daddy M denies eating all of, Nanna L having to be told that if she didn't take the chocolate fingers back inside they will melt and they will be biscuit fingers.

We had to bribe S with Ice lolly for a nice picture.

We then let the girls play for a bit longer while the adults chilled and talked, by this point Auntie K had gone to see M.

It was a lovely couple of hours around at Nanna L and Grandad P's celebrating Fathers Day



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