Thursday, 12 June 2014

The gruffalo trail

With Daddy L Being off this week we decided to have a day out with S and Spirit. Daddy L took the older 2 to school while I had a lie in with me being ill yesterday. We needed to be back by 2 for S's Preschool trail hour. We left later then planned half 10, so we decided on getting lunch their, so our first stop was Lunch, and of course we took jofli aka Barney to S

 S wanted to see her hair that I had done for her

We finished lunch and started walking the trial S wasn't in the best moods.
  S loving it at first

Daddy L carrying Jofli aka Barney

Spirit loving the different smells and walk

Daddy L trying to persuade S to carry on with the trail

S loved finding the signs and pointing all the characters out

S spotted the sign before we did

Daddy L asked where the arrow was

S wasn't sure so Daddy L pointed it out for her

We ask S to pointed out certain characters where was the owl she pointed at all of them except the owl so Daddy L went through them with her.

While Daddy L Was persuading S to carry on, me and Spirit had selfies.
We then finally found our first character which was the drum roll please 


we carried on looking for some more characters, S was really getting fed up at this point so Daddy L carried her on his shoulders

 we then found the Owl and the mouse, we must of missed the fox on the way but because we were on a time limit with having to get back we didn't go back to look for it. 

before we got to the owl two horses went past and Spirit goes nuts at horses so Daddy L trying to stop her barking so not to scare the horses

we walked on a bit further...
S dragging her feet and time is ticking away and we really need to go.

We found the Gruffalo

 S walked straight up to the gruffalo I don't think it was what she was excepting

 S sat next to Daddy L
 Jofli  aka Barney on the Gruffalo
 Mummy and S with the gruffalo

we then had to walk quickly back to the car by this point S had truly had enough and had a paddy as 2 year olds do nearly all the way to the car.

Lucky she feel asleep in the car on the way home and absolute loved her first trail hour at preschool and even said yes or no to the teachers there, she also came home with her first preschool picture that she had made :)

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