Saturday, 26 July 2014

Silent Sunday


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Hare Hill

 On Sunday after lunch we all went out for a walk so we decided to go to a national trust park, Hare hill we hadn't been to so decided on that one.

Our Sat Nav took us to a farm, but we had seen signs for it earlier so we turned around and followed the signs.

When we arrived, we saw the trail that you could do that went around Alderly edge then Hare Hill but we decided just to walk round Hare Hill, good thing to Summer had enough walking by the time we got half way round.  the girls had to find 12 Hares along the way

1 and 2

We then saw a bee hive and K1 was the only one who wanted to stand next to it to have a picture taken.

Then we saw some pumpkin plants which they were doing an experiment on different soil, different water, K1 took this picture.

We carried on the walk and saw some more Hares 3, 4 and 5

K1 showing off


K1 loving having her photo taken today.

We then saw a small bridge, so got all of them to stand on it while I took a photo

K1 and K2 got there before S and Daddy got to the bridge

We carried on and Saw another Hare this is number 6, There is a walled garden the girls had a quick look in but didn't stop because wasn't allowed dogs.

7 and 8 not far behind

We then saw a pond it was picturesque

Spirit being very good, and siting beautifully while I took the photo, I wasn't holding the lead and I hadn't stepped on it either.

also at the pond was Hare number 9, S idea of having her photo taken was to try and climb the Hare

So we only found 10 so we need to go back and find the other 2 but by this point S was in a foul mood, as you can tell from this photo saying its only K1 and K2 in the photo

K2 found a statue that she wanted her photo taken with so K1, S and Daddy joined her some fun pictures of them messing around while trying to take the photo. 

we then walked back to the car, on the way out of Hare Hill we were greeted by


We had a great time at Hare Hill and we will be going back very soon, we will also find the other 2 Hares and do both walks. 

Thanks for reading x

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

K1 School trip

Today I helped out on K1 school trip, I couldn't and wouldn't take pictures of the other children just the animals, which I don't do often its mainly my children I take photos off.

wouldn't bore you with the waiting at school, making sure the kids knew the rules this that and the other will come to fun part the Zoo, we went to Chester zoo. A couple of days before they had done a survey in class of which animals they wanted to see most and their was 14 on the list.

When we arrived their was lots of other coaches and a lot of other children so we already knew it was going to be busy, the teachers went ahead to book us all in guessing they wouldn't give us 46 tickets.

The first animal we saw was the elephants.

Then we walked to the Monkey house, which usually smells but didn't today. 

Mothers Meeting

We then went to see if the Rhino was home but unfortunately he wasn't, so we stopped for a snack, when we had finished the children who wanted to went into the bat Cave so that meant every single one of them, one of the mums did get out of it because she had to stand with the children who had brought their lunch in plastic bags,  the funny part about the gave was one of the girls in my group had a bat who thought to go to the toilet just as she was walking underneath  but luckily only a number 1.

We then walked round towards the Spectacled Bear. we first saw these little creatures that are apparently part of the guinea pig family please let me know if I am wrong

We got a few "awes" from the girls

Their was one walking along the mud puddle right in front of the wall, but I couldn't grab a photo of that. all you could hear from the Children was, look that water is horrible why is it walking in that, look at those flys ycuk!

We did go to the Bears home but noone was in :( some useless information the Spectacle Bear was or is paddington bear.

We walked further round, making sure we had all the children were with us, as Winwick Mum said we needed sticks as if we were cattling cows.

We walked further round and saw the Zebra and the bongos I think they were.

after we saw them we walked over the bridge to go towards the Giraffe's which are beautiful graceful animals they are on of my favorite animals. We Managed to see the Rhino and the deer oh and lets not forget the Caramels 
not the greatest picture but it was the best I could get he was hiding in the mud bath.

 I had to sit outside with another little girl from my group to her needing to sit down but we were very lucky and all of the Giraffe's were outside so we didn't miss them, I did send K1 with my camera, one job just one job take some photos of the giraffes for me and my word they were terrible lol 

one of the bad ones just to prove to you all.

After the Giraffe's we went and had lunch the kids were complaining from 11 o clock about wanting lunch even though they had a snack soon after we got their.

cat nap for K1 after lunch.

We then went and saw the Lions which I had to be reminded of what they were from Winwick Mum because I called them Tigers.

We then walked around the Roman gardens. The children have been learning about the Romans in school. 

We then went to see the Tigers, they were not on the ground so we had to go to the viewing area, want to clear a viewing area send 46 school kids up.

We then went to see the Penguins, Mr Kirk their teacher was very excited about seeing the penguins, but before we got their we saw the giant Otters. they can move!

their is a rock on the right hand side where the water ripples they had just jumped over the rock. 


We then walked around to the Orangutans house, before we went to the education part of the zoo.

If you don't like snakes don't look at picture 6

other different animals in the house this was the a water dragon

this was not even half of the snake!

we then went and spent an hour in the education room, three rooms so we all got split up, but it was extremely interesting, the children got taught about natural extinction of animals, and how the dodo became extinct and if you didn't here is the reason, humans were coming over on their ships and the humans were eating the dodo birds but on these ships they brought rats who were eating the eggs of the dodo birds, then when humans came to live on the island they brought cats who ate the chicks, now you know.   They also did about rubbish that gets dumped in to the sea and how long it takes degrade, where a banana can take 2 weeks, a nappy can take 420 years, a glass bottle or any type of glass is unknow. quiet unreal to think that nappies we were wearing as babies are still degrading now..

They also looked at different tables where people had tried to smuggle items into the country and was donated to the zoo, on one table they had an elephants foot turned in to a poof, and along with bracelets that were made out of the elephants trunks, snake skin that had been made in shoes and a hand bag. a small crocodile that had been stuffed along with a bag made out of crocodile skin and that was 2 tables our of 4.

After the education rooms it was time to go home.

Thanks for reading, the Children and adults had a brilliant time at the zoo and its Chester zoo is worth a visit x

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall