Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Grandad's Birthday

Grandad's birthday today but because he was working, he decided to open his presents yesterday so after, J and Dot got picked up Grandad started opening his presents as it was getting late for the girls.

S had a whale off a time opening Grandad's presents. I am not going to write loads on this blog, the pictures speak for themselves.

first time S had wanted to know me all day, and wanted in on the photo taking and pressed the button for the selfies

Silly Fun

K1 photo bombing

Its all to much for K1 and Nanna is hugging Pinky Pie

Time for singing

Grandad Sang happy birthday to himself as well. 

 Present Time

Waiting for Grandad to tell her she could open it

Got bored of waiting and just started opening

Big Present from the Lawless lot, meant all 3 got to open it and Grandad hyped them up for this

No Money

Helping herself to more presents

Tiding the wrapping up. K2 was dancing while holding the black bag.

Then it was time to get going and put all 3 to bed which Daddy did because I went to have baby cuddles.

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