Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Hare Hill

 On Sunday after lunch we all went out for a walk so we decided to go to a national trust park, Hare hill we hadn't been to so decided on that one.

Our Sat Nav took us to a farm, but we had seen signs for it earlier so we turned around and followed the signs.

When we arrived, we saw the trail that you could do that went around Alderly edge then Hare Hill but we decided just to walk round Hare Hill, good thing to Summer had enough walking by the time we got half way round.  the girls had to find 12 Hares along the way

1 and 2

We then saw a bee hive and K1 was the only one who wanted to stand next to it to have a picture taken.

Then we saw some pumpkin plants which they were doing an experiment on different soil, different water, K1 took this picture.

We carried on the walk and saw some more Hares 3, 4 and 5

K1 showing off


K1 loving having her photo taken today.

We then saw a small bridge, so got all of them to stand on it while I took a photo

K1 and K2 got there before S and Daddy got to the bridge

We carried on and Saw another Hare this is number 6, There is a walled garden the girls had a quick look in but didn't stop because wasn't allowed dogs.

7 and 8 not far behind

We then saw a pond it was picturesque

Spirit being very good, and siting beautifully while I took the photo, I wasn't holding the lead and I hadn't stepped on it either.

also at the pond was Hare number 9, S idea of having her photo taken was to try and climb the Hare

So we only found 10 so we need to go back and find the other 2 but by this point S was in a foul mood, as you can tell from this photo saying its only K1 and K2 in the photo

K2 found a statue that she wanted her photo taken with so K1, S and Daddy joined her some fun pictures of them messing around while trying to take the photo. 

we then walked back to the car, on the way out of Hare Hill we were greeted by


We had a great time at Hare Hill and we will be going back very soon, we will also find the other 2 Hares and do both walks. 

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day out.... next on our list.... yep.... :-) lovely photos of beautiful girls :-)


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