Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Looking after 2 girls

Yesterday I had two extra little people for the day and with it being Monday Nanna, Auntie K and Grandad were around to give extra help.

Mummy S and Daddy T drop the girls of, I soon headed in to town with the girls to meet Nanna and Auntie K who also had S, we headed for breakfast at Debenhams, Grandad met us at Debenhams as
we were ordering. We got J a kids breakfast with beans, bacon, egg and toast, Dot quarvers because
she doesn't usually eat and S fruit toast.

We sat down to eat

J with her breakfast

Dot had sausage,  toast and hash brown she proved me and Mummy s wrong.

We finished breakfast and went to a few shops all the girls were pretty good, so funny to watch them when we had nearly finished

                       the Blind leading the blind they nearly walked in to a post

J took a liking to Nanna

S and Dot were fighting over who was holding the reins 
J being a little super star.

Then it was time to go back to Nanna's house, Me and Nanna briefly went food shopping while, Auntie K and Grandad had all 3 little ones.

When we got back it was time to go pick the older two up but it had decided to rain, so S went with Nanna, Auntie K and Grandad to pick the older two while J and Dot stopped with me.

The Girls having to take the shoes off due to the weather.

The older two came home, it was time to quickly do their home work, J and Dot didn't understand this at all and couldn't see why the older two couldn't play.

while we were waiting I put frozen on for them to watch, also me and Dot took some selfies, and she decapitated some dolls.

having a chocolate biscuit while waiting

The poor dolls

the heads

The girls soon finished their home work and all of them could play.

sorry not the best photo.

Then it was time for tea and then Mummy S and Daddy T turned up to pick the girls up xx

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