Friday, 1 August 2014

Our Day

Last Wednesday the 23rd was the last day of term for the older two, so I made the most of it with S.
I decided to do something crafty with S, which I don't usually do, well painting wise.  I had spoken to the lovely Jenny from Jenny Wrens and asked if I could take photos and blog about our morning there and she was thrilled.
So first things first we dropped Daddy off at work and then the older two at school, we then drove to Stockton Heath.  S was thrilled when we arrived, we sat down and I found the Smaller, cheaper items to paint and gave S the choice of what she wanted to paint, she chose a pig.  Jenny got us the paint, paint brushes and the pallet, S thought the pallet was to put the pig on, she soon got stuck in with the painting.

I really couldn't believe how much fun she was having, we have never done anything like this, don't get me wrong we have done other crafty things but she was having a whale of a time, I was so thrilled.   

The play section was so fantastic toys for all different ages. I loved the tree. 

It took a while to convince S to paint the rest of the pig   

As long as I held it for her she would paint the rest of it.

In between painting the Pig S went off and played, giving me the chance to look round the cafe and I saw this sign I thought it was brilliant, "All unsupervised Children will be given Espresso"  

 S came back and painted a bit more of her pig   

The dolls she found had to come to the table as well, she would not leave these dolls alone while we were there 

Some of the other products they sell 

S got thirsty so got a drink and was waiting for Jenny to serve another customer to let her know that she had got another drink 

She just starred at Jenny

 But soon came back to play with the dolls 

It was so chilled and relaxed and Jenny Wren's we didn't feel that we had to hurry up and leave; we were there until gone 12 from 9ish.   
You can see in these pictures where most of the paint went  

S playing and reading books 

The other side of the play section 

Painting a bit more 

Time for the coat and mask 

As you can see by the Pigs tail she put a lot of paint on it

I convinced S to stop painting the pig, so it now had a mask a coat and mud on its nose 

But to convince her to stop painting I said she could pick another animal to paint so she picked a Cat

love this photo
  I could have taken thousands more photos of S doing the Same but I restrained myself. With the Cat I did help a lot more as you can see.  S was now getting fed up, tired and hungry (I did buy her a snack), so while S went off and played I added the finishes touches to both, Jenny did do the date and S name on the cat.  

I have already decided I am going to make another visit very soon, even if you don't paint and you just want a drink and your kids can play even if you haven't got kids, there was so many people buying a coffee and sitting outside to chill.   
Jenny has done a fantastic job with the cafe since she took it over and I wish her all the best in the future with it

Thanks for reading 

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