Monday, 27 October 2014

Annie's Coffee Shop for Afternoon Tea

On Thursday I got invited to a blogger meet,  my first every bloggers meet, at Annie's tea shop in Manchester, I had never heard of it.  It is in st annes square just behind star bucks, 5 Old Bank Street.  It really is a hidden gem.

I was very nervous meeting other bloggers saying I had never done it before, but the whole meet was so lovely, I meet my friend in Manchester just before the meet Mummy M's Memories to give each other moral support.

We went in and the place was beautiful, I loved it as soon as we walked in. Comfy chairs, the cups and little plates all set out ready for you to choose where you want to seat. Jennie as most of you know as Fizz owns Annies, she is so friendly came up to me like we had known each other for years.  She didn't mind having photos taken either

This photo was taken by Mummy M Memmories 

We got offered coffee, I love Cappuccino but I only have one shot, Yes I know odd, If I wanted Tea I could of had, they did any flavor you could think of.

Jennie Has just started her own range of Jams and Sweets and they are going on to the Markets very soon.

We then got shown around the Tea room, which is over two floors, the bathrooms are absolutely amazing, you will want the bathrooms as your own, 

How WOW! is this mirror makes you feel like you are famous.

After being shown the bathrooms, we went and looked at the rest of the tea room, which upstairs is the Tea room and down stairs is for lunch, Tea or for private functions it just kept going, it looks tiny but it isn't. They have original floor from when it was first built, Fully stock bar, and a piano in the corner and someone plays it on a Friday night.

We then went upstairs and sat down to eat the Afternoon tea, They had three small cakes which were on so nice, little Sandwiches, Beef, Cucumber, Salmon and Ham, I did try a Salmon one wasn't very sure on that one but I gave it a go. They also had scones with Jam and cream, it was laid out so well and looked so pretty

It soon came to the for every one eating scones so it got us all into a discussion about what goes first Jam or cream and how do you pronounce it, for me it has to be the Jam first, how do you have yours?

It was soon time for Jennie to go, but before she did we managed to get a group photo 

The Staff and Jennie were so friendly, you didn't feel like you were in a rush to eat and get out, you got told to relax find your favorite chair, move it and sit on it and relax which I think is brilliant.

We all stayed for 2 and a half hours, just chatting, chilling it was fantastic and I can't wait to go again with the girls and hubby to try out the lunch or even tea menu.

Disclaimer:- we were given this for free for our own opinions and write ups


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  2. It looks like a lovely place and the cakes look fantastic - worth the trip to Manchester for those alone, I should think! xx

    1. Oh definitely hun, your girls would love it and you x


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