Monday, 27 October 2014

One of my Favorite places to walk

I love this place, for different reasons.  I loved playing in the woods as a child, making dens, climbing trees and getting stuck. still now as a adult I love it, my children love it, more so when my Dad takes them.  It is just such a beautiful place to walk around but not to big that you get bored or run out of time. This is in Callands, just behind Callands primary School or just behind the red gated park depending of which side of Callands you are coming in from.

I dropped the girls off at school, went and got Spirit out the car, I walked just past the school gates and let Spirit of the lead and she ran, sniffed, basically being a dog.

We walked up a path, past a small park and into the part which I love, especially this time of year it is so picturesque.

Sorry about it being blurry, I was trying to catch a good picture of Spirit

 The trees and the different shapes of them, they just all look so beautiful, you could easily get lost in your own thoughts in these woods, which I do from time to time.

This is the one I used to climb and still get stuck, yes you may laugh now.

The pictures below you can see why I could spend hours here wondering around. it is just so pretty, Spirit loves this walk.

Me trying to get a really nice photo of Spirit that didn't work, she just wanted the treat from my hand.

I absolutely love this photo and I took it by chance, it just shows the beauty of the woods at this time of year as well as a good picture of my Elkie

Thanks for reading about one of my favorite places to go. 


  1. I love the woods too.... after going at night the other day, I prefer the woods in day light lol! But each time yu visit there is something new. :-)


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