Sunday, 30 November 2014

Elf Breakfast and more

I know it's not the 1st of December till tomorrow, but with it being a school day, we brought it a day earlier, so we could do the girls and extra Christmas surprise, this year and that is the Elf Breakfast.

I decided Thursday during the day I wanted to do the Elf breakfast, as I was stuck at home with Summer being poorly I had to use the good old internet, well if you want to do click and collect with hobby craft make sure you don't want it that day.  So rang Nanna Linda she said she would have a look in Morrisons for me on her lunch break. I then went on the hunt in the evening before I picked Kacy up from brownies and after at Asda.  Got everything I wanted except christmas crumpets which Nanna Linda was able to get YAY!!!

Friday Nanna Linda picked the girls up from school for me, so just before they came home thought i'll start making things, well they walked in as I was doing the fairy cakes... Luckily they soon forgot about them.

Saturday Nanna Linda picked the girls up to take Kira swimming then to go see Grandad Phil has father christmas, all three of them guessed who it was.  Kacy knew who it was and remembered from last year so guessed as soon as Nanna Linda mentioned going to see Father christmas but didn't say anything to the younger two.

As you have probably guessed Kacy doesn't/does believe in father christmas anymore she knows its me and Daddy and likes the fact she gets surprises she doesn't know about or even ask for, she also likes to be involved in what is going in the younger twos and the decisions making of things for Christmas that would be a secret from her other wise.   The ELF antics she doesn't get involved in. (she will still believe to a certain point)

So the girls had gone to bed, so time to set up, Daddy's job was to go upstairs and write a letter, my job was down stairs.

Set it how I wanted it, before putting the food out with Daddy's help.

Put the food out, and the small presents slightly hidden under the plates and the letter Daddy wrote which i'm very proud because it is brilliant 

After it was all set up and put the rubbish away so they didn't know. I went to bed.

Sunday, We were very lucky the younger two didn't get up till 20 past 7, which is a lie in for me because it's usually 6-6.30.

We got Kira to wake Kacy up, but she was already and we went down stairs. Kira jumped and screamed for joy Kacy went straight for the letter and read it out loud and Summer was just not sure on what to do, but it didn't take her long to come round to the idea

Kacy reading the letter and eating a chocolate ginger bread man

The presents from Father Christmas 

Kira very very excited in the last picture on the right she is trying to go cross eyed

Summer and the result of the chocolate cake 

After everyone had enough, Summer was the first to ask for her dvd on, Kacy helped put that on and I had to go get ready for work.

I was gone an hour and a half come back and Nanna Dawn had come to visit the girls, but got told that while Daddy was getting ready Summer had been helping herself to the chocolate ginger bread men, and then Kira also helped herself, Kacy asked Daddy after Daddy found out so couldn't really say no. so none of them really ate their lunch.

We decided to go to the cinemas with all three girls, it was Summers very first time at the cinemas so we took THE TEDDIES (if anyone doesn't know, the teddies are the must have teddies for Summer to go to sleep in her bed or down stairs if she is that tired)

So we decided to watch Paddington.  It's definitely worth a watch, the girls loved it, even though Summer was a bit up and down she did extremely well for her first time.

The teddies getting a sit to watch it as well if they weren't in there, Summer was holding them, In the last picture Kira is telling me of for taking photos. 
After the cinemas we decided to go to a garden centre, Kira and Summer wanted to go with Nanna Dawn in her car, Daddy, Kacy and I got to the garden centre first, while we were waiting for Nanna Dawn, Kira and Summer to join us me and Kacy went inside to start looking.

But by this point the younger two were tired and very excited and started being silly and kept being told of at this point.  So we didn't last long in the garden center.

This picture was taken just before both of them got told of for touching the moving, singing snowman.  Summer was off then having paddys so it was time to go home. 

All the excitement got a bit to much for the girls today but other then the last half hour we all had a fabulous and exciting day.

Thanks for reading, I love reading all your comments x

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Nephew, Cousins and Worms

The dreaded bug caught hold of Summer this week, so on Wednesday she didn't go to school.  When the girls are ill if possible I try and not leave the house at all, total rest.

During the day I rang Nanna Dawn to see if she could pick the older two up from school for me, which of course she said yes and said she would have my Nephew with her.  The girls love seeing their cousin.

The day rolled on, Summer slept for 4 hours, cuddled, got hot and cold and watched alot of tv more then I would usually let her watch but when your ill you get special Mummy treatment.  The girls were home with Nanna Dawn and E following.

From being a quiet house all day, came a very noisy house espically with E being very excited.

The small time where they were quiet.

Kacy had asked on the Sunday for one of her favorite teas, which isn't very healthy but cheap, quick and easy so every so often I don't mind.

Ingredients list:-

One Tin of hot dogs
One packet of dry Spaghetti 

That is the ingredient list, now we call this tea WORMS! 

Dead easy, as you can see my tin of hot dogs and I cut them up and put 4-5 dried spaghetti in each, this bit gets a bit boring.

once you are done you put them in a pan of boiling water, which I put my hob when I start and by the time I have finished cutting and putting spaghetti in each of them the water is boiling. and then it's how every long Spaghetti takes to cook so 10 minutes or so, then you can serve

Now this is the fun part!

what it looks like once its cooked and in a bowl

The ketchup is the blood, so you pour a little bit or a lot depending if your child would eat it out the ketchup bottle like Kira (just to let you know I have never let her do that, but she would). Again if you asked Kira "they are dead so there must be blood" she didn't like the fact that worms don't die that easily.

Then you watch them try and eat it. Which makes me laugh when any kid is trying to eat spaghetti 

Summer didn't eat any of her tea, but due to her being ill I didn't think she would, but Kira demolished it.

This meal isn't the healthiest, but its fantastic for days like this, or if a friend comes over, or even as party food. 

Thanks for reading and I do hope you try at home 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Arts and Crafts after school

On Wednesday me and Nanna Dawn (Daddy's Mum) went christmas shopping for the girls along with Kacy birthday present.

We had wondered around the shops been debenhams, the entertainer and then we stopped at waterstones to look at books to see if we get some ideas for Kacy (Kacy is a book worm) it took me 3 minutes to find a book for Kacy, so Nanna had said what about this one for Kira which was horrid henry and then she picked a peppa pig one for Summer and another peppa pig one for my Nephew E.  We also spotted the snowdog  from the snowman and the snowdog which Nanna got for Summer which she will love.

We went to the till and I asked what this competition was and the nice man explained it to us and it was snowmans that you colour in, he did explain that they had been done on the wrong material so the best things to use was paint or wax crayon, that was fine with me because we had loads of wax crayons at home, he gave us 9 snowman one each for the kids plus spare.

I wouldn't bore you with the rest of the day shopping, but we did get everything we need a trip to Smyths toy shop which we got majority of the presents from.

Picked the girls up from school, got home sorted them out.  Then showed them the snow man they could colour said to the girls get the crayons out, couldn't find them, I checked couldn't find them so I had to do what I don't like doing which is painting so I was brave and got the paint stuff out, got the older 2 to change their t shirts and got Summer her apron.

They enjoyed every minute of it and not much mess at all, I will have to do more painting with all of them.

All getting stuck in they ended up doing 2 the idea is to keep the better one at home and send the one they don't like in to water stones for the competition, but now looking I'm not sure what do you think?

Kacy being a perfectionist as always

Summer using every paint going with her first one then doing a fantastic job with her second one

I blinked and Kira had done both of hers before I had chance to take many picture of her

The finished Snowman, Kira's other finished one is in the picture above.

They enjoyed this so much, so my new thing to try and do is a craft or two a month so our next craft is to paint the fur cones we got the other weekend.

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Our drive out to Wrexham park

On Saturday afternoon, Me and Daddy were bored so we decided we would go to Pupcakes, but what I hadn't seen on Facebook that she was closing at 2, so by the time we got there at 3.30 she was shut, we decided that wouldn't ruin our afternoon.

We had brought Spirit along to take her for a walk afterwards, Daddy had already found a park that we could go to.

We found the park after going through what seem like streets and more streets, we pulled out everyone got out and we started walking and looking around.

It had a fantastic duck pond, it was massive.  I did have to have words with Kira she was so giddy.  As we walking around the park we noticed the rocks that had writing on them, the girls were very interested in them and Kacy being Kacy wanted to read them all, but we were in no rush so we let them. 

Not sure why Daddy is pulling a face, we had also forgotten to Summers hair so it kept falling in front of her face.

We carried on walking and I noticed a tree and it had a knot in it, I thought it looked like an Owl, Daddy thought it looked like Spirits Butt, what do you think? 

Then we came across what I thought looked like Stone Hedge and Kira thought it was where Brave the movie was made.

Kira pointing the Stones out.

As we were walking around, I asked Daddy to take some nice picture of me and the girls. Daddy is usually really bad at taking photos, he did a pretty good job this time. 

Even though his phone has the strange glare to it.
So we carried on round, the girls had already seen the park we arrived but we said that we were walking around first to walk Spirit then they could go and play at the end. 

The girls saw the park and asked if they could run on ahead which we said yes to, Daddy, Summer and I walked at Summers Pace, as we were walking down I saw a really nice photo opportunity and my phone decided not to freeze on me as I was taking it, as you can imagine I was not impressed. 

Daddy walked on to let Summer and the girls into the park. I wanted a really nice picture of the tree and Spirit when she finally sat where I put her. 

Autumn written all over this tree, Beautiful colours 

Then it was time to join the girls in the park and not have a go of the yellow See saw with Daddy, not at all. 

Action shot of Kacy as she ran past, Kira being Kira and Summer enjoying the small slide

Summer enjoying the swings with Mummy

The sew saw the girls loved and me and Daddy did not have a go on.

We didn't stay long in the park, due to Spirit having to be left out side, thought it was funny where Daddy put the hats while I took a photo of both the girls in the swing.

Last go down the slide before it was time to go.

As we were leaving Kacy Slipped, It was extremely muddy and she jarred her neck, Lucky not done any damage and she was fine within minutes.

While Daddy was comforting Kacy, I noticed a women with huge Fir cones and asked where she had got them from, she pointed us towards the stones again so we went to investigate. 

As you can probably guess the good ones had already been picked up but we managed to find 3.

Its just a good thing Kacy hadn't put the big one in the middle. 

On the way back to the car we picked up pretty leaves, Kacy looked like she had a bunch of flowers by the end of it. 

It was so nice this park and we will be going there again. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Monday, 10 November 2014

Rainy Day Fun

On Friday Me and Summer went over to MummyMMemmories house, tje weather was horrible outside so we decided to stay in, the girls were playing and me and Mummy M was talking she then showed me this thing, she wanted me to guess what it was... we had a giggle about this product you can read about it here is the link

Back to the day, the girls were getting Anti so Mummy M decided they should bake so we got all the ingredients together and got the girls hands washed and aprons on.

About to start, S had the spoon in her mouth most of the time

First things first was to put the Ingredients in to the mixer so they took it in turns to pour things into the mixer, S first then Summer.  Summer did help S with the margarine it got a bit stuck.

Then time for the Milk and Baking powder

Then the fruit, was so Funny they both picked one or two out so then Mummy M poured the rest of the packet into the mixer.

Then it was time to start putting the mixture into the cases, S got some on her arm so said just lick it of and this is her licking it of her arm. 

I could of put loads of photos on between me and Mummy M we took 100's of photos of these two baking, it was so cute, and they shared really well.

 This is when they had finished putting the mixture into the cases, Summer was not pleased because she was dirty and wanted to wash her hands but S was happy to go ta da.

Then it was time to clean them 2 up and the kitchen, they went of and played while Mummy M kindly made us all some lunch, after lunch it was time to decorate. 

We left the girls to it really, every so often reminding them to put the glue (icing) on the cake first and of course me and Mummy M had to do some decorating as well

S soon got board of decorating the cakes and wanted to eat the toppings instead, Summer on the other hand decorated the cake below it had so much icing on it, alsorts on it I asked who it was excepting her to say Olaf but no she said "mama and Daddy" any one who knows Summer that is a big deal for her to be talking and to be putting words together as well is a big achievement for her. 

Me and Summer had to go quiet soon after they had both finished decorating, one because of the weather had got really bad so didn't want to be stuck on the M6 and two I had a man coming to fix my bath, On the way home though Summer fell asleep while stopped at traffic lights I quickly took this photo.

Olaf photo bombing

Me and Summer had a fabulous day spending time with friends, laughing, playing with objects you don't know what they are till 10 minutes in and baking.