Sunday, 23 November 2014

Arts and Crafts after school

On Wednesday me and Nanna Dawn (Daddy's Mum) went christmas shopping for the girls along with Kacy birthday present.

We had wondered around the shops been debenhams, the entertainer and then we stopped at waterstones to look at books to see if we get some ideas for Kacy (Kacy is a book worm) it took me 3 minutes to find a book for Kacy, so Nanna had said what about this one for Kira which was horrid henry and then she picked a peppa pig one for Summer and another peppa pig one for my Nephew E.  We also spotted the snowdog  from the snowman and the snowdog which Nanna got for Summer which she will love.

We went to the till and I asked what this competition was and the nice man explained it to us and it was snowmans that you colour in, he did explain that they had been done on the wrong material so the best things to use was paint or wax crayon, that was fine with me because we had loads of wax crayons at home, he gave us 9 snowman one each for the kids plus spare.

I wouldn't bore you with the rest of the day shopping, but we did get everything we need a trip to Smyths toy shop which we got majority of the presents from.

Picked the girls up from school, got home sorted them out.  Then showed them the snow man they could colour said to the girls get the crayons out, couldn't find them, I checked couldn't find them so I had to do what I don't like doing which is painting so I was brave and got the paint stuff out, got the older 2 to change their t shirts and got Summer her apron.

They enjoyed every minute of it and not much mess at all, I will have to do more painting with all of them.

All getting stuck in they ended up doing 2 the idea is to keep the better one at home and send the one they don't like in to water stones for the competition, but now looking I'm not sure what do you think?

Kacy being a perfectionist as always

Summer using every paint going with her first one then doing a fantastic job with her second one

I blinked and Kira had done both of hers before I had chance to take many picture of her

The finished Snowman, Kira's other finished one is in the picture above.

They enjoyed this so much, so my new thing to try and do is a craft or two a month so our next craft is to paint the fur cones we got the other weekend.

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