Sunday, 30 November 2014

Elf Breakfast and more

I know it's not the 1st of December till tomorrow, but with it being a school day, we brought it a day earlier, so we could do the girls and extra Christmas surprise, this year and that is the Elf Breakfast.

I decided Thursday during the day I wanted to do the Elf breakfast, as I was stuck at home with Summer being poorly I had to use the good old internet, well if you want to do click and collect with hobby craft make sure you don't want it that day.  So rang Nanna Linda she said she would have a look in Morrisons for me on her lunch break. I then went on the hunt in the evening before I picked Kacy up from brownies and after at Asda.  Got everything I wanted except christmas crumpets which Nanna Linda was able to get YAY!!!

Friday Nanna Linda picked the girls up from school for me, so just before they came home thought i'll start making things, well they walked in as I was doing the fairy cakes... Luckily they soon forgot about them.

Saturday Nanna Linda picked the girls up to take Kira swimming then to go see Grandad Phil has father christmas, all three of them guessed who it was.  Kacy knew who it was and remembered from last year so guessed as soon as Nanna Linda mentioned going to see Father christmas but didn't say anything to the younger two.

As you have probably guessed Kacy doesn't/does believe in father christmas anymore she knows its me and Daddy and likes the fact she gets surprises she doesn't know about or even ask for, she also likes to be involved in what is going in the younger twos and the decisions making of things for Christmas that would be a secret from her other wise.   The ELF antics she doesn't get involved in. (she will still believe to a certain point)

So the girls had gone to bed, so time to set up, Daddy's job was to go upstairs and write a letter, my job was down stairs.

Set it how I wanted it, before putting the food out with Daddy's help.

Put the food out, and the small presents slightly hidden under the plates and the letter Daddy wrote which i'm very proud because it is brilliant 

After it was all set up and put the rubbish away so they didn't know. I went to bed.

Sunday, We were very lucky the younger two didn't get up till 20 past 7, which is a lie in for me because it's usually 6-6.30.

We got Kira to wake Kacy up, but she was already and we went down stairs. Kira jumped and screamed for joy Kacy went straight for the letter and read it out loud and Summer was just not sure on what to do, but it didn't take her long to come round to the idea

Kacy reading the letter and eating a chocolate ginger bread man

The presents from Father Christmas 

Kira very very excited in the last picture on the right she is trying to go cross eyed

Summer and the result of the chocolate cake 

After everyone had enough, Summer was the first to ask for her dvd on, Kacy helped put that on and I had to go get ready for work.

I was gone an hour and a half come back and Nanna Dawn had come to visit the girls, but got told that while Daddy was getting ready Summer had been helping herself to the chocolate ginger bread men, and then Kira also helped herself, Kacy asked Daddy after Daddy found out so couldn't really say no. so none of them really ate their lunch.

We decided to go to the cinemas with all three girls, it was Summers very first time at the cinemas so we took THE TEDDIES (if anyone doesn't know, the teddies are the must have teddies for Summer to go to sleep in her bed or down stairs if she is that tired)

So we decided to watch Paddington.  It's definitely worth a watch, the girls loved it, even though Summer was a bit up and down she did extremely well for her first time.

The teddies getting a sit to watch it as well if they weren't in there, Summer was holding them, In the last picture Kira is telling me of for taking photos. 
After the cinemas we decided to go to a garden centre, Kira and Summer wanted to go with Nanna Dawn in her car, Daddy, Kacy and I got to the garden centre first, while we were waiting for Nanna Dawn, Kira and Summer to join us me and Kacy went inside to start looking.

But by this point the younger two were tired and very excited and started being silly and kept being told of at this point.  So we didn't last long in the garden center.

This picture was taken just before both of them got told of for touching the moving, singing snowman.  Summer was off then having paddys so it was time to go home. 

All the excitement got a bit to much for the girls today but other then the last half hour we all had a fabulous and exciting day.

Thanks for reading, I love reading all your comments x


Thank you for reading, I love reading your comments.