Thursday, 27 November 2014

Nephew, Cousins and Worms

The dreaded bug caught hold of Summer this week, so on Wednesday she didn't go to school.  When the girls are ill if possible I try and not leave the house at all, total rest.

During the day I rang Nanna Dawn to see if she could pick the older two up from school for me, which of course she said yes and said she would have my Nephew with her.  The girls love seeing their cousin.

The day rolled on, Summer slept for 4 hours, cuddled, got hot and cold and watched alot of tv more then I would usually let her watch but when your ill you get special Mummy treatment.  The girls were home with Nanna Dawn and E following.

From being a quiet house all day, came a very noisy house espically with E being very excited.

The small time where they were quiet.

Kacy had asked on the Sunday for one of her favorite teas, which isn't very healthy but cheap, quick and easy so every so often I don't mind.

Ingredients list:-

One Tin of hot dogs
One packet of dry Spaghetti 

That is the ingredient list, now we call this tea WORMS! 

Dead easy, as you can see my tin of hot dogs and I cut them up and put 4-5 dried spaghetti in each, this bit gets a bit boring.

once you are done you put them in a pan of boiling water, which I put my hob when I start and by the time I have finished cutting and putting spaghetti in each of them the water is boiling. and then it's how every long Spaghetti takes to cook so 10 minutes or so, then you can serve

Now this is the fun part!

what it looks like once its cooked and in a bowl

The ketchup is the blood, so you pour a little bit or a lot depending if your child would eat it out the ketchup bottle like Kira (just to let you know I have never let her do that, but she would). Again if you asked Kira "they are dead so there must be blood" she didn't like the fact that worms don't die that easily.

Then you watch them try and eat it. Which makes me laugh when any kid is trying to eat spaghetti 

Summer didn't eat any of her tea, but due to her being ill I didn't think she would, but Kira demolished it.

This meal isn't the healthiest, but its fantastic for days like this, or if a friend comes over, or even as party food. 

Thanks for reading and I do hope you try at home 


  1. Ahh.... so this Is the hot dog and spaghetti dinner..... heard so much about it. :-) hope Summer is feeling better. x

  2. Thanks hun she is alot better, just very tired still. Yeah my girls love it as u see x


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