Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Our drive out to Wrexham park

On Saturday afternoon, Me and Daddy were bored so we decided we would go to Pupcakes, but what I hadn't seen on Facebook that she was closing at 2, so by the time we got there at 3.30 she was shut, we decided that wouldn't ruin our afternoon.

We had brought Spirit along to take her for a walk afterwards, Daddy had already found a park that we could go to.

We found the park after going through what seem like streets and more streets, we pulled out everyone got out and we started walking and looking around.

It had a fantastic duck pond, it was massive.  I did have to have words with Kira she was so giddy.  As we walking around the park we noticed the rocks that had writing on them, the girls were very interested in them and Kacy being Kacy wanted to read them all, but we were in no rush so we let them. 

Not sure why Daddy is pulling a face, we had also forgotten to Summers hair so it kept falling in front of her face.

We carried on walking and I noticed a tree and it had a knot in it, I thought it looked like an Owl, Daddy thought it looked like Spirits Butt, what do you think? 

Then we came across what I thought looked like Stone Hedge and Kira thought it was where Brave the movie was made.

Kira pointing the Stones out.

As we were walking around, I asked Daddy to take some nice picture of me and the girls. Daddy is usually really bad at taking photos, he did a pretty good job this time. 

Even though his phone has the strange glare to it.
So we carried on round, the girls had already seen the park we arrived but we said that we were walking around first to walk Spirit then they could go and play at the end. 

The girls saw the park and asked if they could run on ahead which we said yes to, Daddy, Summer and I walked at Summers Pace, as we were walking down I saw a really nice photo opportunity and my phone decided not to freeze on me as I was taking it, as you can imagine I was not impressed. 

Daddy walked on to let Summer and the girls into the park. I wanted a really nice picture of the tree and Spirit when she finally sat where I put her. 

Autumn written all over this tree, Beautiful colours 

Then it was time to join the girls in the park and not have a go of the yellow See saw with Daddy, not at all. 

Action shot of Kacy as she ran past, Kira being Kira and Summer enjoying the small slide

Summer enjoying the swings with Mummy

The sew saw the girls loved and me and Daddy did not have a go on.

We didn't stay long in the park, due to Spirit having to be left out side, thought it was funny where Daddy put the hats while I took a photo of both the girls in the swing.

Last go down the slide before it was time to go.

As we were leaving Kacy Slipped, It was extremely muddy and she jarred her neck, Lucky not done any damage and she was fine within minutes.

While Daddy was comforting Kacy, I noticed a women with huge Fir cones and asked where she had got them from, she pointed us towards the stones again so we went to investigate. 

As you can probably guess the good ones had already been picked up but we managed to find 3.

Its just a good thing Kacy hadn't put the big one in the middle. 

On the way back to the car we picked up pretty leaves, Kacy looked like she had a bunch of flowers by the end of it. 

It was so nice this park and we will be going there again. 

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  1. Lovely photos.... shame daddy made the ones of you and the girls slightly blurry. But still lovely pictures... The dogs bum bit made me giggle... it looks like a tree to me :-) Think I will have to search for this park, looks lovely, and that tree, so idyllic. x

    1. Apparently its not called wrexham park, but ill dbl check and let u know or come with u x

  2. This looks like such a lovely day, your girls and your dog are gorgeous :)


  3. Well done for not letting the closure of Pupcakes ruin your afternoon. Far from it infact it looks like Wrexham park was a great success with the girls having a lovely time on the play equipment, filling their imaginations with what they saw and reading the stones. Thank you for sharing your afternoon on Country Kids.


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