Monday, 10 November 2014

Rainy Day Fun

On Friday Me and Summer went over to MummyMMemmories house, tje weather was horrible outside so we decided to stay in, the girls were playing and me and Mummy M was talking she then showed me this thing, she wanted me to guess what it was... we had a giggle about this product you can read about it here is the link

Back to the day, the girls were getting Anti so Mummy M decided they should bake so we got all the ingredients together and got the girls hands washed and aprons on.

About to start, S had the spoon in her mouth most of the time

First things first was to put the Ingredients in to the mixer so they took it in turns to pour things into the mixer, S first then Summer.  Summer did help S with the margarine it got a bit stuck.

Then time for the Milk and Baking powder

Then the fruit, was so Funny they both picked one or two out so then Mummy M poured the rest of the packet into the mixer.

Then it was time to start putting the mixture into the cases, S got some on her arm so said just lick it of and this is her licking it of her arm. 

I could of put loads of photos on between me and Mummy M we took 100's of photos of these two baking, it was so cute, and they shared really well.

 This is when they had finished putting the mixture into the cases, Summer was not pleased because she was dirty and wanted to wash her hands but S was happy to go ta da.

Then it was time to clean them 2 up and the kitchen, they went of and played while Mummy M kindly made us all some lunch, after lunch it was time to decorate. 

We left the girls to it really, every so often reminding them to put the glue (icing) on the cake first and of course me and Mummy M had to do some decorating as well

S soon got board of decorating the cakes and wanted to eat the toppings instead, Summer on the other hand decorated the cake below it had so much icing on it, alsorts on it I asked who it was excepting her to say Olaf but no she said "mama and Daddy" any one who knows Summer that is a big deal for her to be talking and to be putting words together as well is a big achievement for her. 

Me and Summer had to go quiet soon after they had both finished decorating, one because of the weather had got really bad so didn't want to be stuck on the M6 and two I had a man coming to fix my bath, On the way home though Summer fell asleep while stopped at traffic lights I quickly took this photo.

Olaf photo bombing

Me and Summer had a fabulous day spending time with friends, laughing, playing with objects you don't know what they are till 10 minutes in and baking.


  1. It was a lovely day. I'm still finding silver balls now though from the cake that had no Icing :-)

  2. so cute! looks like you had loads of fun!

    1. We did, summer loves baking and i know i dont do it any where near enough with all 3 of them x

  3. Adorable. Reading this makes me miss my niece and nephews so much!!


  4. It looks like you all had a wonderful day together!

    I have some very fond memories of baking when I was a kid, but sadly, I don't really spend any time doing things like that anymore. Maybe I'll start soon and see how I get along!

    1. Find an easy recipe and if u make a mess thats included in the fun


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