Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Ozeri 4x3 Razor Digital Pedometer Review

I got the opportunity to try out and to review the Ozeri 4x Razor Digital Pedometer, it states it has the new technology Tri-Axis with 3D Bosch Sensor. With the new year fast approaching and me wanting to lose the pounds and inches this was the perfect item for me to try out.

Before I had even got it out the packing, I thought it was very stylish and very small.  We have all had the free pedometers or the cheap ones which don't work.

Opened the pedometer and it came with a free lithium battery which I was very impressed with and a small screw driver, a lanyard and a belt clip

The instructions are easy to follow when you do read them. It has a 30 day Memory, a lock mode so if you are driving or not wanting it to count the steps it will pause for you.  It tracks your steps, distance, current speed, calories and fat burned. It also has a clock and an exercise timer.

You can see the steps that Daddy and Kacy did while walking Spirit before. 
I loved how thin it is, it can fit into a pocket with having room for keys, phone or anything else you want in your pocket while going for a walk. You can buy this pedometer from Amazon

This will be a fabulous gadget for me getting fit in 2015. 

Disclaimer:- I was given this for free, with my own photos and honest opinion 

2014 going into 2015

This has been my first year doing a blog and itsn't not a year until May.  This has made me take a lot more photos, with me also writing it all down as well its keeping all the memories more alive and making me remember things that I wouldn't of if it wasn't written down.

My first post got deleted so had to redo that one, introducing me and my family.

To going out with just my friends and no girls at the idea home show.

To showing you all our family days out including Spirit and some walks with just me and Spirit or with other dogs.

Going on school trips with the girls, first one with Kacy and the second with Kira which was recently.

In December I've been taking photos and writing Freddie's antics down. WEEK 1, WEEK 2, WEEK 3.

I've still got a lot to learn regarding Blogging, I can't wait to learn more about it as the year goes on.

Here are some of my Favorite photos of the year, I could of picked loads.

There will lots more blogs to come on in the next year, including a guest blog from Kacy with a book review. 

Have a fantastic night, we are having a games night with the girls. 

Hope 2015 is what you hope it is. 


Sunday, 28 December 2014

#MySundayPhoto ~Snow!

My Daughter asked me to take this photo while we were walking around the block 


Saturday, 27 December 2014


In warrington, we always here about other places get snow.  Well when I looked out my kitchen window while washing up and saw snow, I shouted the girls to go and have a look outside.

Quickly finished the washing up and said im taking the dog for a walk, to see what Spirit was like in the snow, Kacy quickly asked if she could come with us.  she has always wanted snow on her birthday. 

So we wrapped up and headed out the door.

We headed on the small walk just around the block, while Nanna and Kacy stayed on the pavement I went on the field across the road so Spirit could have a small run and a proper play in her first snowfall.

Sorry about the pictures, as you can see it was snowing heavy when we went out. 

I got Spirit back on her lead, and joined Nanna and Kacy on the pavement.  We stopped to take photos, first one was off Kacy 

Then I took another one of Kacy and Nanna, then Kacy wanted a photo of me and Nanna then Nanna took a photo of me and Kacy.

Then Kacy noticed Spirits paw prints and asked me to take a photo of them.  If  anyone was looking they would think I was mad taking a photo of paw prints.

Kacy then said a photo with the snow falling with a light behind it would look really nice so I did that for her. 

Kacy as got an eye for photo taking. Hopefully she will take it up as a hobby. 

It was only a small walk round the block but we all had fun, very wet when we got back.  We are glad that we did because today it is raining and not really here anymore. 

Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Freddie's Last week in the Lawless household for 2014

Freddie has been and given the girls a fair few treats in his last week here, they love having Freddie here and Summer was very upset this morning when she had noticed he had gone.

DAY 17

Freddie needed a lie down after the party the day before, so made a hammock out of Kacy spare scarf, and grabbed a flower from the table, he must of thought he was on a beach.

DAY 18

Freddie decided, he wanted to spend the day with Chewy the hamster. 

DAY 19

Freddie must of been thirsty, sitting in the jar full of straws. 

DAY 20

Freddie went a bit further and decided that he would go on the landing, and sit with the Nativity play and the girls Christmas tree.

DAY 21

As you can see from the letter, the girls had been really well behaved, so Freddie had left them some sweets, love hearts but they had to find them.

DAY 22

This one was great, it took the girls a whole day to figure out, if he was in the fish tank or behind it. it was only when the fish light came on did they find out. 

DAY 23

Freddie has left them some houses to eat, and one to decorate themselves.

We decorated the house with some friends, but didn't get a chance to take any photos.

DAY 24

Freddies last day.

He has left the girls note, explaining it was his last day and he had left them a treat.  Husky soft toys which they absolutely love them.  

It is as close they are ever going to get to a husky. 

The girls have loved having Freddie here.  If you are thinking about getting an Elf I would recommend them, we have had Freddie 3 years now, it has added more magic towards the big day.

The only thing I have asked Freddie for next year he needs to be a bit more organised with what he is doing. 

Elf Escapades

Monday, 15 December 2014

Freddie's Second Week

Well in the last 10 days Freddie has been in some funny places and brought a couple of brilliant things for the girls


We had put the tree up on Sunday so Freddie thought it would be a good idea to hang in the tree.


Freddie saw that Kira, had left one of her toys laying around, so thought it would be fun to have a snow fight. 


Freddie thought it would be fun to go climbing on top of the curtain pole, I don't dust the top of the curtain pole so using the snow flakes to cover up the dust. 

DAY 10

Freddie seems to like heights, so decided to go hang with Santa and the candy cane. 

DAY 11

Freddie had got bored of heights, and thought lieing in between the door handles would be good fun.

DAY 12

Freddie, brought the girls some cookies to decorate, Kacy took her's to do with her friend but she forgot to do them. 

DAY 13

Freddie had seen that we hadn't got a fairy door, so fairy's could live in our house, so kindly brought us a fairy door.

DAY 14

Freddie knew the younger two, had stayed at Nanna and Grandad's, so made it extra hard to find him, he was hiding in the twigs next to the TV, it even took me a while to find him.

DAY 15

Freddie knew it was Kacy's birthday party so thought he would hang some where he wouldn't get touched. 

DAY 16

Freddie knew it was kacy's birthday party yesterday so thought he would hang out in the bunting we had put up 

Wonder what the next week will bring keep a look out to see what Freddie gets up to 

Elf Escapades

Friday, 12 December 2014

Very Very Wet Walk....

Today was a really weird day, with Nanna Linda being of and taken the girls to school, so I could do a Christmas Fayre, after that was finished I thought I would take the opportunity to walk Spirit.

I decided to walk Spirit in Mary Ann Meadows, it is in a close, I used to walk past this most days when I was in high school or when I was walking to Daddy's house before we moved in together.

Spirit was very excited and was pulling a lot more then usual, with all the different smells and she knew that it was some where new.

One very excited Spirit

We soon realised that it was water logged, and we saw another dog owner who said the same. I was so hoping this was the only massive puddle going.  How wrong was I

I let Spirit of anyway so she could have a run, I decided to see how it went. 

I then spotted a Heron standing in the middle of the field, but at the same time so did Spirit, so I could only take a photo, of it flying of as Spirit ran towards it.   I did look at the end of the walk, to see if it was back, with no luck.

I then decided to put Spirit back on the lead and go for a road walk instead. 

Spot the Elkie

It did take a couple of times to call her back, before she came to me.  She knew I had cheese it is a winner to get her back.   If you look at Spirits paws you can see they are sunk into the ground.

Wanting to go and play

I decided to walk part of the way, that I used to walk to school.  We walked around into the first close to go through the cut through.

We then walked up to where I would of crossed over, which is about 5 minutes walk from the cut through, but decided we had come far enough.

As I was taking this photo, there was a women walking up, she must of thought I was crazy taking a picture of the road.

My friend might remember this.  When I was a teenager me and my friend were riding our bikes, we had just crossed this road, and she was saying something to me, so I had turned around to face her and as I turned back around I hit a lamp post.  It hurt a lot and then had to ride home with a very sore head.  You can stop laughing now.

Going back to mine and Spirits walk, I turned around from here and started going back to the car.  Spirit was loving the new place, to walk and all the different smells and sounds. 

She had found something interesting on the road to sniff. 

As we were getting to the cut through, I noticed our shadows, I just had to take a picture.

We got back to the car, went home and Spirit had a dreaded bath, which she hates with a passion.  I know myself why I send her to the groomers.

Family Farm Holidays Cornwall