Saturday, 6 December 2014

Freddies first week

As some of you know Freddie came a day early with some Elf breakfast, You can read this here .  But what has our friendly Elf been up to the past week??

DAY 1 

I think Freddie was a bit tired after the massive task of sorting out Elf breakfast for the girls and coming a day early, but still managed to display all the advent calendars. 

Day 2

Still think Freddie was tired because again he didn't do anything, but thought he better go and hang on to the Spirits advent calendar not to leave Spirit out. 

Day 3

Well he Freddie decided to Sun bath all day how lazy of Freddie, I think he needs to start doing something other then just hanging around.

Day 4

Freddie thought he would make some snowflakes, bet he found them hard work. 

Day 5

Freddie decided he was going to go fishing on Kira's fish tank, luckily nothing bite.

Day 6

Freddie decided to bring the girls a present, with an extra one for Kacy's friend that was sleeping over.  I thought that was really nice of him 

Kacy took these photos so I didn't get a chance to take one of her clitter tattoo, Summer has had a bath and it hasn't come of.  Worth the money

Kira tattoo being done and Summer's just when I had finished doing it. Kacy got a horse one.,

Keep a look out for more adventures from Freddie, there will be a weekly update. 

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  1. I love the fishing photo! Thank you for linking up to #ElfEscapades :)

  2. Love the snowflakes and what a naughty Elf fishing in the tank lol
    Thanks for linking up to #ElfEscapades


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