Thursday, 25 December 2014

Freddie's Last week in the Lawless household for 2014

Freddie has been and given the girls a fair few treats in his last week here, they love having Freddie here and Summer was very upset this morning when she had noticed he had gone.

DAY 17

Freddie needed a lie down after the party the day before, so made a hammock out of Kacy spare scarf, and grabbed a flower from the table, he must of thought he was on a beach.

DAY 18

Freddie decided, he wanted to spend the day with Chewy the hamster. 

DAY 19

Freddie must of been thirsty, sitting in the jar full of straws. 

DAY 20

Freddie went a bit further and decided that he would go on the landing, and sit with the Nativity play and the girls Christmas tree.

DAY 21

As you can see from the letter, the girls had been really well behaved, so Freddie had left them some sweets, love hearts but they had to find them.

DAY 22

This one was great, it took the girls a whole day to figure out, if he was in the fish tank or behind it. it was only when the fish light came on did they find out. 

DAY 23

Freddie has left them some houses to eat, and one to decorate themselves.

We decorated the house with some friends, but didn't get a chance to take any photos.

DAY 24

Freddies last day.

He has left the girls note, explaining it was his last day and he had left them a treat.  Husky soft toys which they absolutely love them.  

It is as close they are ever going to get to a husky. 

The girls have loved having Freddie here.  If you are thinking about getting an Elf I would recommend them, we have had Freddie 3 years now, it has added more magic towards the big day.

The only thing I have asked Freddie for next year he needs to be a bit more organised with what he is doing. 

Elf Escapades

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