Monday, 15 December 2014

Freddie's Second Week

Well in the last 10 days Freddie has been in some funny places and brought a couple of brilliant things for the girls


We had put the tree up on Sunday so Freddie thought it would be a good idea to hang in the tree.


Freddie saw that Kira, had left one of her toys laying around, so thought it would be fun to have a snow fight. 


Freddie thought it would be fun to go climbing on top of the curtain pole, I don't dust the top of the curtain pole so using the snow flakes to cover up the dust. 

DAY 10

Freddie seems to like heights, so decided to go hang with Santa and the candy cane. 

DAY 11

Freddie had got bored of heights, and thought lieing in between the door handles would be good fun.

DAY 12

Freddie, brought the girls some cookies to decorate, Kacy took her's to do with her friend but she forgot to do them. 

DAY 13

Freddie had seen that we hadn't got a fairy door, so fairy's could live in our house, so kindly brought us a fairy door.

DAY 14

Freddie knew the younger two, had stayed at Nanna and Grandad's, so made it extra hard to find him, he was hiding in the twigs next to the TV, it even took me a while to find him.

DAY 15

Freddie knew it was Kacy's birthday party so thought he would hang some where he wouldn't get touched. 

DAY 16

Freddie knew it was kacy's birthday party yesterday so thought he would hang out in the bunting we had put up 

Wonder what the next week will bring keep a look out to see what Freddie gets up to 

Elf Escapades


  1. I love the cookie decorating! What a great idea :)

    1. Its ace isnt it, home and bargins, pound each for 2

  2. Can't cope with these elves! They scare me haha! Great pictures of some good fun though here :)

    1. There is soft ones as well. I kmow a fair few people who dont like them.

  3. He really does like heights doesn't he? #elfescapades


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