Saturday, 6 December 2014

My Favorite Place with a friend

On Tuesday, Me and my friend another mum called T decided to meet up have a natter while walking the dogs, her two dogs are Chihuahua's called Darcy and Tippy.

The dogs are not bothered by each other at all, Spirit does her thing when going for a walk and Darcy and Tippy do there thing.

Last time we went for a walk T picked the place, so this time I picked, she had never walked round the woods in Callands before and didn't know her way round, so perfect opportunity to show her how beautiful it was.

with all the chatting going on and walking I forgot to take pictures in the first part of the woods so all these photos are taken in the second smaller part of the woods and on the way to the car.

From left to right, Spirit, Darcy and Tippy

Tippy didn't like the walk much and got frightened, she T ended up carrying her the rest of the way in her coat, which I thought was a brilliant idea, Tippy loved it and that's the main thing a happy dog.

With it being winter most of the leaves are on the floor making the whole woods look so different, but still beautiful 

Can you just about spot the dogs?

Me and T had a great chat while walking, the dogs had a blast, Spirit loves this walk I don't do it to often so she doesn't stop listening to me.

,In the first left hand picture she was not happy with me because I called her back. the second one down on the right Spirit was barking at me, and I caught her pre bark  and the last 3 pictures she ran after a bird didn't catch it and then ran back to me.  I also managed to get a last one of Tippy before heading home.

Keep a look out for our next walk and see where we end up. I hope me and T do this every week if not every other week, its good for us and good for the dogs to socialise.

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  1. Great pictures! It's lovely to see the woods in the autumn xx

    1. isn't it, its got a different beauty then in the summer, hopefully it will snow :)


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