Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Ozeri 4x3 Razor Digital Pedometer Review

I got the opportunity to try out and to review the Ozeri 4x Razor Digital Pedometer, it states it has the new technology Tri-Axis with 3D Bosch Sensor. With the new year fast approaching and me wanting to lose the pounds and inches this was the perfect item for me to try out.

Before I had even got it out the packing, I thought it was very stylish and very small.  We have all had the free pedometers or the cheap ones which don't work.

Opened the pedometer and it came with a free lithium battery which I was very impressed with and a small screw driver, a lanyard and a belt clip

The instructions are easy to follow when you do read them. It has a 30 day Memory, a lock mode so if you are driving or not wanting it to count the steps it will pause for you.  It tracks your steps, distance, current speed, calories and fat burned. It also has a clock and an exercise timer.

You can see the steps that Daddy and Kacy did while walking Spirit before. 
I loved how thin it is, it can fit into a pocket with having room for keys, phone or anything else you want in your pocket while going for a walk. You can buy this pedometer from Amazon

This will be a fabulous gadget for me getting fit in 2015. 

Disclaimer:- I was given this for free, with my own photos and honest opinion 


  1. This looks like a fab gadget to have :D I'm hoping to start getting a little fitter in 2015 so will definitely look into getting one.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. It looks really great but did it acturely record your steps? Most I had had don't record them properly.

    1. yes hun, I had turned off the pedometer and everything, and they were still there when I turned them back on.


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