Saturday, 6 December 2014

School trip

This was the first time, I have ever been able to say yes to help out at a school trip without needing someone to have one of my children, this was a weird feeling in itself.

There is no other pictures of any other children except my own. 

I got the chance to go on a school trip with Kira to Norton Priory, I have never been to Norton Priory and Kacy went when she was in year 2 and dressed up as a Victorian as well.  I was really looking forward to going on the trip and Kira was really excited I was coming. 

We were nearly late for the coach, we were running late that morning as it was, when Summer is in preschool we take Daddy to work before hand.  We need to leave the house by 8am to get to his work for 20 past, to get to the school in time.  We didn't leave the house till quarter past late meaning we were running extremely late, dropped Daddy off at work, got back on the motor way and then a a mile away from our junction to get on to the m62 we went to a stand still.  

As you can guess I was getting stressed at this point, so rang the school to tell them the girls were going school but we were stuck in traffic, and asked when the school trip left. they said 20 past 9 at this point it was just gone 9, they did say I could follow in the car if need be. 

We got to the school in time which we all relieved about. 

Went to Kira's class room and got told the plans, got told what children I would be looking after and then got on our way to Norton Priory.

When we got to Norton Priory we went straight in to this room for a women who was dressed up as a victorian to tell us how the day was going to plan out, she then took us in to the house where a family used to live, I really can't remember the name of the family.  

The staff were so friendly and got in to character's really well.  They all got told to sit down while the Butler went through everything with us and some family history on how the house hold worked. introduced the other staff that were going to be in part of the fun though out the day. 

First thing first was one class was going to play games in the wine cellar and the other class went and helped cook and clean. 

Our class got to play games in the wine cellar, the butler did say he had removed all the wine out the way so the teachers and the parents didn't drink it all, we all laughed. 

The games we played were, musical statues which I was out in the second go, you couldn't giggle, blink, nothing. 

corners, in those corners we had, garden, woods, cottage and stable. 

we had another game where you got handed a card and had to find the matching pair but you had to do the noise of the animal instead of just saying and the first person to the keeper won.  I was a sheep.

Then it was time for us to go and swap, they got taught what the cook had to do, and they all got to smell spices, have a turn and mixing the fruit mix, once they had a go at that they had a go at scrubbing the vegetables and dusting and polishing the candle sticks. 

after they had done all there jobs they could all go and make a Christmas decoration.

While Miss Williams was taking a photo of Kira in front of the fire place for school, I took the opportunity to grab one as well, then another in front of the Christmas tree.

It was then time for a story after they all had a finished their Christmas decorations.  The staff did a fantastic job of making the children believe father Christmas was coming.

It was then time for lunch, as soon as lunch was over it was time for the next activity which was some in the room then out in the museum.  We were first in the room. 

First thing we got to look and play with was a tea set so I sat with a little boy and a little girl while Kira and one of her friends served us. 

Then it was time for dress up, saying Kira was already dressed up I just added a shrug to her like the staff were wearing, then Miss Williams took a picture a group at a time with them all dressed up. I only manged to get one photo of Kira.

Then it was our turn at the clothes washing and what they did in the Victorian times 

Have you seen the soap they had to use??  It didn't smell nice. 

Then it was our turn at Ironing and beating the carpet.

Kira in the shrug, then Kira Ironing.

Really hard to take a picture here, there was a child right behind her. 

Then it was time to swap activities in the main part of the museum which included walking up the spiral stair case which we didn't get time to do, brass rubbings, dressing up and making another Christmas decoration.

It was then time to go home. We all had a fantastic time.  I will bringing the whole family next year. they have different activities going on through out the year so if you near Runcorn it is differently worth a visit.

I have found the picture of Kacy when she went on the same school trip. I saved the outfit for this very reason and I will be doing the same for Summer, so keep a look out for another blog in a few years time but with Summer. 

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