Friday, 12 December 2014

Very Very Wet Walk....

Today was a really weird day, with Nanna Linda being of and taken the girls to school, so I could do a Christmas Fayre, after that was finished I thought I would take the opportunity to walk Spirit.

I decided to walk Spirit in Mary Ann Meadows, it is in a close, I used to walk past this most days when I was in high school or when I was walking to Daddy's house before we moved in together.

Spirit was very excited and was pulling a lot more then usual, with all the different smells and she knew that it was some where new.

One very excited Spirit

We soon realised that it was water logged, and we saw another dog owner who said the same. I was so hoping this was the only massive puddle going.  How wrong was I

I let Spirit of anyway so she could have a run, I decided to see how it went. 

I then spotted a Heron standing in the middle of the field, but at the same time so did Spirit, so I could only take a photo, of it flying of as Spirit ran towards it.   I did look at the end of the walk, to see if it was back, with no luck.

I then decided to put Spirit back on the lead and go for a road walk instead. 

Spot the Elkie

It did take a couple of times to call her back, before she came to me.  She knew I had cheese it is a winner to get her back.   If you look at Spirits paws you can see they are sunk into the ground.

Wanting to go and play

I decided to walk part of the way, that I used to walk to school.  We walked around into the first close to go through the cut through.

We then walked up to where I would of crossed over, which is about 5 minutes walk from the cut through, but decided we had come far enough.

As I was taking this photo, there was a women walking up, she must of thought I was crazy taking a picture of the road.

My friend might remember this.  When I was a teenager me and my friend were riding our bikes, we had just crossed this road, and she was saying something to me, so I had turned around to face her and as I turned back around I hit a lamp post.  It hurt a lot and then had to ride home with a very sore head.  You can stop laughing now.

Going back to mine and Spirits walk, I turned around from here and started going back to the car.  Spirit was loving the new place, to walk and all the different smells and sounds. 

She had found something interesting on the road to sniff. 

As we were getting to the cut through, I noticed our shadows, I just had to take a picture.

We got back to the car, went home and Spirit had a dreaded bath, which she hates with a passion.  I know myself why I send her to the groomers.

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  1. Aww, it sounds like a fun walk even though it was very wet! Lol

    Louise x

    1. It was, love going for our little adventures x

  2. Oh such a cute post and spirit looks drenched but atleast you both got to have some good old fashion outdoor time

    Laura x

  3. This looks like a great walk, if a little muddy! I bet the kids would love to put their wellies on and stomp through the mud with Spirit. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


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