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#12daysofparenting Christmas crafts

Hi and thank you for popping over from Spice Life Laugh to see what Crafts  we have been up to on the firth day of #12daysofparenting there is lots of prizes to be won and you can find all the details over at #12daysofparenting all entries can be completed by the rafflecopter at the bottom of the page.  Today we are being sponsored by the lovely Sand Art Pictures

Me and Daddy are not crafty people in the slightest so we usually go places where they have the ideas already for us and the mess to, I'm not the tidiest of people but I can't cope with the mess of doing crafty things but we do try for the girls. 

With Kacy knowing the truth, I am trying to keep the magic alive so when I said yes to doing a some posts for the #12daysofparenting I thought it would give me chance to get my thinking cap on and do different things this year with Freddie our Elf and hopefully keep the magic alive. 

The first crafty thing that Freddie and his new recruits Bob, Bud and Ben brought  was the ingredients and what to do for salt dough.  As a family we have never done this before usually we go to a shop we pick out what we want to paint as well as the girls and paint but we gave it ago, these still aren't finished with the busy social life of a 10 year old it was hard enough to try and fit this in to her scheduled to do, we are hoping to have these painted this weekend. 

Elf's ready for Salt dough making
Elves having everything ready for us

Salt dough in the making
Some of our pictures from us making the Salt Dough

The second crafty thing the Elves brought us was some snowman, they had decorated one each to show the girls what to do and then they could either copy or design there own. (meaning me and Daddy sat there colouring in 4 snowman the night before) 

colouring in snowman
Colouring in Snowman

Are you crafty? if so what have you done over the festive period, I would love some inspiration to carry trying to do crafty things with the girls over the year. 

Why not pop over to Glossy Tots to see what they have been up to. 

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

#12daysofparenting Our Christmas Traditions

Hello and thanks for coming over from The weaving Idea  to see what Christmas traditions we have on the forth day of #12daysofparenting there is lots of prizes to be won and you can find all the details over at #12daysofparenting all entries can be completed by the rafflecopter at the bottom of the page. Today we are being sponsored by the lovely Bambi and me who have lovely sleeping bags 0-6 and 0-18 months to give away.

Christmas Traditions have slightly changed over the years with the girls getting older but there is one we have always done since Daddy and I have been together and that is a Christmas decoration with the year on it, but for what ever reason we are missing one from 2007, which we are both gutted about. Our Christmas this year, is one we have made which you can read about tomorrow.

The rest of our Christmas Traditions is Elf on the Shelf which if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would of seen the antics they have been up to over the last 16 days with a couple of times me and Daddy forgetting and jumping out of bed to move them, not what I had planned ops.

This is Freddie we have had him since 2010. The girls, particularly Kira, love him and can't wait to see what he gets up to the next day. This year we have got three new recruits to help Freddie out, Bob, Bud and Ben.

Freddie the Elf

The last two years, we have had a North Pole Breakfast which the girls have loved. This is where they get to eat cakes and sweets for breakfast, which if you can't do that at Christmas when can you?!

We also have a Christmas Eve bags, which I can't remember when we started that, but the girls have always had new PJ's or bedding. Now it is in a bag so every year its slightly different but the Pj's are always in the bags, you can't go wrong with pj's.

Kacy's Christmas stash

Kira's Christmas Eve Stash

Summer's Christmas Eve Stash
Our final Christmas tradition, which again I can't remember when we started but we only ever get them on Christmas morning and usually all gone by 28th maybe the 27th depending on how full they make their bowls and that is a cereal called Lucky Charms!

Lucky Charms

What are your Christmas Traditions?

Please head over to Spice Life Laugh and see what her and her family Christmas traditions are

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Norman The Slug Who Saved Christmas

I haven't been around much lately on the blog side with losing my mojo for writing, I am getting it back with the first of many Christmas blogs and the first one is a book review on a little Slug who saves Christmas, this book is perfect if your looking for a new book to read over the Christmas period or that little something extra to give to your child. 

The girls and I love Christmas, I try and keep the magic going until the last minute. So when we got offered the chance to do a book review on a new book by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, I said yes. I knew Summer would love it, we have a two of their books already which we read regularly. We have Keith the car with the magic hat and Norman the slug with the silly shell. 

Summer and a book
This was the 6th picture I took of her 
Summer was so excited to read the book, that she couldn't wait for me to read it to her that she read it in her own way to her teddies.

Norman the Slug who saved Christmas, is all about when Norman is getting ready to go to bed and a sack of presents lands right by Norman's stocking, he is overcome with excitement.  He really must of been a very good slug this year.  But after a frenzy of unwrapping he spots a label - and realises that none of the presents were meant for him, but had in fact fallen off Father Christmas's sleigh.  Norman knows he has to get the presents to the family they're mean't for - but how can he manage it in time? Can one little slug save Christmas? 

If you are looking for a new Christmas book this year I would definitely recommend getting this story children and adults will love it, its got bold and festive theme artwork throughout the story.

Norman the slug who saved Christmas is from 3+ Summer who is 4 absolutely loves this book it's short enough to read before bed but also to give you the festive feeling. 

You can buy this book from Amazon RRP £3.49 

**I was given this book to review for my own photos and thoughts** 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Aliens Love Dinopants

Summer loves her books and receiving a new one is the highlight of her day, so when we got the opportunity to read Aliens Love Dinopants it was a definite yes, she couldn't wait to read it and carried it around with her for days after. 

Summer holding her new book
Summer really excited to have her new book read to her. 
It is about some little Aliens that love underpants, but they find themselves crashing into the jungle and stumble across some underpants. They are so excited and noticed they were all different sizes, some of them the biggest they have seen, they soon discover they are not alone in the jungle there were some dinosaurs and they love underpants too, they argued about whose underpants they were.  They soon realised they could share the underpants and became good friends. 

Summer reading Aliens love Dinopants
Summer loving the story 
Its such a lovely and exciting book to read, it all rhymes which makes it so fun to read to your little one. It is bright, colorful and the pictures pop out of the page. The book flips from portrait to landscape so you never know which way you could be reading keeping it extra interesting to the little ones 

Aliens love Dinopants
The  Landscape pictures 
This was such a big hit with Summer she even took it to school and all her friends and teachers loved it. 

Summer with Aliens love dinopants
Summer reading her book the next day 

Do you have big fan of dinosaurs in your house or even big fans of reading? I would highly recommend this book you can buy it here  or for more information or to download some games and more visit Aliens Love Underpants website

**We got given this for my own photos and review**

Monday, 12 October 2015

Tips for buying a puppy/dog and ticket giveaway

My Mum and Dad brought me on a whim from a store in Manchester and it's only afterwards they have found out more about the store and learnt more about me as I have got older. I am one very lucky dog that my Mum and Dad have worked hard to train me and have done lots of research on my breed, but some people buy puppies on a whim get them home and realise they don't want the puppy so they give them away. Are you thinking of buying a dog/puppy?

Top tips for buying a puppy:-

- Always go to a reliable and reputable breeder, such as a Kennel Club Assured Breeder, who are committed to carrying out the relevant health tests for the breed

- Always see the puppy with its mother and in its breeding environment, make sure you ask to look at the kennelling conditions and if you suspect the conditions are not right, then do not buy the puppy.

- Do your research -Understanding the breed you are buying is essential. There are 215 different breeds recognised by the Kennel Club in the UK. If you match these characteristics with your personality and lifestyle, it is more likely that you will have a happy and fulfilling relationship with your dog. Make sure to do your research before making a lifelong commitment. 

 What makes you smile

Eukanuba Discover Dogs hosts event to tackle the problem of buying pups on a whim 

DOG lovers gathered at the Kennel Club for a speed-dating pop-up to find their perfect puppy match, after research showed too many people are buying dogs on a whim or because of the way they look.
Given a three-minute window with each pup and their breeder, the event provided the perfect showcase of the variety of pedigree dog breeds available and highlighted the importance of finding the suitable canine companion. 

Kennel Club fans wined and dined with ten of Britain’s favourite breeds including Cocker Spaniel puppies, Great Danes, and the loveable Golden Retriever.
Unfortunately too many people buy a dog on a whim, as shocking Kennel Club research reveals more than one in 10 get a dog as a spur of the moment decision, with one percent buying a puppy because it’s fashionable.Sadly when choosing a breed, nearly a quarter of pet owners based their decision on how the dog looked, and some even admitted they chose their pup based on their favourite celebrity’s dog. 

Discover Dogs hosted a puppy speed dating pop up in London, to give people to find their perfect pooch. 
With three minutes-a-puppy, the dating allowed the opportunity to meet some of Britain’s most popular and Britain’s most vulnerable breeds, learning first-hand from breeders the pros and cons of taking on a dog.
Caroline Kisko, from the Kennel Club, said: “It is so important we educate people about the importance of choosing the right breed of dog, and ensure people are getting dogs for the right reasons.“A good breeder will help you understand the breed and assess your suitability as a potential owner before selling their pups. “The Kennel Club always recommends going to a Kennel Club Assured Breeder who have to follow strict scheme rules that protect their pup’s health and welfare.

“It is essential when taking on a puppy, you learn the likely characteristics of your chosen breed. With pedigree dogs you can predict how big your dog will grow, its exercise and grooming needs, as well as important tests your breeder should have carried out for its health.”

In the UK the most popular dog in the Labrador Retriever with the most vulnerable breeds being native ones, such as Manchester Terriers and Smooth Collies.
Speaking after the exclusive preview yesterday, Caroline added: “Today we were able to give a taster of different breeds, show the puppy and what it would look like as it gets older, in our speed dating challenge. If people wish to learn more about dogs they should come along to the Discover Dogs show.”

The preview, which took place at the Kennel Club in Green Park, London, was a taster for this year’s family event Eukanuba Discover Dogs, on October 17th and 18th at ExCel Exhibition Centre.Last year over 34,000 dog lovers attended Discovered Dogs with more than 90 per cent of visitors ranking it the go-to event of the year. To discover which dogs make you smile please try the link below and discover the right breed for you and visit for more information about buying a dog and the event.

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The Fairytale Hairdresser and The Sugar Plum Fairy

With Summer loving having books read to her as well as trying to read them herself now, she is always asking for new books, when the opportunity came up that we could review the new book by Abbie Longstaff, called The Fairytale Hairdresser and the sugar plum fairy. Summer couldn't wait to find out what Kittie Lacey the best hairdresser in town had been up too.  

The Fairytale Hairdresser is one of her favorite books since we reviewed her last book The Fairytale Hairdresser and The little mermaid which you can read here

Summer got ready for bed really quickly when she realised what bed time story she was getting, we got settled on her bed and she held the book up for a picture to be taken. 

Summer proudly showing off her new book

This beautifully illustrated book is a modern twist on the Nutcracker story.  The prince of the land of sweets has gone missing! Could the wicked Mouse King and Queen be to blame?  Join the Fairytale Hairdresser and her princess friends in a tale of enchanted toys, delicious dancing delights and fabulous Fairytale Fashion
Beautifully illustrated
The story has got a Christmas theme to it, with it being about the nutcracker, but not to the point where you wouldn't want to read this all year round.  Summer was enchanted with the story and wanted to know what would happen to Kittie Lacey and the Sugar Plum fairy.

Kittie Lacey came to the rescue and saved the Nutcracker from the evil King and Queen mouse and even found the perfect outfit for the Sugar plum Fairy, I asked Summer which was her favorite outfit.

Summer picking her favorite outfit out for the Sugar plum Fairy 
Summer has already picked out the next one or two Kittie Lacey books she would like.

You can buy this book from Amazon RRP £6.99

*We got given this book for my own review and photos*

Family Fever

Friday, 9 October 2015

Mister Cleghorn's Seal review

I am always up for the girls to read new and different books to the usual ones they would pick for themselves, so when we got the opportunity to read the new book from Judith Kerr I said Yes. The intention was for Kacy to read it but it wasn't quick enough or challenging enough for her because its target audience  for 7+ so decided to let Kira to read it which she was excited about.

Mister Cleghorns seal
Mister Cleghorn's Seal 
Mister Cleghorn's Seal was inviting with beautifully drawn black and white illustrations on each page which captured Kira imagination and wanted her to carry on reading.

one of the beautiful illustrations
What do you do if you find an abandoned seal pup on a rock in the middle of the sea? well, take it home with you to your flat, of course.

At least that's what Mr Albert Cleghorn thought, though perhaps he hadn't considered all the complications...

This is the story of what then happened to Mr Cleghorn and Charlie the seal in their determination to find a home for Charlie and, incidentally, happiness for them both.

Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, Mr Cleghorn's Seal is ac lassic in the making from the inimitable Judith Kerr.

Kira Reading Mister Cleghorn's Seal

Kira reading a tricky word with help from Nanna
Kira is loving this book, she is captured with the story of Charlie the seal and Mr Cleghorn and is eager to find out what happens, she has found it sad in places and funny, one funny part she told me about was when Mr Cleghorn took the babies bottle out of the babies mouth to give it to Charlie.

This is a wonderful book for any child who loves animals and an eager reader for a new challenge.  You can buy this book from Amazon RRP £9.09

*we were given this book for my own review and photos*

A small update on Summer

Summer has been at school for just over a month now, and the difference Daddy and I have seen in her is amazing. So I thought I would give you a small update on her.

During the Summer holidays, Summer started her speech therapy and at each visit it took us a good 10-15 minutes to get Summer to talk to the speech therapist, as she was having none of it, but we could see the improvement each week that she went, and doing the games at home helped her as well. I was worried when she first started school that she wasn't going to talk to the teachers, like Summer did with those at preschool for months or anyone else for that matter. The totally opposite has happened, she has come out of her shell so much, even her teachers already noticed the difference from when they met her at preschool.

The first day she came home she told me her teacher's name, which I was so shocked at. Her confidence has grown massively just in the short few weeks that she has been at school, she is trying extremely hard with her phonics, writing and reading. Even though she doesn't like the books much but with a little chat with her teacher, we are on some different books were we have to talk about it instead of making noises to certain pictures, she is also getting to know her school friends and making new friends.

Summer writing
Summer writing her name 

When Summer started school, she didn't want school dinners or hot dinners like she says, she wanted a packed lunch. Well last week Kacy was talking about school dinners and wanted to have them due to it being a themed lunch, and all of a sudden Summer wanted school dinners and has had it every day since.

Yesterday was a massive day for Summer, when she came out of school the teacher came out and told me that Summer had got star of the day, which I am so proud of her for. She got star of the day because she worked really hard with guided reading, tried really hard with her phonics and even answered questions in groups, every time the teacher looked at Summer, she was sat on the floor she was sitting beautifully.

I am so proud of the way Summer has settled in.


Friday, 25 September 2015


As everyone knows from watching the news, reading the paper or even from posts on twitter or facebook. The challenges that farmers have had recently and are still going through now, due to the low price paid for milk price and them not making enough income to be able to keep their farms. 

You see, it isn't just about the milk on your cereal or the butter on your toast, it's the familiar sight of cow-spotted fields, a music festival held on a farm, a spot of countryside camping or even a country stroll. All of these things are made possible by Britain's dairy farmers because they're working in ways that help preserve the environment 

Our dairy farmers trim the hedgerows you may stroll past, they plant trees, wooded areas and establish ponds so local wildlife can flourish and live together, and we can continue to enjoy the countryside.

They're always looking for ways to cut their greenhouse gas emissions too. In fact today, greenhouse gas emissions from UK dairy farms count for just 2% of the UK's total emissions – versus 25% from UK transport.

You see, farmers aren't just food producers – they're custodians of the countryside. They're working in harmony with the environment to keep Britain beautiful and farming forever.

All you need to do to help them achieve their vision to protect our beautiful countryside and keep dairy farming, is by taking the #DairyPromise here and to look out for the quality logo, such as the Red Tractor, on all your dairy products for a sign of food you can trust. 

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Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Twits Review and #RoaldDahlDay

We got the opportunity to get involved in the Roald Dahl Day, which is on Sunday 13th September. We did this by accepting the Roald Dahl Day Crafty Twits challenge, Kacy has read this book but Kira or Summer haven't, so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to get them loving Roald Dahl books too!

You too can get involved in #Roalddahlday by creating the most imaginable beard you can think of you can read re-visit the Dirty Beards chapter for ideas and share it on Sunday @Roald_Dahl and use the hashtag #RoaldDahlDay

There is also an App you can get called  Twit or Miss, Kacy and I had great fun with the app, I would highly recommend it. I won with the highest score between us.

highest and lowest score
Left is my score Kacy is the right score. 

As you all know if you are a reader of my blog, Kacy loves reading and loves writing book reviews so I asked Kacy to write the book review:-

The Twits is a really funny book and is one of those books you can never get tired of. Mr Twit is a very smelly, very old man with bits of food, like cornflakes, sardine and stilton cheese in his revolting beard. Mrs Twit is probably the ugliest  women ever! She is a horrible old hag with a glass eye.

These two twits are forever playing hilarious tricks on each other. Frogs in beds and glass eyes in beer mugs, everything and anything can happen. They are awfully mean to Muggle-Wump and his family who are caged up in the garden. These adorable monkeys are very kind creatures who try to warn all the birds who speak another language, about The Twits plans for bird pie night.

Monkeys and birds won't stand for this plotting Muggle-Wump finally thinks of revenge after being stood on his head for years. You can't stop laughing when this event occurs. The Twits is recommended for ages 7+.

They have brought out two new books for the celebrations, the scatch 'n' sniff book with stickers that smell, I scratched one half an hour ago and can still smell it now! the other Twits book is the hairy Beards which is a hard back book with a Mr Twit on the cover with a hairy beard.

the twits book hairy beards
The Twits, hairy beards book 

The Twits, Scratch and Sniff book
We did do the creative imaginable beards with some knitted squares I did ages ago, with the scratch and sniff stickers.

Kacy and her beard
Kacy with her disgusting beard 

Kiras beard
Kira with her disgusting beard 

Are you going to be joining in tomorrow?

*we got given the twits books for our own photos and opinions* 

Summer starting school

Summer started at school on Thursday 3rd September. The girls school do it slightly different to other schools. So no going in for 2 hours for 1 week and then staying 3 hours and having lunch the second week, they go in on the day they say and start full days from then, the way they did the intake was when they went in for their tester day the less confident, shy, needing extra help started the thursday and the other children started the Friday.

With Summer only turning 4 on the 20th August, Summer is one of the youngest in her class. I was worried like any other parent with their child starting school, but more than normal especially considering Summer's limited speech.  Summer was very eager to start school especially with having a pack lunch like her sisters.

my girls
All the girls ready for the new term back

Summer ready for her first day in reception

Summer has been in school for over a week now and she is loving it, she is coming home saying new words, wanting to go back the next day, yogurt on her cardigan with yogurt explosions and missing her mouth, with pictures she has made for everyone over the week. She has got home work this week, to practice writing her name before starting school. She was never interested in writing her name every time we tried, she also has phonics work, which she isn't impressed with because its not a story she has to make noises and tell me what is happening in each picture, she will get used to it.

Summer writing her name on her own on the second day. 
I am so proud of Summer going into school and settling in really well, going straight in and knowing what she needs to do and where. Kacy has gone in to year 5 and Kira year 3 and they have settled in extremely well I am so proud of all three of my girls.


Monday, 7 September 2015

Danger is still Everywhere book review

When Mummy showed me the new book, I wasn't to sure about it. Having never heard of  Doctor Noel Zone. Although, it was hilarious, it only took me about 2 hours to read. I didn't put it down till I had finished.

Danger is Everywhere
Danger is Everywhere 

Doctor Noel Zone had some funny words like thwoaksplat. There is even a page nine scorpion, so he hid page nine further in the book. Apparently a stone is the best pet and there is a whole page dedicated to why a stone is the best pet. Doctor Noel Zone also has a bath as a bed, complete with reasons for that. His sister, who is the complete opposite of him, has left him with a dog called Napkin, which is why he writes this book in the wardrobe.

In this book you start of as POD (pupil of dangerology) and end as a FOD ( full on dangerologist). You must check it is not a pop-up book. Noel is the highest FOD in all of dangerology. When his nieces come round and watch a television program starring Max the Wurst. Who is the host of a pet show, Doctor Zone goes out to train his stone. Coming home with his nieces and an act with Napkin and Doctor Noel Zone's pet stone. Only for it to fail but they find out Max the Wurst is a fake.

It is one of my favourite books now, so get your level 2 FOD's certificate at the end of this book now!

You can buy this book from Amazon RRP £3.85 I will be looking for more books from this author.

**we were given this book for our own honest view and photos** 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The School For Good and Evil review by Kacy aged 9

The School for Good and Evil is part of a trilogy by Soman  Chainani. It is the first book in the series, the second book is called The School for Good and Evil: A World Without Princes and the third one is called The School for Good and Evil: The Last Ever After.

Kacy with all three books
Me with all three books 

In the first book Agatha and Sophie first meet as Sophie's good deed. Then the day came. Every four years two children are taken from Gavaldon, to transform into fairy tale characters. The kidnapper has been named the School Master. The two girls end up with a happily ever after in the end. Although, nothing lasts forever.

In the second book Evelyn Sader has taken over (Professor Sader's sister) The School for Good and Evil has a new name. The School for Good and Evil is now The School for Girls and Boys. A magic spell breaks up a prince and a princess. Trouble is in the air when Sophie or Agatha make a wish that reopens the gates. It all ends with a proposal and a Queen, for which side?

The third book was my favourite but when it arrived I had to read the second one first because it doesn't make sense otherwise. The Last Ever After the School Masters back with a thousand more people. Tedros has his Mother, The Lady of the Lake and a mystical wizard on his side. All from his father's (King Arthur's) story. The school is The School for Old and New now. The Final ending- who will win? Will Good or Evil? Can they both?

This is on sale now, you can buy this book from Amazon RRP £5.00       

**we got given this book for my own honest review and photos**

Friday, 28 August 2015

Summer's 4th Birthday and Martin Mere

Summer's 4th Birthday was on the 20th August, the time has flown so quickly, I still remember when she was born and her being my cuddly little baby girl, she still is up to a certain point.

Summer with her present
The Birthday Girl, very please with her present. 

Daddy and I had been wracking our brains on what to do on the day, the weather had been changing from rain to nice, but as we got closer it was dry so we decided to go to Martin Mere because Summer loves Ducks! We asked Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kris if they would like to join us, we arranged a time and we decided to meet their rather than going in convoy.

Martin Mere Wetland centre
Whist waiting for Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kris
Once everyone had arrived, we went inside and Nanna and I paid whilst they all went and looked out the window. While Nanna was get 5 bags of bird seeds me and Auntie Kris took the opportunity to  try and get a nice picture of the girls

The girls and Grandad photo bombing
Grandad photo bombed it. 
We got lunch first to save turning back on ourselves, but they were that slow, that the girls, Grandad and Auntie Kris had finished their lunch before ours turned up, so they all went for a walk leaving us to eat our lunch in peace and to carry everything as well!

When we caught up with them Grandad and Kacy, Kacy was sat on a bench and Grandad had hold of Kacy's shoe, while on the stepping stones she managed to dunk her feet into the water meaning that Kacy got a very wet foot. 

Girls on stepping stones
Kacy got her wet shoes back on and carried on 
Summer was quite happy to stay at this bit all day, feeding the few ducks that we found, but we soon convinced her to carry on. So with our bucket full of bird seed, we went on to find some more Ducks.

Ducks, girls feeding the ducks and wellies
I thought what they did with the Wellies was fantastic, I did ask Daddy if we could do that he said no 
We soon found where there were many different types of ducks, they got so close and they even feed out of mine and Auntie Kris hands; there was also an area for Den building, which Kira and Grandad absolutely loved, Grandad more than Kira. There was even a small wooden park with stepping stones, walking along string.

Den Building, feeding ducks and playing
The Den, Ducks and stepping stones. 

We could see people getting in and out of canoes, which I thought was brilliant. Nanna went to find out how much it would cost to have a go, the boat Safari was £6 a person which we thought was expensive, but the little cannons boats were £6 for an hour and we could have 2 adults and 2 children in one, Daddy and I decided to have Kira and Summer in our boat and Auntie Kris, Grandad and Kacy in another. 

We got ready and we were briefed where we could go and what to do if we tipped out of the boat. Daddy, Kira, Summer and I got in first, we bumped into a fair few of the bank sides, saying I didn't know what I was doing. Auntie Kris decided to take her phone with her so she could take photos, I didn't, I was worried that I would drop mine. 

Boat selfie and picture of the girls
The girls all ready.  Auntie kris doing a boat selfie. 

We went off on our own, it was too difficult to stay together, we didn't need to see them we could hear them. We saw one family having a picnic on the boat, really wished I had taken my phone to take photos it was beautiful around the lake so peaceful, we saw a duck asleep on the bank and a fair few in the water they came up to the boat expecting to be fed. Each time we saw the ducks,  the girls said hello and bye to the ducks. We saw Grandad, Kacy and Auntie Kris a couple of times as soon as we saw them we managed to lose each other again.  We finally caught up with them again they were waiting for us, Auntie Kris wanted to take a boat soon started to rain so it was time to head back, Grandad wanted to make it into a race, Grandad decided to turn their boat around while we went the way we were facing, we won, so drinks were on Grandad!  We thought we had been out for a good 45 minutes to an hour got back and we had only been out for 25 minutes.  The girls loved it so will be definitely doing something like this again. 

Boat selfie
You can just about see Summer over Daddy's right shoulder. 

We got of the cannons gave back out life jackets, got some drinks and headed of to find some more things to see.  Summer was getting tired by this point, and wanting cuddles. Grandad took the opportunity to have cuddles, which he doesn't often get from Summer. Whilst Auntie Kris took the opportunity to get a family photo 

Family photo
Summer or Kira not cooropting 
Summer soon got her second wind, when some Ducks came up wanting food, but they weren't as hungry as the girls thought and were wasting the duck food so they spent 5 minutes trying to pick as much of it as possible.

Girls picking up bird seeds
Pick bird seed up. 

Grandad soon started to act like a kid, as well and was keeping the girls entertained by playing hide and seek and all sorts of silly games, which at one point we walked around in a circle to try and catch Grandad and Kira out.

We soon found the maze which was fantastic, so much to see and do, like a massive nest with beautiful wooden carved eggs in them, ponds, beavers, beautiful wooden carved chairs, all sorts. 

Girls playing, family photos, maze
My favourite photos 
When we finally came out of the maze the girls and Auntie Kris had enough so we started to find our way back, but found a beautiful building made out of wood, which inside you could bird watch which the girls loved, the view was beautiful you could spend hours just sat watching the birds take off and land. 

Bird watching
Grandad came prepared with binoculars for the girls. 

As we walking out Auntie Kris wanted another family photo, while Daddy and Grandad decided to act like big kids. 

Family photo
I had no idea Daddy was doing that until after Kris took the photo. 

On the way back to the car, we found a fair few more of the bird watching things and the girls went in to them to see what they could see but spent seconds in each one, we soon found our way back and got to the park, it was time for ice cream and let the girls play on the park for 20 minutes or so before heading home.

When we got home I persuaded Summer to change her outfit to her new dress, she was then allowed to open her presents from Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kris. Once that was done she got to see her birthday cake, you can tell from her face she loved it. 

The birthday girl with her birthday cake
The Birthday Girl. 

We had a fantastic day out and Summer had a fantastic birthday, have you done anything wonderful this Summer?

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Diary of the Wimpy Kid Old School By Kacy Aged 9

I love reading the diary of the wimpy kid. I have all the book so far, I can't wait for the new one to  comes out on the  3rd November 2015.

I think it's all fantastic and I love the characters. Greg is very good at coming up with ideas but is terrible at carrying them out they nearly always go wrong. I also like Rowley, he's really funny. He's also the one who usually get punished/hurt the most, Greg's parents don't normally find out.

When I got the chance to read an extract of the new Diary Of a Wimpy Kid Old School book I was really excited!

They were making lemonade, however the child across the street had a lot more customers. Especially since he had put up a sign saying " Help me buy medicine for my sick kitty".

The lemonade was really fun and easy to make. All we needed was 4-6 lemons, sugar, hot water and adult supervision- with having to use a sharp knife and boiling water.

Pouring the sugar into a jug

Cutting a Lemon after Mummy showed me how to use a knife. 

I wasn't strong enough to squeeze the juice out the lemon
 so Mummy had to do that 

Being careful stirring the sugar in the boiling hot water

Pouring the Lemon juice in to the sugar water

Our Lemonade ready for the fridge
I can't wait for the new book to come out, you can preorder your copy here RRP £6.49 which I am doing when my Mummy allows me to.

*we got given a 12 page extract for our own honest photos and opinions*