Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Birthday and Delamere Forest

On Tuesday it was my Birthday, Daddy dropped the girls of at school while I got ready.  When he got back we went out for breakfast at my favorite place Frankie and Bennys, we both had the pancakes with bacon.

We finished our breakfast and headed home to grab Spirit, change our shoes and made sure we had warm clothes on.  I originally wanted to go to Formby beach or Crosby beach but the weather being so cold and it being an hour away we decided against it especially with the school run being at 3 o clock.

We got to Delemere it was extremely cold but was lovely just to be outside in the fresh air.

We started walking but soon had to go to one side due to some horses, Spirit has only seen horses in the car and barked and got really excited, she was good she didn't bark once she just howled. While making sure the horses had plenty of time to get further on I just had to take a selfie

I then asked Daddy to take one of Spirit, this was the best one out of 4/5 

We let Spirit of the lead so she could go and have a run and explore.  It was such a nice day, it was so fresh and crisp and very slippy in places where the ice was down, I am so glad I didn't fall over, there was times I nearly I did, we saw Spirit slip a couple of times, even Daddy slipped on the ice. 

Some of the views of the day.

We did see a massive spiders web I tried to take a photo of it, but it wouldn't come out it was stunning though.

The horses we saw at the beginning of the walk we managed to bump into them three times, the last time Spirit saw them before we did and she was fantastic with them, she didn't bark or anything just went up to them and walked of, was more bothered by the other dog that was with them. 

The horses going past, The gruffalo and Daddy

Saying we were at Delemere forest and we managed to find the Gruffalo without trying I just had to take a picture of him, love that book.

Of course I had to get one of Spirit with the Gruffalo, Excuse the shadow the sun was directly behind me. 

The last time we managed to catch the horses up I took some pictures of Spirit of the lead trying to waste time so Spirit wouldn't catch up with the horses or the dog.

We started heading back towards the car and the cafe to get a drink.  We sat outside while having our drink and this Robin was jumping around the tables behind Daddy. 

It was such a lovely walk, loved every minute of it.  We could of walked further around the Mere but we didn't think we would have time, we have decided we will go again and explore further. 

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  1. What a lovely day! I love Delamere forest, it's so pretty and such a lovely place to walk around :) Happy birthday x

  2. Delamere forest looks lovely and the perfect place to enjoy some fresh air and walk off that delicious sounding breakfast. Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing the day on Country Kids.

  3. You had fantastic birthday weather and Delamere Forest is such a great place to walk - with or without a dog! Love your photos, I think they're some of your best yet! xx


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