Sunday, 25 January 2015

Saturday Afternoon Walk

After a rubbish Friday evening, Daddy decided that we should go and do something Saturday afternoon.

Kira came up with the idea of going for a walk, she wanted to take Spirit for a walk, that doesn't happen very often so me and Daddy took the opportunity, I did suggest taking Kira's bike but she didn't like that idea, Kacy's bike has no breaks.   So we decided to go for a walk in Sankey Valley park.

It was only a short walk but it did as all good after the events on Friday evening.

Just after we crossed the road near our house they were all walking in a line holding hands, I love this picture. 4 peas in a pod.

While walking on the main road and over the bridge Kacy was asking Daddy all sorts of questions regarding, the moon the atmosphere, they were the two things I heard about.

On the way to the green bridge Kira and Summer were being so sweet holding hands. with it being after 1pm the Sun was very low so the pictures are not that brilliant.

We were about to cross a main road and Kira found a stump, she wanted to stand on it, so of course the other two did as well. 

We got into Sankey Valley and Kacy spotted this square brick thing, Daddy said it was something to do with for the horses when the had the horses pulled the narrow boats down the canal which is mostly filled in now with wild flowers.  Kacy and Kira sat on it, got Summer to sit on it but she was hoping Daddy would sit with her, but he didn't want his photo taken.

We carried on walking, I went to give Spirit a treat and Summer wanted to do it, so then while we were walking all the girls took it in turn to give Spirits treats when I said they could, if it was up to Summer she would of stood there and given all the treats to Spirit in one go. 

Kira and Summer chased after Spirit when she ran around and shouting her, Spirit went to them near the end and managed to get a good picture of them together. 

We put Spirit back on her lead with a pond coming up and people fishing, we headed home along the main road.  Summer helped by holding Spirits lead with help from me. 

We got home and Kira went straight round to next door to play with there little girl, Summer was happy to play with the play doh with Daddy, Me and Kacy took the opportunity to go and watch a film in her room, I caved and let her watch twilight breaking dawn part 1, we watched part 2 today. 

It was a lovely chilled afternoon, What the weekends are all about.
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