Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bakerdays Mother's Day Cake Review

I got the opportunity to review a Bakerdays cake.  They let me pick a design from their selection of mother day cakes they are doing, I was spoilt  for choice, they had loads to chose from.  I picked the design I would like.

It arrived within a few days it came through the post, fitted right through the letter box. It was packaged really well, even had a nice little card with some sweets with the cake in a nice tin with protection around the cake with instructions on how to get it out the box.

Got it out the tin to have a proper look at the design I picked, The picture on the cake was fantastic.

I had to taste it. The one I got was a letter box cake so 3/4 portions, I cut it up a bit smaller so it would go further.  They do different size to fit your needs, also do different fillings.

All cut up ready to try.
It cuts really easily, and comes of the board well, so no wastage. Really moist even after a day or two.

You can buy a letterbox cake for £14.99, its 5 inches and does 3-4 portions which is the one I got, there is 4 other options to choose from along, with which fillings, or with a helium balloon.

You can order a mothers day cake from bakerdays from

They don't just do mother days cake, they do a different ranges of cakes, going from birthday cakes, christening cakes, sorry cakes, even cup cakes and corporation cakes.

Would I buy one? Yes I would, if it be for a family member, friend or even if my husband brought one for me, I love the how they are so unique and different to what you can buy in the shop but not to big.

  • ***disclaimer, I was given this product for free, to give my own views and opinions on it ***

Friday, 20 February 2015

Our Day out...

On Tuesday we were invited to a PR Event in Liverpool for a tea party with The Tiger who came to Tea.  

We decided to make it a day out and have an adventure while we were in Liverpool.  Me and Mummy M Memories had sorted out getting the train together, she got on the train before me in Manchester so let me know what part of the train she was in.

Me and the girls arrived just slightly maybe a bit to early at the train station, we picked the tickets up and headed to the platform and went into the glass room while we waited to keep warm.

The first picture on the left, I had mentioned having their photos taken and this was their response. 
We got on the train and found Mummy M Memories and her 2 girls J and S, all the girls were made up to see each other.  J asked if they could play eye spire which my older 2 jumped at the chance, some of Kacy's were to hard for the Kira and J, it took me and Mummy M a few moments to realise what she was doing.

When we had got into Liverpool station, Mummy M suggested that we should find the theatre first before we went to explore.  We found the theatre and then went exploring we had about 20-30 minutes before we had to be there.

The first thing we found what we thought was a small museum type thing, Kacy saw a antique book store, her face lite up so she ran in their, we waited outside for her.

We decided that it wasn't really suitable for the girls so we carried on walking round but not to far from the theatre. J could hear music and wanted to know where it was coming from so we followed the sound of it, it was a busker, the girls wanted to listen.

S was dancing to the music 
S was loving the music she wouldn't keep still long enough for me to take a picture of her, it was so cute to watch her dance.

She stopped dancing for a moment for me with help from Mummy M to take a photo of all 5 of them 

This was the best of 5 photos, this one Mummy M was being silly next to me. 
Then it was time for the Tea party, we all had a fantastic time, we can't wait for the show to come out in June. 

We decided to walk down to the Albert Docks saying they weren't that far from the theatre. with 4 balloons which had come for the ride. 

We got to the Albert docks and saw 2 boats, the stripy colorful one really interested the girls, by this point S had enough, so while I took the my 3 plus J to look at the big massive anchor Mummy M took S to say bye to her balloon.

Mummy M told them what S had done and Summer wanted to do the same, which I was glad about.  We started walking back towards the train station but decided to go a different way and went up some stairs, as we were going up Kacy and Kira wanted to run up the grass, Kacy did ask to roll down it but I could see her rolling down and not stopping till she hit the pavement so that was a no. 

Summer looking very proud of herself 
When we got to the top I realised where we were, we were in Liverpool One, which I hadn't been since it first opened.  Kacy was a baby, It had changed alot since I last had been. 

Kira let go of her balloon while at the top, again which I was pleased at. 

As we walking down the stairs to find our way out, I mentioned to the girls if we saw the disney store we could go and have a look inside.  They all came out with a soft toy each, Kacy Gusgus, Kira Airel, Summer Patch the Dalmation, J a big Dalmation and S the white robot from Wall-e, Eve.

We got out of the Disney store and tried to find our way out of the Liverpool One to head towards the train station.  I got slightly stressed due to our busy it was in Liverpool One and Kira deciding it was time to keep swaying of from me.  

So glad Mummy M was with me to find our way out of Liverpool One and to the train station, because I had no idea. 

The train was in 5-10 minutes so not long to wait, and the train was already there so we got on and found a seat straight away at a table. 

Summer with her new toy, being cute. 

While on the train, all the girls played nicely with their new toys, while me and Mummy M sat and chatted.

It felt like we were on the train 5 minutes before it was time to get off, the girls said a quick bye and got of the train.

We all had a fantastic day out, thanks Mummy M for finding the cheap train tickets for me, now I have done it once, I would take all 3 of mine on the train again, much easier with no pushchairs or nappy bags needed.

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Binky Linky

The Tiger Who Came To Tea is at Liverpool

We were invited to Liverpool to the Epstein Theatre to meet The Tiger who came to Tea.  We decided to get the train, after Mummy M Memories found me some cheap tickets for all 4 of us.  We managed to get on the same train as Mummy M Memories so we could sit together and find the theatre together, also making it a fun day out for all the girls.

We got to the train station extra early, maybe slightly to early. We got the train tickets, and headed up towards the platform, found some seats inside the glass room to keep warm while waiting for the train, I said to the girls I wanted a photo.

The first photo on the left is the girls pretending to be asleep, because they didn't want there photo taken 
 We got into Liverpool slightly early to give us enough time to find the theatre.  Mummy M Memories was more organized then me and had the postcode saved on her phone,  We found the Theatre really easily and we decided to go for a stroll while we waited.

Soon it was time to go in, we were greeted at the door, and told where to go, the girls were really excited to see what we were going to find and see.   The girls soon found the coloring in and got stuck straight in.

Then it was time to meet the Tiger, all the kids were really excited except the odd few one of them being Summer who clung to me, while some of the other kids meet the Tiger, Kacy and Kira was too busy finishing their pictures, I managed to convince Summer to have her face painted.  The face painting was Tiger designs to go with the theme, I went with just around the side of her face due to her crying, so if she did get upset again it wouldn't ruin her face paints.

I got Summer engaged with the coloring in again and Kacy wanted to go and see the Tiger.

Then it was time to go and listen to the story, My girls have only heard this at preschool/school.  But we chatted about the story while waiting for the train. 

The Theatre was welcoming and warm with nice seats to sit on. All the kids were welcomed on to the stage, onto big massive bean bag pillows.  The lady got the kids involved into the story and kept their attention through out the story, the Tiger came onto the stage just at the right point of the story, at that point Summer jumped in to my arms. 

When the story had finished it was time for the tea party, which the girls loved and the older two went up a couple of times, to pick what they wanted, they even picked some fruit.

During the Tea Party the Tiger came round to visit wanting their food as he does in the story, with Summer clung to me I couldn't take any photos. 

After lunch they handed out balloons, all the children had a fantastic time playing with the balloons, Kira loved the fact they had stripes on them like a Tiger.

The older two wanted to have their face painted which I was so glad about. 

It was soon time to go, but not before we got one last photo of all the girls with their face painted and roaring like Tigers.

Thank you Epstein Theatre we had a fantastic time. We are really looking forward to coming in June to see the show.

The show lasts for 55 minutes and is suitable for children aged 3+ they are running the show between Tuesday 9 - Sunday 14th June.  Don't miss out and book your tickets now. You can book them here.

We are going to buy the story now, we have never owned it.  Do your children like the story?

Risley Moss on the 11th February 2015

The beginning of the week had been a busy week for me, with working on the Monday, Tuesday doing my Dementia course also picking my new car up that night, then on the Wednesday morning finishing my NVQ Level 2 Spirit hadn't had a big walk, so had decided that morning that we would go to Risley Moss that afternoon to give her a big run and a ride in the car.  She hadn't been in the car for 2 weeks due to having a hire car.

That morning I hadn't put Spirit in her bed in the utility room I had left her in the hall way where she sleeps at night, trusting her not to be naughty....  Got home to find Spirit not in the hall way, I could hear her barking from outside but sounded like she was further away, went in and headed straight upstairs (she knows she is not allowed) checked the younger two bedroom, nope, checked my room nope, she had got into Kacy's room and got stuck in their due to the door closing behind her.  Well as you can guess she was in my bad books, since then hasn't been left in the hallway when we go out. 

I had some Lunch and we got ready to go out.

We got to Risley Moss it was so nice to be able to drive her to take her for a walk and explore again after 2 weeks. 

I haven't been to Risley Moss for nearly a year, so it was nice to visit again.  We did start on a certain walk, but we went of track, You can't get lost at Risley Moss you will only always find your way back to the car park, it also has signs on the way round.

We started the walk, Spirit was so pleased to be able to go for a run of the lead. 

You could tell Spring was approaching.

Around Risley Moss there is status craved out of wood, who ever did them is extremely talented, I found the first 2 and wanted to find the rest, that's when I stopped following the course I started on. 

As we were walking around I call Spirit back to me. At one point she spotted a cat and hopped to find it wish I could of filmed her doing that. 

This time I called her back, I was trying to take a nice photo of her, she wasn't having any of it.  in the end she got fed up of me trying to take photos of her and wanted the cheese I was trying to bribe her with so jumped up and took it gently out of my hand. 

We carried on walking around, I loved looking at the views of the woods.  Spirt was having great fun smelling, running doing what dogs do. 

We finally found the last status, I also managed to get Spirit to seat next to them, again with the treat of cheese after she did it.

The first picture on the left, that is Spirit I have found something and want to go and hunt it down, luckily I managed to stop her before she did. 

We carried on walking round and got to the car park, then it was time to go home before the school run. It was a lovely afternoon walk to get rid of the cobwebs.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Weekend Box Review

I got the opportunity to review a weekend box, I jumped at the chance, we have had a couple of these over the year and Summer loves them.

Summer always gets the post when she is isn't at school and was so delighted to have got a weekend box.

I love the way they come, through the door, bight, welcoming to children.

when you open the box, you get to know the gang of the weekend box.
Inside you get 4 activities to do, with 4 sheets with the instructions of what you need and how to do make them.  you also get stickers that go with each sheet for when you have finished the activity,  you also get colourful little paper bags with all the items you need, sometimes you need to put a few items to the activity but nothing you wouldn't have in the house already. 

The first activity I did with Summer, and that was the Aztec Mosaic Coaster.  It said on the back to draw the pattern on the card and to do the same on the foam pieces, I did a simple one for Summer to follow, but ended up doing her own thing anyway, she loved doing it and we have got some more pieces to do another one this week.

The next one we did was the Aztec hot chocolate, I did this with the older 2 with having to use hot chocolate, also mean't some alone time with me, doing a fun activity. 

This one we needed dark and milk chocolate, but we didn't have that in so we used just white chocolate and it was lovely, the girls enjoyed making it and drank all of it between them.  It didn't take us long at all 10 minutes.

Next one we did was the Aztec Pattern Prints,  I did this one with just Kacy,  Im going to do more with the other 2 over the week.

Kacy loved doing this, and would of done loads more if we had string in, it got her thinking and cutting which she finds hard due to being left handed. 

The last one was the Aztec Parrot which we all had a go at.  The girls loved doing this parrot and we have some feathers left over to make some other ones when toilet rolls become available. 

The Weekend box is a fantastic idea, great for children from the age of 2/3 depending on the child up to any age, I loved doing these as well with the girls.  The things they come up with are fantastic, I certainly wouldn't of thought of them. 

You can order them through their website  They are on facebook as well

You get 1 or 2 boxes a month, and its £7.50 per month and you can cancel any time.  Get all you need in on box, posted though your door, addressed to your child. 

  You can use this promotional code to get your first one for free VICKY252

***Disclaimer, I got this product free of charge to give my own photos and opinions