Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bakerdays Mother's Day Cake Review

I got the opportunity to review a Bakerdays cake.  They let me pick a design from their selection of mother day cakes they are doing, I was spoilt  for choice, they had loads to chose from.  I picked the design I would like.

It arrived within a few days it came through the post, fitted right through the letter box. It was packaged really well, even had a nice little card with some sweets with the cake in a nice tin with protection around the cake with instructions on how to get it out the box.

Got it out the tin to have a proper look at the design I picked, The picture on the cake was fantastic.

I had to taste it. The one I got was a letter box cake so 3/4 portions, I cut it up a bit smaller so it would go further.  They do different size to fit your needs, also do different fillings.

All cut up ready to try.
It cuts really easily, and comes of the board well, so no wastage. Really moist even after a day or two.

You can buy a letterbox cake for £14.99, its 5 inches and does 3-4 portions which is the one I got, there is 4 other options to choose from along, with which fillings, or with a helium balloon.

You can order a mothers day cake from bakerdays from

They don't just do mother days cake, they do a different ranges of cakes, going from birthday cakes, christening cakes, sorry cakes, even cup cakes and corporation cakes.

Would I buy one? Yes I would, if it be for a family member, friend or even if my husband brought one for me, I love the how they are so unique and different to what you can buy in the shop but not to big.

  • ***disclaimer, I was given this product for free, to give my own views and opinions on it ***


  1. I love these do they give an option to add your own design? I think this would be a great idea for people who live far away from family and want to give a surprise on a birthday or any other special occasion x

  2. I ordered one of these for the other half last year and was very impressed with them!


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