Friday, 20 February 2015

Risley Moss on the 11th February 2015

The beginning of the week had been a busy week for me, with working on the Monday, Tuesday doing my Dementia course also picking my new car up that night, then on the Wednesday morning finishing my NVQ Level 2 Spirit hadn't had a big walk, so had decided that morning that we would go to Risley Moss that afternoon to give her a big run and a ride in the car.  She hadn't been in the car for 2 weeks due to having a hire car.

That morning I hadn't put Spirit in her bed in the utility room I had left her in the hall way where she sleeps at night, trusting her not to be naughty....  Got home to find Spirit not in the hall way, I could hear her barking from outside but sounded like she was further away, went in and headed straight upstairs (she knows she is not allowed) checked the younger two bedroom, nope, checked my room nope, she had got into Kacy's room and got stuck in their due to the door closing behind her.  Well as you can guess she was in my bad books, since then hasn't been left in the hallway when we go out. 

I had some Lunch and we got ready to go out.

We got to Risley Moss it was so nice to be able to drive her to take her for a walk and explore again after 2 weeks. 

I haven't been to Risley Moss for nearly a year, so it was nice to visit again.  We did start on a certain walk, but we went of track, You can't get lost at Risley Moss you will only always find your way back to the car park, it also has signs on the way round.

We started the walk, Spirit was so pleased to be able to go for a run of the lead. 

You could tell Spring was approaching.

Around Risley Moss there is status craved out of wood, who ever did them is extremely talented, I found the first 2 and wanted to find the rest, that's when I stopped following the course I started on. 

As we were walking around I call Spirit back to me. At one point she spotted a cat and hopped to find it wish I could of filmed her doing that. 

This time I called her back, I was trying to take a nice photo of her, she wasn't having any of it.  in the end she got fed up of me trying to take photos of her and wanted the cheese I was trying to bribe her with so jumped up and took it gently out of my hand. 

We carried on walking around, I loved looking at the views of the woods.  Spirt was having great fun smelling, running doing what dogs do. 

We finally found the last status, I also managed to get Spirit to seat next to them, again with the treat of cheese after she did it.

The first picture on the left, that is Spirit I have found something and want to go and hunt it down, luckily I managed to stop her before she did. 

We carried on walking round and got to the car park, then it was time to go home before the school run. It was a lovely afternoon walk to get rid of the cobwebs.

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  1. You have the cutest dog ever! I love the name spirt! Glad you had a lovely time! Xx

  2. Nothing like a long walk. It's been raining all day today, and I'm looking forward to some long walks next weekend x

  3. This looks like my kind of place I love walks like this and we often do them , with our dog , I bet Spirit loved it just as much as you

  4. Looks like an amazing walk. I love the sculpture and I bet spirit loved it. I going for walks as spring approaches. Great post x

  5. Looks like a lovely breath of air out with Spirit and a welcome break from your studies too. I bet spirit was very grateful of the space to run free there.


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