Friday, 20 February 2015

The Tiger Who Came To Tea is at Liverpool

We were invited to Liverpool to the Epstein Theatre to meet The Tiger who came to Tea.  We decided to get the train, after Mummy M Memories found me some cheap tickets for all 4 of us.  We managed to get on the same train as Mummy M Memories so we could sit together and find the theatre together, also making it a fun day out for all the girls.

We got to the train station extra early, maybe slightly to early. We got the train tickets, and headed up towards the platform, found some seats inside the glass room to keep warm while waiting for the train, I said to the girls I wanted a photo.

The first photo on the left is the girls pretending to be asleep, because they didn't want there photo taken 
 We got into Liverpool slightly early to give us enough time to find the theatre.  Mummy M Memories was more organized then me and had the postcode saved on her phone,  We found the Theatre really easily and we decided to go for a stroll while we waited.

Soon it was time to go in, we were greeted at the door, and told where to go, the girls were really excited to see what we were going to find and see.   The girls soon found the coloring in and got stuck straight in.

Then it was time to meet the Tiger, all the kids were really excited except the odd few one of them being Summer who clung to me, while some of the other kids meet the Tiger, Kacy and Kira was too busy finishing their pictures, I managed to convince Summer to have her face painted.  The face painting was Tiger designs to go with the theme, I went with just around the side of her face due to her crying, so if she did get upset again it wouldn't ruin her face paints.

I got Summer engaged with the coloring in again and Kacy wanted to go and see the Tiger.

Then it was time to go and listen to the story, My girls have only heard this at preschool/school.  But we chatted about the story while waiting for the train. 

The Theatre was welcoming and warm with nice seats to sit on. All the kids were welcomed on to the stage, onto big massive bean bag pillows.  The lady got the kids involved into the story and kept their attention through out the story, the Tiger came onto the stage just at the right point of the story, at that point Summer jumped in to my arms. 

When the story had finished it was time for the tea party, which the girls loved and the older two went up a couple of times, to pick what they wanted, they even picked some fruit.

During the Tea Party the Tiger came round to visit wanting their food as he does in the story, with Summer clung to me I couldn't take any photos. 

After lunch they handed out balloons, all the children had a fantastic time playing with the balloons, Kira loved the fact they had stripes on them like a Tiger.

The older two wanted to have their face painted which I was so glad about. 

It was soon time to go, but not before we got one last photo of all the girls with their face painted and roaring like Tigers.

Thank you Epstein Theatre we had a fantastic time. We are really looking forward to coming in June to see the show.

The show lasts for 55 minutes and is suitable for children aged 3+ they are running the show between Tuesday 9 - Sunday 14th June.  Don't miss out and book your tickets now. You can book them here.

We are going to buy the story now, we have never owned it.  Do your children like the story?


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  2. How lovely! I love the tiger-themed cake, cupcakes, face painting, balloons and everything in the lovely tea party! x

    1. it was, the kids enjoyed themselves, I loved the cake and i wanted my face painted,

  3. My little boy loves The toger who came to tea story and that cake looks delicious! It looks like you all had a fantastic time.



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