Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Weekend Box Review

I got the opportunity to review a weekend box, I jumped at the chance, we have had a couple of these over the year and Summer loves them.

Summer always gets the post when she is isn't at school and was so delighted to have got a weekend box.

I love the way they come, through the door, bight, welcoming to children.

when you open the box, you get to know the gang of the weekend box.
Inside you get 4 activities to do, with 4 sheets with the instructions of what you need and how to do make them.  you also get stickers that go with each sheet for when you have finished the activity,  you also get colourful little paper bags with all the items you need, sometimes you need to put a few items to the activity but nothing you wouldn't have in the house already. 

The first activity I did with Summer, and that was the Aztec Mosaic Coaster.  It said on the back to draw the pattern on the card and to do the same on the foam pieces, I did a simple one for Summer to follow, but ended up doing her own thing anyway, she loved doing it and we have got some more pieces to do another one this week.

The next one we did was the Aztec hot chocolate, I did this with the older 2 with having to use hot chocolate, also mean't some alone time with me, doing a fun activity. 

This one we needed dark and milk chocolate, but we didn't have that in so we used just white chocolate and it was lovely, the girls enjoyed making it and drank all of it between them.  It didn't take us long at all 10 minutes.

Next one we did was the Aztec Pattern Prints,  I did this one with just Kacy,  Im going to do more with the other 2 over the week.

Kacy loved doing this, and would of done loads more if we had string in, it got her thinking and cutting which she finds hard due to being left handed. 

The last one was the Aztec Parrot which we all had a go at.  The girls loved doing this parrot and we have some feathers left over to make some other ones when toilet rolls become available. 

The Weekend box is a fantastic idea, great for children from the age of 2/3 depending on the child up to any age, I loved doing these as well with the girls.  The things they come up with are fantastic, I certainly wouldn't of thought of them. 

You can order them through their website  They are on facebook as well

You get 1 or 2 boxes a month, and its £7.50 per month and you can cancel any time.  Get all you need in on box, posted though your door, addressed to your child. 

  You can use this promotional code to get your first one for free VICKY252

***Disclaimer, I got this product free of charge to give my own photos and opinions 


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