Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Our plans..

The girls finish for half term on Thursday, we already have a busy bank holiday weekend planned.

On Friday we have been invited to go and the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool to watch Beauty and The Beast, The girls are so excited to go and watch this.  We are getting the train to Liverpool and Nanna is coming along with us.

On the Saturday we will have the normal Swimming lesson for Kira, then we have plans to go and see some friends which the girls don't know about yet, but when they do find out they will love it.

On Sunday which is Easter Sunday, Daddy and I are hoping to go for a walk about around the yorkshire dales, along with the girls, it was so pretty when we went and we know the girls will love it and then to go out for some lunch afterwards. so keep a look out for a blog to follow our fun weekend.

I am hoping that on Bank Holiday Monday that we can go for a walk to Formby or Crosby beach we have been to Crosby Beach a fair few times here was our last trip there.

Hope you all have a fantastic bank holiday weekend and don't eat to much chocolate

Our adventures with Ozzi and Easter Crafts

On Wednesday night, Summer was allowed to bring home the preschool teddy which was a dog called Ozzi.  We left him in the bag until Thursday morning, Summer was very excited to start playing and making his tent.

Very excited before leaving for the school run. 

As soon as we got home with Summers help we made Ozzi den using 4 of our dinning room chairs.  She had a fantastic time playing in the tent, and feeding Ozzi. 

She even had her snack in the den 

It was soon time for lunch so the TV went, Summer wanted to watch Peppa Pig so did her baby and Ozzi.

Not even blinking while watching Peppa Pig. 

After lunch and Peppa Pig had finished, it was time to do crafts, so the den went away and we decorated Summers Easter Bonnet and did a Easter picture. 

Ozzi was not allowed on the table while we did the Bonnet.

Ozzi was allowed to join in on the fun while doing the picture. 

Then it was time to do some sewing, I am rubbish at sewing ask anyone in my family, but while in Asda a women recommend these so thought if another mum highly recommend them they must be worth the £1 and they are, really easy and cute. 

Then it was time to pick Kira up from school, Ozzi was allowed in Summers dollys puschair, he did get put in the basket at first, then got promoted to the back sit and she carried one of the dolls but by the time we got to the school it was pouring down with rain so they had to stay in the car.

When we got home Kira ran upstairs got her build a bear and the clothes and they both sat there and dressed them.

Kira noticed Summers Rabbit she had made and wanted a go. Kira chose the sheep but according to Matty it looks like a goat.

On Friday we had a chill day, the den came back out for the day and Summer loved playing with Ozzi in the den.

In the evening we went to the Kacy and Kira's school for Easter Bingo, Ozzi had to come along to it and join in on the fun. 

Ozzi has now gone back to preschool for another child to have adventures with him.  Summer had a fantastic 4 days with Ozzi and was sad to see him go. 

A Tea Favorite

Not just in our house but at my parents house as well.

It all happened by accident as well, I went to make leak and potato soup, Kacy came in and said I don't like leak and potato soup, so wondered how I could change it while adding more vegetables as well and with it being soup I zap it all up so I am the only person who knows what vegetables are in the soup.

I always use my slow cooker to do my soups, it is easier for me and meaning I can leave it all day or for a couple of hours.

The ingredients are use is:-
A handful of spinach
A yellow pepper
2 potatoes
2 leaks
1 onion
1 garlic clove
2 vegetable stock
Italian herbs, salt and pepper for seasoning  

I bung it all in the slow cooker and it does us 5 plus my parents and my sister so it goes along way.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do, 

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Geek Girl book review by Kacy Lawless aged 9

Geek Girl: All That Glitters
Written by Holly Smale

This is the fourth book of the Geek Girl Series. The girls name is Harriet Manners she has been a geek all her life she hoped that she would change in the sixth form. Her best friend Nat goes to fashion college. Harriet’s stalker Toby wanders off with another boy, but what will she do. She decides to throw a party but the invitation goes a bit wrong:

Night of stars
7pm till late
132 Earl Street
Dress code: All That Glitters

I was thrilled when I got the chance to review this book. I loved it! Once I picked up All That Glitters I didn't want to stop reading or put it down. The best bit about it was it gave you facts in an interesting way and you wouldn't realise. Harriet as a geek knows a lot of random facts like, Toilet roll was invented by the Chinese in 600 AD, a comet’s tail always points away from the sun and the average healthy heart beats 70 times per minute even when its broken.  
I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

Me half way through Geek Girl 

 Geek Girl have their very own Facebook page:-  https://www.facebook.com/GeekGirlSeries

You can buy Geek Girl All That Glitters from Here 

If you would like to try and win the very first book called From Geek to Chic... and a pair of Glitters Sunglasses please enter below

** this book was given to me as a gift for my photos and opinion 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

MyBuddy-Box Review

In February I was asked to review a box called a MyBuddy-Box .  I was really looking forward to trying out MyBuddy-Box especially with shopping as I seem to have lose bags in the house and in the car, with the MyBuddy-Box being compact and small when folded up was the ideal thing to have.

What is MyBuddy-Box?  It is a box that you can use for anything you can think of, like shopping, keeping things in the boot of your car, keeping your children's toys tidy, storage, pet toys or food, laundry, gardening tools. They can stack really easily.

The MyBuddy-Box when folded is the same size as a Brief case, They do 5 different designs, the soft handles make it easy for carrying and can hang onto the trolley easily. It is made from food-safe extruded high-density polypropylene. It is recyclable and weighs 800gms.

MyBuddy-Box Is super strong yet extremely lightweight. Using  MyBuddy-Box for supermarket shopping could save over 3,000 single use plastic carrier bags – this is based on a box saving 3 bags per week for 20 years. The MyBuddy-Box will last much longer than any bag for life currently available.

The reason behind the MyBuddy-Box is because, in 8 months time they are bringing a  plastic bag tax into force, which will negatively affect all of us.

Below is the picture of one of the designs they do, I love this design it is so pretty.   In the picture it shows you how to open it and close it back up, it is really easy.  To open it, you open the clips, pull out the ends, and there is a slide rail to lock it in to place. The box holds up to 20KG

So what have I used the MyBuddy-Box for?  I have used it around the house, I have used it to go shopping. I have used it for sorting my daughters bedroom out and keeping her art things tidy.  I have used it while helping a friend out to take some toys to the charity shop.

Going from left to right-  my daughters art things and  my friends toys I was taking to the charity shop. 

The box can hold a large amount of items, the picture below is of my weekly food shop and how much was in there.

Family and friends who have seen me use MyBuddy-Box love it.  I will be buying a MyBuddy-Box very soon, since my eldest is using the MyBuddy-Box for her art things.  It is a fantastic idea for shopping and a simple storage solution.

MyBuddy-Box is on facebook and twitter 

You can buy a MyBuddy-Box from their websites- http://www.mybuddy-box.com/

They range in price from £9.99 - £14.99 plus P&P

MyBuddy-Box is doing a special offer of free P&P if you put the code VICKY at checkout.

*I was given this as a gift for my own pictures and view on the product*

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Crosby Beach

On Saturday after lunch we decided to go out for the afternoon.  We decided on Crosby Beach, I love the beach.  We all got wrapped up with wellies in the car and different shoes to wear on the way home.

Not even half way there and it was already to much for Summer.  Kacy and Kira were excited about going to see the "men with the willy's" as Kira calls it.

When we finally found Crosby Beach, we made sure that the girls had their wellie socks on, hat, scarfs and gloves on.

We got on to the beach, we let Spirit of her lead, she was so funny, she would run of and come back and run straight past me, well the girls thought this was fantastic so started chasing Spirit, so then Spirit would stop and the girls would run towards her.  They did this for about 20 minutes.

I then said I wanted a photo of them all, well they all moaned as they do.  It always takes a couple of shots to get a nice photo. Summer was not in the mood to pose for photos. 

We then carried on towards the first Iron man. I spent most of my time trying to catch them all up. 

Last left photo, Kira pointing to the mans wellie and running back to tell me. 
The girls soon found shells to collect and Kacy said she would wash them of for them all, I did have imagines of her falling head first into the water, 

Kira decided right infront of Kacy to kick the water, I did laugh before telling her to stop.

We then carried on going towards the sea edge. 

Daddy ended up carrying Kira's hat around his neck, he is only stroking Spirit in the top left picture. 

Kacy then found a massive shell that she wanted to keep.  

Summer wanted in on the photo but didn't want to smile.  Love this one of Kacy. 
I then asked for a photo with the girls.  I am always the ones taking the photo.

Daddy took a good photo for him.  this is the best one of 5 Summer again wouldn't pose for the camera. 

By this point Summer wasn't having any of it and crying wanting to go home, but we carried on to the water edge.  I turned around and saw the girls it was so cute both of them walking and holding hands.

I asked Kacy if she could take a photo of me and Daddy, rather then try and do a selfie saying it was really windy and I would of probably dropped my phone.  The first photo she took it was a nice photo, just missing half our heads. 

We started walking back to the car, Daddy was behind us dealing with Summer.

Kira then spotted a massive a shell as well, she was made up she found one similar to Kacy. 

Right after taking the photo of the girls, I stepped on to some sand and sunk to the point Daddy had to come and rescue me, I got one foot free but couldn't get the other one out, so had to take my boot off, while I'm balancing with the help of Daddy slowly losing my other boot, Daddy was freeing my boot.  my boot was covered to the rim with mud.   Kira found this very amusing and was laughing her head of, while Summer was crying. 

Daddy walked slightly further in front of us and the girls stopped to write their names in the sand with their shells.

Even though Summer wasn't in the best mood, we had a fantastic afternoon. 

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