Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Crosby Beach

On Saturday after lunch we decided to go out for the afternoon.  We decided on Crosby Beach, I love the beach.  We all got wrapped up with wellies in the car and different shoes to wear on the way home.

Not even half way there and it was already to much for Summer.  Kacy and Kira were excited about going to see the "men with the willy's" as Kira calls it.

When we finally found Crosby Beach, we made sure that the girls had their wellie socks on, hat, scarfs and gloves on.

We got on to the beach, we let Spirit of her lead, she was so funny, she would run of and come back and run straight past me, well the girls thought this was fantastic so started chasing Spirit, so then Spirit would stop and the girls would run towards her.  They did this for about 20 minutes.

I then said I wanted a photo of them all, well they all moaned as they do.  It always takes a couple of shots to get a nice photo. Summer was not in the mood to pose for photos. 

We then carried on towards the first Iron man. I spent most of my time trying to catch them all up. 

Last left photo, Kira pointing to the mans wellie and running back to tell me. 
The girls soon found shells to collect and Kacy said she would wash them of for them all, I did have imagines of her falling head first into the water, 

Kira decided right infront of Kacy to kick the water, I did laugh before telling her to stop.

We then carried on going towards the sea edge. 

Daddy ended up carrying Kira's hat around his neck, he is only stroking Spirit in the top left picture. 

Kacy then found a massive shell that she wanted to keep.  

Summer wanted in on the photo but didn't want to smile.  Love this one of Kacy. 
I then asked for a photo with the girls.  I am always the ones taking the photo.

Daddy took a good photo for him.  this is the best one of 5 Summer again wouldn't pose for the camera. 

By this point Summer wasn't having any of it and crying wanting to go home, but we carried on to the water edge.  I turned around and saw the girls it was so cute both of them walking and holding hands.

I asked Kacy if she could take a photo of me and Daddy, rather then try and do a selfie saying it was really windy and I would of probably dropped my phone.  The first photo she took it was a nice photo, just missing half our heads. 

We started walking back to the car, Daddy was behind us dealing with Summer.

Kira then spotted a massive a shell as well, she was made up she found one similar to Kacy. 

Right after taking the photo of the girls, I stepped on to some sand and sunk to the point Daddy had to come and rescue me, I got one foot free but couldn't get the other one out, so had to take my boot off, while I'm balancing with the help of Daddy slowly losing my other boot, Daddy was freeing my boot.  my boot was covered to the rim with mud.   Kira found this very amusing and was laughing her head of, while Summer was crying. 

Daddy walked slightly further in front of us and the girls stopped to write their names in the sand with their shells.

Even though Summer wasn't in the best mood, we had a fantastic afternoon. 

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  1. It looks a bit cold on the beach! Glad you had fun, it's a good place to visit xx

  2. I love the beach in the wintertime. It's the rebel in me, always wanting to do the opposite, lol! Good idea to bring car-shoes for the journey home. If I did that,it would save a whole lot of vacuuming!

  3. Awww looks like you all had a lovely family day out! xx

  4. You did well to hold them all together for some photos. It looks like a lovely day with plenty of laughter and smiles. A great way to enjoy some fresh air in winter and snap on the beach visits for this week's Country Kids!

  5. I was enjoying your family & dog pictures and trying to figure out Spirit's breed. I was thinking German Shepherd/Akita cross but my son said Norwegian Elkhound. I scrolled down to ask in the comments, and discovered the tag! :)
    Lovely pictures of a lovely day!


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