Thursday, 5 March 2015

MyBuddy-Box Review

In February I was asked to review a box called a MyBuddy-Box .  I was really looking forward to trying out MyBuddy-Box especially with shopping as I seem to have lose bags in the house and in the car, with the MyBuddy-Box being compact and small when folded up was the ideal thing to have.

What is MyBuddy-Box?  It is a box that you can use for anything you can think of, like shopping, keeping things in the boot of your car, keeping your children's toys tidy, storage, pet toys or food, laundry, gardening tools. They can stack really easily.

The MyBuddy-Box when folded is the same size as a Brief case, They do 5 different designs, the soft handles make it easy for carrying and can hang onto the trolley easily. It is made from food-safe extruded high-density polypropylene. It is recyclable and weighs 800gms.

MyBuddy-Box Is super strong yet extremely lightweight. Using  MyBuddy-Box for supermarket shopping could save over 3,000 single use plastic carrier bags – this is based on a box saving 3 bags per week for 20 years. The MyBuddy-Box will last much longer than any bag for life currently available.

The reason behind the MyBuddy-Box is because, in 8 months time they are bringing a  plastic bag tax into force, which will negatively affect all of us.

Below is the picture of one of the designs they do, I love this design it is so pretty.   In the picture it shows you how to open it and close it back up, it is really easy.  To open it, you open the clips, pull out the ends, and there is a slide rail to lock it in to place. The box holds up to 20KG

So what have I used the MyBuddy-Box for?  I have used it around the house, I have used it to go shopping. I have used it for sorting my daughters bedroom out and keeping her art things tidy.  I have used it while helping a friend out to take some toys to the charity shop.

Going from left to right-  my daughters art things and  my friends toys I was taking to the charity shop. 

The box can hold a large amount of items, the picture below is of my weekly food shop and how much was in there.

Family and friends who have seen me use MyBuddy-Box love it.  I will be buying a MyBuddy-Box very soon, since my eldest is using the MyBuddy-Box for her art things.  It is a fantastic idea for shopping and a simple storage solution.

MyBuddy-Box is on facebook and twitter 

You can buy a MyBuddy-Box from their websites-

They range in price from £9.99 - £14.99 plus P&P

MyBuddy-Box is doing a special offer of free P&P if you put the code VICKY at checkout.

*I was given this as a gift for my own pictures and view on the product*


  1. I love versatile storage boxes like this. Especially for the supermarket groceries, they're perfect and you can cram so much into them. Looking forward to checking this brand out!

    1. They are hoping to get them in to the supermarkets so you have a choice, but definitely worth having a look at.

  2. The Buddy box looks great you could use it for so many thing x

    1. You can do so much more then I did with it. My girls loved it and wanted to use it for their toys

  3. That looks super handy! I could do with something like that for neater storage!


  4. Ah that's perfect for the dreaded big food shop! x

    1. So handy for the food shop, As you can see from the picture how much it holds, they also stack together dead easily.

  5. This does look great. Will be looking into this when the carrier bag tax comes in.


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