Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Our adventures with Ozzi and Easter Crafts

On Wednesday night, Summer was allowed to bring home the preschool teddy which was a dog called Ozzi.  We left him in the bag until Thursday morning, Summer was very excited to start playing and making his tent.

Very excited before leaving for the school run. 

As soon as we got home with Summers help we made Ozzi den using 4 of our dinning room chairs.  She had a fantastic time playing in the tent, and feeding Ozzi. 

She even had her snack in the den 

It was soon time for lunch so the TV went, Summer wanted to watch Peppa Pig so did her baby and Ozzi.

Not even blinking while watching Peppa Pig. 

After lunch and Peppa Pig had finished, it was time to do crafts, so the den went away and we decorated Summers Easter Bonnet and did a Easter picture. 

Ozzi was not allowed on the table while we did the Bonnet.

Ozzi was allowed to join in on the fun while doing the picture. 

Then it was time to do some sewing, I am rubbish at sewing ask anyone in my family, but while in Asda a women recommend these so thought if another mum highly recommend them they must be worth the £1 and they are, really easy and cute. 

Then it was time to pick Kira up from school, Ozzi was allowed in Summers dollys puschair, he did get put in the basket at first, then got promoted to the back sit and she carried one of the dolls but by the time we got to the school it was pouring down with rain so they had to stay in the car.

When we got home Kira ran upstairs got her build a bear and the clothes and they both sat there and dressed them.

Kira noticed Summers Rabbit she had made and wanted a go. Kira chose the sheep but according to Matty it looks like a goat.

On Friday we had a chill day, the den came back out for the day and Summer loved playing with Ozzi in the den.

In the evening we went to the Kacy and Kira's school for Easter Bingo, Ozzi had to come along to it and join in on the fun. 

Ozzi has now gone back to preschool for another child to have adventures with him.  Summer had a fantastic 4 days with Ozzi and was sad to see him go. 


  1. aww looks like they are having a fabulous time

  2. Awh they look like they are having a great time.. the Easter crafts look fab too x

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  3. They are little cuties, looks like they had a lovely time :)

  4. aww what adorable photos! xx

  5. Ah bless - bet Summer had fun xx


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