Monday, 27 April 2015

All about me...

 When I was a pup sometimes I was very naughty, I chewed Mum and Dad's brand new dining room chairs, only two of them out of six and weed on their brand new carpet, I didn't like the smell of it!

This is me taken by Mum a couple of days ago, its not often she gets nice pictures of me, I don't like having my picture taken. My name is Spirit I am 2 years old and this is about me.

Most people I meet don't know what breed I am, some think I'm a Husky, Alsatian or a mix breed I am none of them. I am a Norwegian Elkhound, I am a snowdog, I originate from Norway we have been used for hunting moose (or elk) wolves and other large game.

My Mum, Dad and Summer found me in Manchester dogs for us, on the 1st June 2013 where they all fell in love with me, so doing one thing that you shouldn't do, buy a dog on impulse or without seeing my parents and knowing nothing about my breed.

Just a few pictures that my Mum took of me within the first week of getting me 
Kacy and Kira were on holiday with Nanna and Grandad so when they got home it was a surprise for them.

Mum and Dad went through the normal problems of having a puppy, trying to house train me which I wasn't that good at, especially if I was left on my own in the utility room over night or during the day they would come back to a mess.  Me chewing toys up.  I liked the small toys the best.  I chewed an arm and a leg of Kira's favorite doll and a finger from Kacy's doll, a fair few books.  There is a growth chart in the utility room door frame where I have chewed it.  I ripped part of the kitchen floor up Mum and Dad still haven't had it changed. Two of the dining room chairs. A pair of Mum's shoes, well she did leave them in my room. 

My Mum took me everywhere she could or didn't go out for very long for the first month to 8 weeks. Many times I would go round to one of her friends house, I would play with her dog she didn't like me very much at all, maybe it's because one day her human forgot her food was down, well I ate it all they were not impressed. 

Me at Mum's friends house, Yes Summer is asleep on me. 

As soon as I had all my injections, Mum and Dad took me to some classes where there were lots of other dogs, it was fun, we all learnt a lot. The dog school is called Cheshire Dog School, they have helped Mum and Dad out many times since, one of them being with me barking all the time, where I got Mum and Dad some trouble with the neighbours as they didn't like me barking.  The classes were over 8 weeks, and it mean't that Mum and Dad could let me off the lead. 

Not the greatest picture of me, I wouldn't keep still.  This was me passing the class.
I have ran away from Mum a fair few times, as any dog does, once being Mum's favourite place to walk me, it took her an hour and a talking to a friend on the phone to help her get me back. 

A few pictures Mum found of me over the last 2 years. 

My favourite things to do is having a ride in the car any chance I get, going for walks, sitting on the sofa and watching the world go by, I like doing nose art on the window, Dad doesn't like that. Having cuddles with Mum on the Sofa. Having treats; I wonder if Mum will give me a treat. playing with my friends and having a walk around the block with Kacy, I have to protect her and Mum is letting me do that, Kacy gives me treats when I ignore cats, other people and don't pull her she carries my favourite treats CHEESE!!!

I HATE having baths!!  I don't like being groomed much but over the years I am letting Mum groom me.  I HATE it when things go bang outside Mum has to put this thing on me it helps me calm down and Mum gives me lots of cuddles and talks to me to keep me calm. 

I used to have to sleep in my room at night, now Mum and Dad let me sleep in the hallway on my livingroom bed. I like it, I can protect my family and keep them safe.  During the day if my family are out I have to stay in my room, My Mum got very annoyed with me because I went upstairs and got myself stuck in Kacy's room, I am not allowed upstairs. 

On March 6th it was my 2nd Birthday, my family got me a birthday cake some treats and a new toy, I like treats and new toys 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about me, I hope you come back to read about my adventures with my Mum and friends. 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo, I love this photo of the girls, they were using Daddy as a climbing frame before bed.  A photo for my photo wall


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Dork Diaries by Kacy Lawless age 9

I read this fantastic book by Rachel Renée Russell called Dork Diaries: TV star. This is what I think of it.

It was interesting all about how hard life can be, enemies, boyfriends, and just normal everyday friends. It shows how Nikki Maxwell deals with a girl as bad as a Tasmanian devil called Mackenzie, a big hot crush who the Tasmanian devil has a crush on to. As well as a TV show starring Nikki   Mackenzie??? What, Mackenzie is the new choreographer! The Tasmanian devil, Mackenzie is going to knock Nikki down on worldwide television or is she?

It was super interesting reading all about Nikki trying to be knocked down by Mackenzie always failing each time in hilariously funny ways. Going further and further away from getting her crush to become her boyfriend. Who gets the boy? Read and see.

Rachel entwines fails and enemies into funny stories.     

You can buy this book from Amazon rrp £3.85 

Sarah Lean Book Review by Kacy Lawless age 9

I got the chance to review a book called Harry and Hope by Sarah Lean. It was a heart-warming story about Hope and a donkey called Harry, neither of them quite sure how to react. Hope wandering why her Mum’s boyfriend, Frank left his best friend behind, Harry, trying to get him to forget all about their travelling days. 

Harry is a stubborn, strong, old rescue-donkey. Hope promised to look after Harry but maybe just maybe Hope needs Harry just as much as he needs her. Frank was the only one who understood her until Frank left and her Mum realises how much her daughter needs her to get through this. Hope also realises through her Mum’s paintings that her Mum sees where they live, Canigou, exactly like she does ,an avalanche as the giant of Canigou moving his head, moving closer and closer together Hope goes in search of Frank.

I loved the book all about how friends do everything for each other to make them happy. Working together no matter what, other friends helping along the way, everyone working together for one person’s dream. It was lovely to read.

Sarah Lean weaves friendship and emotion into brilliant, outstanding, heart-warming stories.  

You can buy this book from Amazon here 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Beauty and the Beast Epstein Theatre Review

On Friday the 3rd April Me and the girls were invited to the the Epstein Theatre to watch Beauty and The Beast.  

The girls asked Nanna to come along, and with it being the bank holiday she was up for it.  We got the train to Liverpool we got to the train station a bit early 45 minutes early so we had a picnic on the platform while waiting for the train. 

We got to Liverpool and it was a 5-10 minute walk from the station to the Theatre.  The Theatre is behind some main shops in Liverpool on a side street, you walk up some flights of stairs and your in the waiting area to the Theatre.  The Theatre is only small but laid out beautifully. 

The spectacular pantomime version of the family classic is bought to the Epstein Theatre this Easter by LHK productions.
A vain and handsome Prince is tested by enchantress who seeks shelter. Disguised as an old woman, the enchantress begs for help only to be turned away by the selfish Royal. Seeing that Prince is rotten to the core, with no love in his heart, the enchantress curses him and the entire contents of his castle. The Prince is transformed into a fearsome Beast.  The only way to break the spell is for him learn to love another and earn love in return before the last petal from the magical rose falls. But who could ever learn to love such a fearsome Beast?
Starring 5ive pop sensation Ritchie Neville in his panto debut as Anton, Grease is the Word’s Alison Crawford returns to the Epstein as Belle and the hilarious Michael Chapman as Dame Dolly Doughnut.
They kept everyone entertained, and on our toes, " the village idiot called "Louey" and everytime he came on stage he would say "BONJOUR" and everyone had to reply "BONJOUR LOUEY" which the kids loved, he even threw some sweets out, which the girls shared with the kids in front.   He ran into the audience a few rows behind us with Anton behind him.  Alot of clapping, laughing a fair few innuendo that the girls didn't know about.  They even did the popular song "If I wasn't a panto star I would be..."  which got a fair few of the audience including ourselves slightly wet, which the girls were in stitches over.   My older 2 girls loved the Panto and looking forward to seeing the Christmas panto.  My youngest unfortunately cried her eyes out and Nanna had to miss the show. 
The Panto has now finished but the next big Production is THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA this is on Tuesday the 9th till Sunday 14th June you can buy tickets here  Me and the older 2 can't wait to go and see the production, it only runs for 55 minutes without an interval, you can hire booster seats for 50p which is great if there is adults or slightly bigger children in front of you. 

** we were given free tickets for my honest opinion**