Saturday, 30 May 2015

Gullivers World

The day included the older girls laughing at me, excitement, laughter, sickness, stress and having so much fun.

The day had arrived when Kacy and Kira were going to meet their pen friends, they were meant to meet them in the Easter Holidays but because I was ill, I had to cancel.

They knew we were meeting them, along my other friend Jenny and her 2 children, Azen-Ella and Asrin.  I had told my children what we were going to be doing, the face Kacy pulled! I asked her what was wrong? Then got the answer i've got used to from Kacy, "That's boring!"  

We got ready and left the house, on the way I received a text from my friend, Manda saying she was there.

At half ten in the morning, saying it had only just opened it, was getting busy. We got our tickets and went into the park, I rang Manda to find out where she was.  We then met up, introduced the girls to each other.  Manda also has 3 girls Charlotte who is 11, Hazel who is 9, and Annie who is 5. My children were really nervous to begin with, but that didn't last long.  Manda and her children had just been on the new ride, crazy train so that's where we went first. Summer wasn't tall enough for the ride, so Manda took her and they watched, Kira sat next to Hazel right at the front Kacy with Charlotte and me with Annie.  It was a good ride the girls enjoyed it, and that was the main thing. Kira didn't though she had cried all the way round.

We were thinking about where to go to next and all the girls sat on a wall so photo opportunity, even Charlotte and Hazel wanted me to take photos with their phones.

Summer still not sure 
Me and Manda kept looking at our phones to see if Jenny had text or rang us, the girls kept asking where she was but we all knew she was going to be late.  We got in the queue for adventure canyon Jenny caught up with us while we were in the queue, so while we were on that she went to the toilet.

They all loved the ride,

When we got off  and then we phoned Jenny to find out where she was, it wasn't good news Azen-Ella was poorly. so hoping her tummy ache would go off, we went on to the log flume.  I wasn't allowed to take a picture of the photo they had taken of us on the ride.  After the log flume, Azen-Ella still didn't feel well so Jenny took her to the toilet again, and we were hanging around the smaller rides. 

Not sure where or why I took photos of these two lol 

Then the kids found a ride they wanted to go Asrin and Summer didn't want to go on it and Annie and Kira wasn't big enough to go on without an adult so I went on with them,

The older ones didn't want to be sat next to me, Kira or Annie.  You can just see them in the second photo

Whist we decided what was the best thing to do, the kids played in the ball pit, we then decided it was best if we got some lunch, hoping it might be food Azen-Ella needed, so while Jenny and Azen-Ella went back to the car for her picnic, the kids just played in the park.

Top one was in the ball pit. So cute all of them engrossed by what Hazel was saying. Asrin was positive that he couldn't get to the top of it, when he finally tried he stayed their for 5 minutes 

Jenny returned back with her picnic and Azen-Ella had been sick on the way to the car and on the way back, so Jenny had to do the hard thing and go home with her, I said I would keep hold of Asrin so he didn't have to miss out. Jenny managed to get her money back, the staff said they don't usually do this but they can see it's a genuine illness.

Me and Manda with 7 kids in tow, decided to get on more rides because we hadn't got very far into the park since we had been there. 

The next ride was the Wild Mine ride, which Summer wasn't big enough but it worked out quite well that Manda, Annie, Hazel and Kacy went first, I got into the next cart and put Summer over the other side and the guy who was manning it kept her safe until Manda got their a couple of seconds later.

I could take photos of our photos this time 

We tried to cram in as many rides as possible before it closed, but it was getting harder with the older 3 wanting to go on things but the younger 4 needing adults to accompany them. 

Hazel was desperate to go on skull, at least I think that is what it is called, I said to Hazel that I would go on with her, but they were all big enough to go on themselves. so I went on the pirate ship with Kira and Annie; Asrin and Summer didn't want to so stayed with Manda and queued with the older 3.

The Queue was that big, I had been on the pirate ship and came back before they went on it. best photo I could get of them on it
Me and Manda said it was time to go on rides that Summer could go on with her being the smallest.

One of the rides we thought Kira, Annie and Asrin would be fine on there own, weren't so I ended up on it 3 times.

Summer was loving the driving rides, so we also had to queue up for the tractor ride.  we also went on the caterpillar ride.  The barrel ride which the all the kids love inside the western world, started playing inside the fort area and went on the small train on a really small track about 5 times especially Annie and Asrin.  They then went and play in the Junior cowboy town for a good half an hour while me and Manda had a brew.  Manda did give Kacy and Charlotte a job to find Annie and Asrin for a pound, Charlotte won that time.

Top 3 pictures the cars, Middle picture on the Tractor ride, last row on the left is the caterpillar ride last two on the bottom row is the barrel ride.

We then went into the Gullys cartoon studio, we were passing through it and the kids wanted to go on it, they had 2 goes on it but the first go Summer and Asrin refused to go on it, they then saw how much fun the older ones were having.

an 11 and two 9 years old on a ride meant for preschoolers 

The last couple of rides we went on were the Skull again, but Annie wanted to go on it this time so I had to go on it with them.  then the Pirate ship this time managed to get Asrin and Summer on it they loved it which they knew they would.

The picture of the empty Skull was proof I went on it.  Not sure what Manda and the kids were looking at. 

We were going to go and get ice cream before it shut but we all smelt Donuts and got them instead while we were eating them we got on the train right at the front. 

Then it was time to go, we said our goodbyes and headed to the car.  We all had a fantastic day out much more fun when you are with friends. We are all going to meet up again in the Summer Holidays,  Charlotte, Hazel and Kacy are now messaging each other since half term and wanting sleep overs, can see a very long and happy friendship with them three.  Kira and Anne got on like a house on fire also a fantastic friendship there. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Father's Day Gift idea

Every year whether it be Christmas, Birthday or Father's day, it is getting harder to buy for Daddy, so when Snapfish asked if I would do a review for them for Father's Day I jumped at the chance.

Snapfish is really easy to use, I spent hours looking at all the different things that you could do on there, even with your own children's drawing as a jigsaw puzzle or as a keyring which I thought was a lovely idea.

The first thing I looked at was the cards. Having 3 girls, trying to find a card for Daddy that would suit all of them is near impossible.  I wasn't looking for very long when I found the card that was perfect for Daddy.

Here is a step by step guide on how to order a Father's day card.  Everything was explained to me as I went along.  I did upload the photos I might want to use before I even looked.  Picking the photos I wanted to use took me just as long.

Liked the fact that there was loads of choice, 

My albums list on the left hand side, you can also upload from your own facebook photos 

The end result, you can go back and look at it all. 

I did order four other items, I could have spent a lot of money on this site, I do like my photos and all the different ways you can have them, rather then just in a frame on a wall.

The other Items I ordered were:-

The Jigsaw puzzle, RRP £6.99 and A Magnet RRP £2.99 you can find these under Fun and Games.

Acrylic 6 x 4 RRP £9.99, Modern Photo Panel RRP £9.99 You can find these under wall art.

These pictures don't do them justice, I absolutely love the products. 

From Left to right:- The Jigsaw Puzzle, The Magnet, The Acrylic and the Photo Panel 

These pictures don't do them justice, I absolutely love the products. I ordered these on Sunday and they arrived within 4 days separately. I received an email from Snapfish the night before telling me when the products had been dispatched.

I loved all the products I ordered and I will be ordering from Snapfish again very soon.

The last date for ordering to get it in time for Father's Day is 15th June.

Snapfish would like to offer my readers a 50% discount on all photo books, mugs, cards, 6x4" acrylic prints, acrylic blocks, photo panels, jigsaw puzzles, mousemat key rings, and large prints.  With the special code of  SFUK50FD  Valid till 15th June 2015.  You can get on to Snapfish website here

*I got £40 free credit for my own photos and opinions* 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Night Training Part 1

Potty training Summer was pretty easy, I was very surprised, during the daytime, Summer was potty trained within 2 weeks.  She wasn't potty trained when I was hoping for, which was by 2 and a half, she just wasn't ready at all.  She was potty trained a week before her third Birthday and that was such a relief that she wasn't going to be starting preschool wearing nappies.

She has been potty trained with the odd one or two accidents here and there for the last 10 months, so in that time I have tried to convince her not to wear a nappy at bedtime with no luck. 

I tried all sorts, buying different nappies, etc. with no luck, I went to dry nights but they didn't hold enough for her, so then we tried the princess ones which she loved putting on and we called them her night time knickers hoping she wouldn't wee in them, they worked for a short time where she would have the odd wee in them. But then, she just did it because she could. 

 Kacy and Kira were so different when potty and night training, Kacy was day and night trained in 2 weeks but scared of doing a number 2, Kira OMG! she was a nightmare to potty train in the day, looking back now I don't think she was quite ready but I wasn't giving up, I am the parent that once they are out of nappies, except at night they are not going back in them.  Kira got distracted too easily with toys, friends or TV, it took me a good 6 months to potty train her during the day. Night time training she was done by the end of the 2nd week both the girls were 2 and a half. 

My friends had given me ideas to try. I had spoken to her teachers recently asking for their advice on night training. 

If you know my daughter, she is the most stubborn child I have ever met and OMG! I thought I was stubborn, and she can out stubborn me and that's saying something! 

With her 4th birthday creeping up fast (scarey), I wanted her out of pull up's at night. So I was going to try one of my friends ideas, which was keep her knickers on and put a pull up over the top.  I wasn't very sure if she would do this, like I said she is stubborn. 

With Summer finished for the half term I asked Summer on the Thursday night if she wanted to wear knickers in bed she shocked me by saying yes. Wasn't holding out much hope, I was very surprised she went to bed and to sleep with knickers on, Daddy got her up at 10.30 ish to take her to the toilet where she did a wee and Daddy put her back in her bed and she slept through and woke up DRY!!!! 

Very proud parents indeed and extremely proud but embarrassed Summer 

She was jumping for joy when I was trying to take the photo. 

The second night she wanted a pull up on, lucky her pull ups are on the top shelf of her wardrobe, she can't see them. So I did tell her a fib and told her that they had gone in the bin, she was then happy to wear her knickers.  The same as the first night we woke her up at 10.30ish and took her the toilet but she didn't do anything which was fine, She went straight back to sleep and woke up at 7.30 and went straight to the toilet.

On the Third night, Summer didn't even question about leaving her knickers on, but we didn't go bed until just before midnight, I went to wake her up and she was wet, so we cleaned her up, Daddy put her on the toilet just to double check she didn't need another one and she went straight back to sleep and woke up dry. 

The fourth night which is tonight again no fuss on keeping her knickers on and Daddy is about to take her to the toilet, she has done a wee and gone straight back to sleep with no fuss. 

I am so proud of Summer and wanting to wear her knickers at bedtime she is doing so well.



HungryHouse Review

I love cooking but sometimes I really can't be bothered doing any cooking and want a night off, as any Mum would,

When I got the opportunity to review HungryHouse I jumped at the chance. I love a good take away.

HungryHouse Website is really easy to use you don't even need to register to order which I loved, You don't always want to register on every website before you do anything.

The main page of Hungry House 

You just pop in your postcode and press feed me and it takes you to local take away restaurants in and around your area. 

Some of the cuisines in our area. 

We went back to the same one we ordered from last time because we really enjoyed it and I wanted pizza, I know boring but it's what I fancied.

Who we ordered from. 

As soon as we had paid for it, I had received an email telling me it had gone through and thank you for ordering.   I then recieved an email telling me there was going to be a delay on my order and that it wasn't going to be delivered until 9pm and that they hope it didn't cause any inconvenience, they also told me that this order qualifies for the HungryHouse express.  If my order didn't arrive within 45 minutes of me submitting my order, I would get my next meal for free.  I liked this, it kept me informed at all times with what was going on.  It turned up 10 minutes later.  

So what did we order? 

Daddy ordered Chips and a Caza Special Calzone.  Daddy enjoyed his meal, he just wish he could of finished it.

Daddy couldn't eat it all, this was half of it. 

I ordered Onion Rings to share with Daddy and a Cheese and Tomato Pizza. 

The Onion Rings were lovely, I even shared with Kacy

I love a good cheese and tomato pizza it was lovely

We even got something we didn't order a Garlic Bread with Cheese (Love a good surprise freebie)

Kept forgetting to take pictures before we started eating 

As you can see we really enjoyed our meal, we will be definitely ordering through HungryHouse again very soon.

If you would like to order a takeaway through Hungryhouse you can do this via an app or through their website 

*we were given free credit for my honest opinion and photos*

My Sunday Photo

Summer and Spirit 

This was taken in the Easter Holidays, I love the fact Summer and Spirit have a special bond.


Lottie Doll Reviews

The excitement had started from the minute I had given them the choice of doll, especially from Kacy, which I was really surprised at.

The minute they found out the Lottie Dolls had turned up they were jumping for joy, but Summer's hadn't arrived yet, it turned up the next day with 3 more surprises for the girls which was such a lovely thought and a lovely surprise for all the girls.

The girls very excited that their dolls had arrived. 

At one point i was told,"Mummy stop taking pictures. Can we open the Lottie dolls so we can play with them?"

I loved the fact they had enough packaging around them to keep them safe, but not loads, to the point it takes you half an hour to get into the toy.  It took me a couple of minutes to get the doll out of the packaging.

Kawaii Karate Lottie. 

Kira picked the Kawaii Karate Lottie, The English Country Garden Lottie was chosen by Kacy and Summer asked for the Robot Girl Lottie. Each of the dolls have their own story to tell you.

The Robot Girl Lottie, loves her science. there is a science fair on at school so decides to research if it is possible to build a robot. 

The Robot Girl Lottie with Busy Lizzie the Robot 

Kawaii is learning how to do Karate, she masters her technique and realises that Karate is not just a skill, it's a way of life.

The Kawaii Karate Lottie with Gymnastic clothes 

The English Country Garden Lottie loves being outside to enjoy a picnic, especially in her garden.

The English Country Garden Lottie with a set of Pyjamas and a dressing gown 

All the Lottie dolls are all positive role models for children, they don't wear any makeup, jewellery or high heels. 

They're based on the average proportions of a 9 year old girl, and to wear clothes that children that age would wear.  

They can stand up unaided, they have bendy arms and legs to make it easier for children to undress and redress the Lottie Dolls.

They have hair which is made of premium quality saran, which means it will not tangle or knot.  

Kira Loved her Kawaii Doll and wanted to get her dressed and redressed several hundred times, like a 7 year old does. she found it really easy to dress her new Lottie Doll.

Kira dressing and redressing her Lottie Doll

Summer Loves her Robot doll and Dizzy the Robot, she still is carrying these around and showing them her toys and her puzzles.

Summer showing Lottie how to do a Gruffalo puzzle
I walked in to the younger girls room and found all the Lottie Dolls sat in the barbie house, It was so cute how they had set them up.

All the Lottie Dolls in the barbie house. 

The Lottie dolls are smaller than a barbie doll, big enough for the girls to play with them and hold them without dropping or losing them.

I love these dolls, just as much as the girls, they are unique but life like, I love the fact they don't wear high heels or make up, they are made so that children don't want to grow up too quickly.

You can buy these beautiful dolls from Amazon RRP £16.99 or from the Lottie website 

The girls have already picked out the next set of Lottie Dolls they would like. 

Here is a note from Kacy:- 

The Lottie dolls are the perfect size,you can fit them into small bags and you can carry them around without your arm aching because they are so light. The Lottie dolls are also so fun to mix and match their outfits and see which ones you like the most, like putting a karate or gymnastics outfit on the country garden Lottie doll or putting a robot Lottie doll outfit on a karate doll. They are also fun to add the accessory sets such as a the robot, picnic set or just getting a pyjama set so yours can sleep next to you. They are fantastic fun!   


*we were given these as a gift for our own honest review and photos.*

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Cake and an Evening stroll

Daddy woke me up to tell me he had forgotten to take the sausages from the freezer for tea.  I went into the kitchen to figure out what we were going to have for tea, I saw a quiche and decided we could all have that.

We all sat down for tea, Summer was messing with her food as she usually does, it was then I decided that we would go out for cake and a walk after tea.

We finished our tea, cleaned up and got our shoes on; got Spirit sorted and we headed out the door to walk, the 2 minute walk, to the Stonemill Pub for the biggest slice of cake you will have ever seen.

I gave Daddy and Kacy the important job of picking out the two cakes for all of us to share.  While we waiting for them to get back I took photos of the younger two.

Love the all these photos 

Daddy and Kacy had picked the cakes.  While we waiting for the cakes to arrive I took more photos of the girls, I did ask Daddy if we could have a selfie of both us he gave me a sarcastic response back "You can take as many selfies as you like."

Love the photo of all 3 of them 

The cake didn't take long to turn up, Daddy and Kacy forgot to tell the waitress that there was 5 people sharing it so she had to go back for some more spoons for us.  The cakes they had picked were Galaxy Caramel Cheesecake and the Maltesers Cheesecake.

It was too much for 5 of us that we had to take some home. 

Whilst we were eating the cake, it got a bit nippy, so I headed home to grab the Children's coats and changed my trousers and shoes. I had kept tripping over my trousers and knowing my luck, I would have fell over.

We got a bag to carry the cake and headed on with our walk.  Kacy had asked to go over the green bridge into Sankey Valley park so thats the way we headed. 

Kira and Summer we were so funny but some reason I can't get the video of my phone on to my blog so you can find the video here on my Facebook page.

We got to the green bridge, but they kept running away from me because they knew I was taking photos
Spot Kira, She had ran to the bottom of the bridge. 

We got to the bottom of the bridge, they were walking around and I saw a gap, so I ran through it to beat Kira and Summer to the same point, Daddy was laughing because he was hoping I would fall over, you can fall out with people. 

We got to the road that we would have crossed to get into Sankey Valley Park, but I looked at the time and noticed it was half seven. So we decided to do a circle instead, to cut time out of the walk, we were very surprised Summer was still walking, saying it was well past her bedtime. 

Couldn't leave Spirit out of the photos.

I saw some dandelions and saw a photo opportunity between me and Daddy, we found 3 dandelions and got you to blow them all out at the same time. 

Summer just liked having a Dandelion 

Summer struggled to blow the Dandelion, so Kacy came to the rescue and Daddy a little but again I couldn't upload it so you can find it on my Facebook page here  please go and have a look, it is so sweet. 

We got to the part there were lots of pedestrian crossing. Summer nearly ran across the road so everytime we got to the pedestrian crossing he pointed out to her the red man.

Summer taking it all in. 

We were on the last stretch to home, we were next to a field which Spirit is walked on a lot, but with the time ticking away and the evening getting later and later we didn't let her off her lead, instead all the girls and Spirit walked on the edge of the curb. 

I was in the middle of them so could only take a photo of Kira.

Kira and I walked on slightly ahead and beat them all home. It was then time for the girls to get ready for bed and have a bedtime story.