Friday, 8 May 2015

A few of my walks

Over the last week, I have been on some different walks.  On one of them I helped my Mum, and on the second one my Mum told me off.

I had been in the car for what seemed like ages, I really wanted to get out, we got to my Mum's Friends house and she gave me some water which was lovely, I wasn't allowed out of the car. Mum's friend got in our car, we then started driving again and got to the place we were walking really quickly. It was on a hill.  Mum had brought my long lead with me, meaning I wasn't coming of it. 

I wish I was off my lead, there was loads of different smells.  The further we got up the hill the more Mum kept asking me to slow down so she could get up the white brick step or over the tree root.

When we got to the top Mum thought it was beautiful, Mum's friend picked me up so she could take a picture of me and Mum. We stayed at the top for 20 minutes before walking back down. 

At the top of The Cloud 
On the way down, Mum's friend held my lead for a short time but I could smell something and I wanted to get to it.  Mum took over so I didn't pull my Mum's friend over, I nearly pulled Mum over in the process.  We got to what I could smell which was sheep and Lamb's. A lot of them, they were around an electric fence, Mum had to keep me on a really short lead to make sure I didn't leap into the electric fence.

They were not bothered by me barking at them.

We got to the bottom of the hill and drove to Mum's friends house, I wasn't allowed into the house so we went around the back and stayed in the garden. Mum's friend had CATS, but they didn't want to play, I kept barking so Mum told me off and moved me out of sight. It was soon time to go I wasn't happy and was crying and the CATS were getting stressed.

Left picture me at Mum's friends house being quiet. The right picture I had jumped over the headrest to the back seat so Mum let me stay their. 
The next day we met up with another of my Mum's friends and her dog. We have met before when we were younger, Pepa doesn't like me much, but we have an understanding.

We met at Woolston park, I have never been to Woolston park before, I was very excited and wasn't really listening to Mum.  After a run round, we went to into a  massive field, which is behind Woolston Park, Mum and her friend were being noisy at this big white thing not sure what it was they were very interested in it.

We started walking back into the main park of Woolston Park, I went into a bush, Mum had shouted me a couple of times and I wasn't coming back, I had found something more interesting it was a RABBIT!!!!  Mum saw the Rabbit then saw me, I was chasing the Rabbit, the first animal, I have ever chased. When Mum finally caught up with me, she was very annoyed with me and put me back on the lead, I wasn't allowed back of the lead.

We found a pond, it was beautiful, lots of ducks a heron and MUD!

Mum didn't give in on letting me of the lead.  Pepa having a good snif around and the DUCKS!

Mum and her friend tried to get close enough to take a pic of the Heron, but it flew away.

It might of been my fault it flew away, I noticed it and Barked

Then Mum laughed because Pepa had to find the muddy puddle, the first one wasn't to bad but the second one, his little legs were covered in mud up to his body.

You can see the top of the Pepa legs Hehe

There was many more, but don't want to bore you to sleep which is what I'm doing now on the mat in the hallway.  Please come back again soon to read some more of my adventures with my Mum her friends and my friends. 

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  1. it's lovely to be able to take the dog for a walk further a field than just the local neighbourhood, we walk our dog twice a day around the streets, but living in Dubai for the past 6 months we have no where to go to let him off lead. Everytime we get in the car to go out he looks at us mournfully as we used to take him with us to the shops, cafes, parks etc but not anymore

    1. awe no hun, is there no dog park or field anywhere? or is it just like that in Dubai? how long are you there for?

  2. That looks so much fun! You did a lot. I love the hill walk as the view on top looks stunning! #countrykids

  3. Wowee! You're great at walking - my little legs couldn't get up to the top of The Cloud. Great post #CountryKids

  4. the views from that hill look incredible, all those ducks look well worth a chase, no wonder you had to go back on the lead! Thank you for sharing your lovely country walk on Country Kids.


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