Sunday, 17 May 2015

Cake and an Evening stroll

Daddy woke me up to tell me he had forgotten to take the sausages from the freezer for tea.  I went into the kitchen to figure out what we were going to have for tea, I saw a quiche and decided we could all have that.

We all sat down for tea, Summer was messing with her food as she usually does, it was then I decided that we would go out for cake and a walk after tea.

We finished our tea, cleaned up and got our shoes on; got Spirit sorted and we headed out the door to walk, the 2 minute walk, to the Stonemill Pub for the biggest slice of cake you will have ever seen.

I gave Daddy and Kacy the important job of picking out the two cakes for all of us to share.  While we waiting for them to get back I took photos of the younger two.

Love the all these photos 

Daddy and Kacy had picked the cakes.  While we waiting for the cakes to arrive I took more photos of the girls, I did ask Daddy if we could have a selfie of both us he gave me a sarcastic response back "You can take as many selfies as you like."

Love the photo of all 3 of them 

The cake didn't take long to turn up, Daddy and Kacy forgot to tell the waitress that there was 5 people sharing it so she had to go back for some more spoons for us.  The cakes they had picked were Galaxy Caramel Cheesecake and the Maltesers Cheesecake.

It was too much for 5 of us that we had to take some home. 

Whilst we were eating the cake, it got a bit nippy, so I headed home to grab the Children's coats and changed my trousers and shoes. I had kept tripping over my trousers and knowing my luck, I would have fell over.

We got a bag to carry the cake and headed on with our walk.  Kacy had asked to go over the green bridge into Sankey Valley park so thats the way we headed. 

Kira and Summer we were so funny but some reason I can't get the video of my phone on to my blog so you can find the video here on my Facebook page.

We got to the green bridge, but they kept running away from me because they knew I was taking photos
Spot Kira, She had ran to the bottom of the bridge. 

We got to the bottom of the bridge, they were walking around and I saw a gap, so I ran through it to beat Kira and Summer to the same point, Daddy was laughing because he was hoping I would fall over, you can fall out with people. 

We got to the road that we would have crossed to get into Sankey Valley Park, but I looked at the time and noticed it was half seven. So we decided to do a circle instead, to cut time out of the walk, we were very surprised Summer was still walking, saying it was well past her bedtime. 

Couldn't leave Spirit out of the photos.

I saw some dandelions and saw a photo opportunity between me and Daddy, we found 3 dandelions and got you to blow them all out at the same time. 

Summer just liked having a Dandelion 

Summer struggled to blow the Dandelion, so Kacy came to the rescue and Daddy a little but again I couldn't upload it so you can find it on my Facebook page here  please go and have a look, it is so sweet. 

We got to the part there were lots of pedestrian crossing. Summer nearly ran across the road so everytime we got to the pedestrian crossing he pointed out to her the red man.

Summer taking it all in. 

We were on the last stretch to home, we were next to a field which Spirit is walked on a lot, but with the time ticking away and the evening getting later and later we didn't let her off her lead, instead all the girls and Spirit walked on the edge of the curb. 

I was in the middle of them so could only take a photo of Kira.

Kira and I walked on slightly ahead and beat them all home. It was then time for the girls to get ready for bed and have a bedtime story.


  1. That cake looks amazing. Gorgeous pictures of the girls.

    1. thanks hun, have you never tried the cake? next time your over this way you will have to get cake away its that big it would do all four of you x

  2. You have such a cute family - nice pictures.

  3. those cakes look awesome and you just can't beat an walk in the evening sunshine

    1. they are they last a good couple of days they are that big

  4. The cakes look amaaaazing.Being the fatty that I am I could eat them now! X

    1. I could eat cake anytime of the day lol

  5. How adorable, looks like you all had a really exciting day with some yummy cake! x

    Stephanie |

  6. Awww looks like yo guys had a fab time. You little girls are too cute <3
    Love you blog sugar.
    Thanks for sharing
    Charlotte x

  7. I love the idea of going out for cake and a walk, what a lovely way to round off a day and a real treat out too without it costing the price of a full meal. Looks like a lovely evening of fun, the dandilion blowing is something I remember fondly from my own childhood, lovely to see these traditions live on. thank you for sharing your summer evening on Country Kids.

    1. Thanks for hosting hun, I know we might do ice cream and a walk next time lol

  8. I love a good stroll, we are lucky living in Devon we have so many places to go. But no where that I know of, with such big slices of cake!! Gorgeous photo of your girls blowing dandelions. x x


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