Friday, 15 May 2015

Dolly's Haberdashery & Sewing School Shop

She turned up in a green vintage car, then knocked on the front door, had bright red hair, was wearing Dr. Martins and a handmade dress.  She was here to cut our hair, she was recommended by a friend. I had never met her before, and we had only spoke to her via text message, her name was Lindsay and she cut our hair for two years, my girls adore her especially Kira who would come and listen about her campervan she has.
Linsey was a hairdresser for 13 years before she decided she wanted to do something totally different, and that was to open a haberdashery shop and teach people how to make dresses, tops, and skirts.
Linsey made that wish come true by opening a shop on Sankey Street, Warrington on the 7th February 2015. When she opened the shop, she already had a team. Their names are Sarah, does photography, Vee does felt craft, Amanda does crochet and Bec does papercraft.
The shop is well laid out, has loads of things to  see that have been made, or fabric to buy and make something with. 
The lovely Linsey with a homemade veil she had made for a customer 
The picture below is the type of items you could buy as presents or for yourself in case of an emergency.

I thought these were a brilliant idea. 
There is loads of different fabrics around the shop that are used in classes. even items that children can buy with their pocket money and use their imagination to sew something together.

The different fabrics and buttons on sale in the shop

The lovely Linsey with a skirt she has made, a dress and a pair of knickers.  Yes! there is a class you can learn to make you own knickers.

All made by Linsey

There is all different type of classes including how to make beautiful wreaths to hang up in your own home.

I love these fabulous wreaths 

Linsey was halfway through making a top for her Daughter's birthday, it was beautiful fabric, I bet her Daughter loved it.

I love the fact they have the sign up saying its Breastfeeding Friendly.

There is so many different classes that the Dolly's team do the list is below, I have got my eye on a few.

The class list
They are looking for the face of 'Lady Dolly 2015' why not have a go!

Don't forget to enter 
You might of seen it in the Warrington Guardian this was the ad.

The Ad. 

You can find Dolly's Haberdashery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

You can read more about Dolly's Haberdashery very soon on my blog Linsey is going to show me how to sew!


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  1. I'd love to go to sewing classes. She has a great talent there! Well done to her.

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