Saturday, 2 May 2015

First Week of Easter was a....

Disaster. As a parent, the worse thing that could happen whilst it was half term and to top it off with coinciding on your childs birthday.

Easter half term started in full swing, on Good Friday with a trip to Liverpool to the Epstein Theatre to watch Beauty and the Beast and see the cast after the show. Summer however, had other ideas and screamed as soon as the music started, didn't want to know me, Nanna was the only person Summer wanted and ended up with Nanna missing the whole performance and having to wait outside with Summer.

Summer was happy having her photo taken, Kacy didn't want her photo taken. 

After a really nice day on Friday, I woke up Saturday morning and feeling like someone had ran me over with a bus, I thought I just had a cold but nope it was confirmed on Tuesday by the Doctor that I had FLU!!! So totally ruined the rest of our plans over the Easter bank holiday. I was really upset that I would be ill on Kira's 7th Birthday on the Thursday and we might not be able to go out for the day, to celebrate her Birthday.

I built up enough energy on the Saturday night during a brief moment of my temperature being normal to find and set up the girls gifts for Easter.  Every year we have always brought them a small present to go with their chocolate egg so they don't get loads of chocolate on the day and me and Daddy don't eat it all.  Admit it, who has done that!? 

Left to right Kacy, Kira, Summers and couldn't leave Spirit out. 

This year we decided to make their presents educational.  Kacy got a Jacqueline Wilson book that had been released a couple of weeks before hand that she wanted.  Kira received an Orchard Game suitable for ages 6-9 to help with her maths and concentration. Summer also got an Orchard Game, but to help with her speech and reading. Spirit got home made treats from the lovely Pup cakes.  The girls loved their gifts, and the younger two wanted to play their board games straight away.

Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kristine came round later on Easter Sunday to see the girls and give them their Easter gifts which was clothes which they have always done and comes in handy with them needing new clothes for the Summer. 

On Bank Holiday Monday Nanna came round to take the girls out for the afternoon, meaning the girls had fun which I was so glad about, I was feeling really bad with them having a rubbish weekend.

On Tuesday luckily Daddy managed to work from home to look after me and the girls, they kept themselves mostly entertained by playing and watching tv.

Wednesday Daddy had to go back to work, so Daddy asked Nanna Dawn to have Kacy, Kira and Summer for the day, meaning they had fun while I rested, I couldn't stay in my bed I felt every spring and lump going. so the sofa I stayed, with instructions of when to take medicine from Daddy, Nanna Linda did come in her lunch break to see how I was, Nanna also brought round Kira's birthday cake and a balloon that I asked her to pick up for me.  We don't usually do balloons for birthdays but I was trying to make it extra special for her.

Thursday was Kira's Birthday. Kira and Summer we were up at 6.30 am, that is not  good time to be awake. she was very excited, and she wasn't quiet about it either meaning she woke Summer up as well, I was slightly mean, I did tell her it was to early but that she could go and play in her bedroom for half an hour. 

She loved all her presents. 
We always ask the girls what they want to do for the day or at the weekend after their birthday and Kira had changed her mind a couple of times, as she does.  Kira chose the zoo, a soft play area, to go to a pub for something to eat.  Then she heard Home the movie was out, so the plan was to go and watch that then to go for something to eat, she had also asked Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kristine to come along.

I wasn't feeling brilliant but a lot better than I had, so I explained to Kira that I will come to see the movie (I really wanted to see it to) but might not be able to come for something to eat afterwards.  She  was fine with it, even if I wasn't. 

Home was fantastic, Kira has already asked for it on DVD which will be brought as soon as it comes out.  Then it was time to go to the Hollow Tree for lunch; where there is a play area outside for them to play, the last time we all had been at the Hollow tree was for Kira's 1st birthday. I decided that I wasn't going to miss any of the day with Kira, I didn't manage to join in with them playing outside but I was there.  I didn't get many picture of Kacy as she was of with Grandad playing hide and seek.

I asked Kira later on if she had enjoyed her birthday and she said "it was the best birthday ever"
On Saturday it was Kira's birthday party, I was feeling loads better than I had been, meaning I could be at her party.  Her birthday party was held at Build a Bear in town, she has been wanting a build a bear party since she went to one of her friends party's there in the October, this was part of her birthday present she got to pick her bear, which was the Elsa bear plus the outfit, shoes, knickers and Pj's all to match.

So even though we couldn't do what we wanted to do over the bank holiday or the two days before Kira's birthday, the girls still had a good first week of their easter holidays.

I do still feel bad being ill, one in half term and two, on her birthday but she had a fantastic birthday and loved her party, this is the first time I have been ill on any of their birthdays. 


  1. What a fantastic, busy Easter week it sounds like you had! So many memories made. x

  2. Even though you were ill it looks like you packed in a lot, the girls look like they had lots of fun with all the family. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  3. I loved reading about your lovely eventful week! So many great pictures, they all look so happy and positive!

    Jana // Life of Jana

  4. Sorry to hear you were poorly over Easter. It looks like you tried to the make most of it though :)


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